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Voice of the Shuttle: Literature in English

Alan Liu, University of California Santa Barbara

Literary Resources on the Net

Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

Additional General Links

English Literature Resources

The London School of Journalism

Norton Topics Online

Includes annotated texts and contexts grouped by topic; illustrations; exercises to stimulate critical thinking and generate paper topics; annotated links to related sites; cross-references to the Norton Anthology; and the Norton Online Archive, an electronic library of over 150 literary texts.

British Literature by Period


Starting Points

Voice of the Shuttle - Anglo-Saxon & Medieval

Alan Liu, University of California Santa Barbara

Medieval Literary Resources

Maintained by Jack Lynch at Rutgers.

Additional Sites Recommended by Queen's Faculty

Geoffrey Chaucer

Harvard University

The Labyrinth

Martin Irvine & Deborah Everhart, Georgetown University

Mapping Margery Kempe

Sarah Stanbury & Virginia Raguin, College of the Holy Cross

TEAMS Online Texts

Russell Peck et al, University of Rochester

For other related sources, see History Websites Medieval.


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Voice of the Shuttle - Renaissance & 17th Century

Renaissance Literary Resources

Additional Sites Recommended by Queen's Faculty

Early English Books Online (EEBO)

Accessible via Queen's subscription. Digital library of over 100,000 individual titles from 1473-1700.

Internet Shakespeare Editions

Michael Best, University of Victoria

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

Terry A. Gray, Palomar College

Shakespeare Concordance

Shakespeare in Quarto

Digitized version of the British Library’s 93 copies of the 21 plays by Shakespeare printed in quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642 and more....

Works of the Bard

Matty Farrow, University of Sydney. Searchable complete works of Shakespeare.

Milton Reading Room

Thomas Luxon et al, Dartmouth College. This site contains all of Milton's poetry in English, Italian, Latin, and Greek, and selections of his prose.

18th Century

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Eighteenth-Century Resources

Voice of the Shuttle - Restoration & 18th Century

Additional Sites Recommended by Queen's Faculty

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Accessible via Queen's subscription. E-texts of 150,000 books published in the eighteenth century.

C18-L Selected Readings

Kevin Berland, Pennsylvania State University

Eighteenth-Century E-Texts

Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

Internet Library of Early Journals

Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. A free collection of "substantial runs" of six major 18th and 19th-century journals.


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Voice of the Shuttle - The Romantics

Romantic Literary Resources

Additional Sites Recommended by Queen's Faculty

British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832

Charlotte Payne, ed., University of California Davis

Corvey Women Writers on the Web

Sheffield Hallam University & Corvey Library, Germany. A database containing works by and about 417 women writers.

Keats-Shelley Journal Bibliography

The Literary Gothic

Jack Voller, Southern Illinois University.

Romantic Chronology

Laura Mandell & Alan Liu, eds., University of California Santa Barbara

Romantic Circles

Neil Fraistat & Steve Jones, eds., University of Maryland. A refereed scholarly website.

Romanticism on the Net

Michael Eberle-Sinatra, ed., University of Montreal. An international refereed Electronic Journal.

The William Blake Archive

Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, & Joseph Viscomi, eds., Library of Congress.

Women Romantic-Era Writers

Adriana Craciun, Birkbeck, University of London


Starting points

You will find below Victorian literature and culture resources not listed on the Literary Resources collection maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers.


  • The Victorian Studies Bibliography. Lists noteworthy books, articles, and reviews on the Victorian period. Compiled by the staff of the journal Victorian Studies and representatives from the Victorian Division of the Modern Language Association.

General resources

  • The Victorian Dictionary . Compiled by Lee Jackson, an author of historical thrillers and nonfiction about Victorian London, this site is a searchable collection of excerpts from books, pamphlets, academic works and periodicals, original writings by the author, and images (including many from Punch). The site is worth a look for online researchers, although, as the author notes in his bibliography, serious scholars should consult an original copy of the materials referenced.
  • Victoria Research Web. A guide to research on 19th-century Britain, including short reference works produced by scholars, such as guides to periodical research, locating and using Victorian publishing records, and planning a research trip to Britain. Additionally, the site hosts “At the Circulating Library,” a database that catalogs information about three-volume novels published during the Victorian period and serialization information for more than 60 periodicals.
  • Victorian Web: Victorian Social History: An Overview. An example of one of the many sub-pages of the Victorian Web that organizes links by topic, genre, or individual. A great starting point for any Web research on Victorian culture. Also see overview pages on political history, religion, visual arts, technology, and more accessible from the site’s home page.

Art and entertainment

  • British Library: Early Photographically Illustrated Books. An online exhibit documenting the advent of photographically illustrated books, including nearly 1,500 early prints on a variety of subjects.
  • Who’s Who of Victorian Cinema. This site is based on the book by the same name published by the British Film Institute. The site provides a biographical guide to Victorian film, from the 1870s through 1901. Includes 300 searchable biographies of filmmakers, actors, and other notable figures in early film.

Victorian serials and publication

  • 19th Century British Pamphlets Online. The result of two large scale cataloging and digitization projects, records for nearly 180,000 pamphlets held within 21 UK research libraries have been created and linked to digitized versions in JSTOR.
  • Aspects of the Victorian Book. Online exhibition from the British Library providing an introduction to printing technology, formats (including yellowbacks, “three-deckers,” and penny dreadfuls), illustration techniques, and more.
  • Internet Library of Early Journals. Includes digitized runs of six 18th and 19th century journals (at least 20 years each), including Notes and Queries, The Builder, and Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine. The project was completed in 1999, and no additional material will be added.
  • Nineteenth-century Serials Edition. Searchable database of the digitized versions of six 19th-century serials and newspapers segmented to the article level and downloadable.
  • Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical (Sci-Per) Index. Searchable index to the science, technology, and medical content of 16 19th-century nonscientific periodicals. Invaluable resource for those researching the representation and interpretation of science in the general literature of 19th-century Britain.
  • The Internet Archive. An essential resource for any researcher looking for digitized material in audio, video, or text formats. This immense “Internet library” offers almost two million digitized texts, including many 19th-century periodicals.

Notable individuals and their work

  • The Carlyle Letters Online. An electronic collection of more than 10,000 letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle based on the print volumes that make up The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, published by Duke University Press. The ability to create a free account with which the user can set up folders, save searches and letters, and create e-mail alerts is available.
  • Darwin Correspondence Project. Site based on a project founded in 1974 to collect letters by and to Charles Darwin. Contains the full text of more than 6,000 letters and information on 9,000 additional letters, as well as essays and other supplementary material describing the letters and their context. All letters are published in the print volumes of Correspondence of Charles Darwin (Cambridge University Press). Well organized and beautifully enhanced with relevant images, this site is a must for any Darwin researcher.
  • The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. Comprehensive site containing more than 90,000 pages of searchable text and more than 200,000 electronic images. Contains a complete collection of Darwin’s publications, including both the digitized image of the text and the formatted electronic text. Includes many signed and annotated copies of texts and many are available in languages other than English. Also includes a large collection of Darwin’s manuscripts and private papers, many not published elsewhere.

Statistical and regional information

  • A Vision of Britain Through Time. This site was created by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project based at the University of Portsmouth. It provides a geographical survey of Britain from 1801 to 2001, including census reports, historical maps, election results, and the largest collection of historical British travel writing available online. Best used for tracking statistical trends for specific counties, districts, and parishes within Britain.
  • Charles Booth and the Survey into Life and Labour in London (1886–1903). Provides an index to the original records of Booth’s Inquiry into the Life and Labour of the People in London, an extensive study of working class life undertaken between 1886 and 1903, which is archived at the London School of Economics and Political Science library. Also contains a great deal of digitized material, including police notebooks and the Maps Descriptive of London Poverty, in which maps of London were color-coded to indicate the poverty level and social class in different areas of the city.
  • Historical Directories. A collection of digitized local and trade directories for England and Wales from 1750 to 1919. Useful for research in local and genealogical history.
  • HISTPOP: The Online Historical Population Reports Website. HISTPOP provides online access to the British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937 as well as supplementary documents from the National Archives, critical essays, and other material.

Crime and punishment

  • Studies in Scarlet: Marriage and Sexuality in the U.S. and U.K., 1815–1914. Digitized images of more than 420 separately published trial narratives from the extensive collections of the Harvard Law School Library. Included are American, British, and Irish cases from 1815 to 1914 involving child custody, bigamy, and violent crime as it relates to sex and marriage.
  • The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674–1913. Beautifully organized and fully searchable collection of the digitized images and electronic text of the proceedings of more than 197,745 criminal trials held at the Old Bailey, London’s Central Criminal Court, from 1674 to 1913. Also includes contemporary maps, images , and other supplementary material.
  • The Workhouse. Detailed and comprehensive site on all aspects of the workhouses in Britain, including more than 5,000 illustrations and photos and 1,800 maps and building plans.


Starting Points

Voice of the Shuttle - Modern British and American

Twentieth-Century British, Irish and Commonwealth Literary Resources

Additional Sites Recommended by Queen's Faculty

The International Virginia Woolf Society

The James Joyce Society

Jazz Age Culture

Kathleen Nichols, Pittsburg State University

The Modern Word

The Samuel Beckett Endpage

Porter Abbott and Benjamin Strong, University of California, Santa Barbara

Exploring The Waste Land

Richard A. Parker

Other Literatures in English


Starting Points

American Literary Resources

Voice of the Shuttle - American Literature

Additional General Links

American Memory

A collection of digitized documents, photographs, recordings and text from many periods and genres from the Library of Congress Americana collections.

American Studies at University of Virginia

Superb resource of primary texts, historical information, a feature on the 1930's and much more…

American Verse Project

University of Michigan. An archive of pre-1920 American poetry.

Perspectives in American Literature (PAL)

Paul Reuben, California State University Stanislaus.

The Walt Whitman Archive

Electronic Texts

Here are some open access sites where you can access a wide variety of e-texts. For sites which concentrate on e-texts from a particular literary category or period, try looking under relevant headings in this website guide; for subscription resources, see Primary Sources.

American and English Poetry

At, a collection of public domain anthologies and books.

Canadian Poetry Archive

From Library and Archives Canada, these poems represent some of Canada's most notable poetry from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Includes selective biographies.

Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia

Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama and Fiction

Includes fiction, poetry and plays written by Latin American writers with Hispanic background working in the United States.

Project Gutenberg

A volunteer-generated collection of public domain texts.

Internet Library of Early Journals

Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. A free collection of "substantial runs" of six major 18th and 19th-century journals.

Representative Poetry Online

Ian Lancashire, ed., University of Toronto. A free archive of poetry from Old English to the present day.