Global Development Studies

Children of Pabbo IDP Camp, Uganda
Photo: John & Melanie Kotsopoulos, via Flickr (CC license)

Article Indexes

Journal articles are not listed in QCAT. Use an index to find magazine and journal articles. Articles are important in your research as they contain the most-up-to-date research in a given field and often focus on a particular aspect of a topic. There are different types of articles: scholarly, popular or trade.

Tip: Remember to search journal title and not article title in QCAT

Key Indexes

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Publication coverage: 1886 - present
Subject focus: economics. Indexes articles from over 750 journals as well as books, dissertations, working papers, and book reviews. For earlier coverage, see Index of Economic Articles.
Publication coverage: 1915 - present
Indexes articles, books, government documents and more from over 120 countries in the area of business, economics, finance, law, international relations, public administration, government, and contemporary public issues.
Publication coverage: 1980 - present
An international and interdisciplinary database for the fields of physical and human geography, geology, ecology, and Third World studies, including development studies, ecology, human geography and environmental issues.
Publication coverage: Varies with publication
This resource includes selective full text titles covering current events, business, science, the arts, and academic information produced in Canada.
Provides access to literature in political science, political thought, government and public administration, government process, international relations, and area studies.
Publication coverage: 1975-
Indexes over 1,000 journals within the political science discipline and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, public administration, and public policy.

Other Useful Indexes

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Approximately 1000 major international business and management journals. Covers topics such as business conditions and trends, economics, finance, human resources and management, taxation.
Publication coverage: Late 19th century - present
Provides indexing in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and related fields.
Abstracts of selected books and articles in the humanities and social sciences. Includes all the islands of the Caribbean archipelago, as well as the mainland territories of Belize and the Guianas.
Publication coverage: 18th century to present
Founded in 1963. Joint effort by worldwide research libraries and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) to promote the preservation of publications and archives concerning Sub-Saharan African nations. Materials are available in microform via interlibrary loan.
Publication coverage: 1972 - present
Covers the full spectrum of gender-engaged scholarship. The database indexes scholarly, popular, and internet publications.
Publication coverage: 1973 - present
Information related to human health and communicable diseases, including developing country information.
Publication coverage: 1954 - present
Access restricted to the Queen's community (6 user limit)
Comprehensive index to the world's historical literature (except Canada and the United States). Covers the time period from 1450 - present.
Publication coverage: 1936-
Print holdings: REF Z1605.H2 from 1935-
The Handbook of Latin American Studies is a selective annotated bibliography of scholarly works on Latin America.
Publication coverage: 1906 - present (updated annually)
Print holdings: 1665 - 1905
Index Islamicus is an index, organized by subject, to periodical articles and other collective publications on subjects related to Islam. Each volume includes an author index. The print covers 1665 to 1980.
Publication coverage: 1980 - present
Online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Presents an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics. Earlier volumes are available through JSTOR.
Database of gender and development materials composed of donated reports, proceedings, policy documents, bibliographies, research articles and theses.
Publication coverage: 1900 - present
An index to major journals in the social sciences, including demography, cultural, economic, historical and human geography, planning and environmental studies.


To find books on a topic, search QCAT Library Catalogue by author, title, subject heading, or keyword.

To find books by a particular author/person, search QCAT by author:
guevara, ernesto
To find books about a particular author/person, search QCAT by subject heading:
guevara, ernesto, 1928-1967
To find books on a topic, use a keyword search if you do not know the correct subject heading for a topic. Think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic.
development and economics

Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings. Click on the subject heading to do a new search or use words from the subject heading to modify your keyword search.

Some useful Development Studies subject headings are:

Developing countries--Economic conditions
Eeveloping countries--Social conditions
Globalization--Economic aspects--Developing countries
Income distribution--Developing countries
Development economics
International economic integration
To find books on a particular country's international economic relations (in general or with another country), use a subject heading search of the form:
(Country)--Foreign economic relations--(Country, if appropriate)
Therefore to find works on Canada's international relations with many countries, the search would contain
Canada--Foreign economic relations
To find works on Canada's international relations with Chile, the search would contain
Canada--Foreign economic relations--Chile

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult dictionaries and encyclopedias to help you understand the concepts and terminology used in development studies.

For additional sources, search QCAT by keyword, for example:

"third world" and (dictionar? or encyclopedia?)
"developing countries" and (dictionary or dictionaries)

Dictionary of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Non-Profit Sector
REF HV12.A64 2005

Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Central America and the Caribbean
REF F2183.G86 1991

Dictionary of Development : Third World Economy, Environment, Society
REF HC59.7.D513 1990

Includes short country reports, including statistics related to development indicators (note that the statistics provided are now historical). Provides topical short entries on concepts, terminology, organizations and persons related to international development, including directory information

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia (2004)
REF DS520.7.L44 1995t

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures
REF F1406.E515 2000

Provides short topical entries in alphabetical order by subject. Many of the entries are biographical, and longer entries provide bibliographical information.

The Encyclopaedia of Islam
REF DS37.E563

An encyclopedia, with glossary, index of terms, index of proper names, index of subjects, and bibliography. Sets out the present state of our knowledge of the Islamic World from religion and history to politics and culture. Encompasses old Arabo-Islamic empire, Iran, Central Asia, India, Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all modern Islamic states.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
REF DS4.E53 2002

Entries include black and white photographs and maps, and sidebars provide interesting and relevant information: for example regional recipes are available under the entry for "cuisine".

The Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions
JC491.E63 1998

Encyclopedia of the Developing World key
REF HC59.7.E52 2006

With contributions from 251 scholars, this three volume set features approximately 750 entries related to issues facing the post-1945 developing world.

Europa World Year Book
JN1.E85 from 1959- (1959-1988: Europa Year Book)
JN1.E849 1930-1959 (Europa)
JN1.E848 1926-1929 (Europa Year-Book)

Provides narrative and statistics on all nations. contains recent history of each country, constitution and law, and statistical surveys, including population of provinces and cities. 

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide
REF HQ1115.G74 2003

This encyclopedia is arranged geographically, and discusses the status of women and their concerns by continent and country.

The International Development Dictionary
REF HF1359.F79 1991t

Covers theoretical concepts in short entries. Organized alphabetically by subject.

International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology
REF HM35.I565 2006

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioural Sciences
REF H41.I58 2001

Native Americans
REF E77.P89 1998

Long entries, organized geographically, discussing the lifestyles and original territories of Aboriginal groups in the Americas. Includes Northern peoples.

Oxford Dictionary of Economics (2009)
REF HB61.B554 2002

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
REF DS35.53.O95 1995

Routledge Critical Dictionary of Global Economics
REF HB61.R68 1999

Long entries on topics in global economics, including graphical representations and mathematical equations.

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women : Global Women's Issues and Knowledge (v. 1)
REF HQ1115.R69 2000 (4 vols)

Provides long entries, organized alphabetically by subject.

Women in the Third World: an Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues
REF HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

This volume provides essay-length entries with bibliographical and author information. They are organized alphabetically by subject.



Consult biographical dictionaries to get brief information about people, dates and events. For more sources, see Biographical Resources.

African Biographical Dictionary
REF DT18.B76 1994

African Biography on the Internet (Columbia University)

Links to biographical information about notable Africans, available on the internet.

The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
REF CT103.C26 1998

Encyclopaedia of Muslim Biography: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
REF DS432.M84 .E59 2001

The Encyclopedia of Native American Biography
REF E89.J69 1998

Organized alphabetically, it contains entries on over 600 notable figures in the history of Aboriginal peoples in the Americas. Black and white photographs illustrate some of the entries.

Fifty Eastern Thinkers
REF B5005.C645 2000

International Who's Who
REF CT120.I61 2005

Mexican Political Biographies 1935-1993
F1235.5.A2 C35 1995

Native American Women : a Biographical Dictionary
REF E98.W8 B38 2001

Includes bibliographic information.

Oxford Reference Online Premium full text

Accesses more than 100 dictionary, language, and subject reference books published by Oxford University Press. Users can browse or search for keywords within a subject area (e.g., History) or within a specific book (e.g., The Oxford Companion to Canadian History). Reference Online includes some specifically biographical reference tools, for example: A Dictionary of Political Biography and Who's Who in the Twentieth Century. Further, many of the standard encyclopedias and dictionaries included in Oxford Reference Online Premium include biographical entries.

Political Leaders of Modern China: A Biographical Dictionary
REF DS755.3.P64 2002


Consult bibliographies to find a comprehensive list of sources on a specific topic or a selective list of key works on a topic. To find out what bibliographies the Library has, do a subject search in QCAT.

A Bibliography of Works on Canadian Foreign Relations, 1991-1995
REF Z6465.C2 B39 1998t

For earlier or more recent information consult the Canadian Foreign Relations Index (1945-2002)

The Contemporary Middle East, 1948-1973: a Selective and Annotated Bibliography
REF Z3013.A85

Latin America and the Caribbean
REF Z1601.L3225 1992

Latin American Studies: an Annotated bibliography of Core Works
REF Z1601.C536 2002

Native Canadian Anthropology and History : a Selected Bibliography
REF Z1209.2.C2 K73 1994t

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Lists books, journals, primary documents, web resources, and multimedia in various discipline-based subject modules including International Relations.

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: an Annotated Bibliography
REF Z3479.R4 K45

This bibliography only covers works to 1974.

Women and Work in Developing Countries
REF Z7963.E7G48 1994

Women in the Third World: a Historical bibliography
REF Z7964.D44 B96 1986

World Bibliographical Series

This is a series of bibliographies published on individual countries, and as such the individual parts of the series are found in the appropriate section of the reference collection relating to the particular country. The easiest way to "browse" the list of country bibliographies in this series and to find their call numbers is to do a QCAT title search using "world bibliographical series". The resulting list can then be re-sorted by "title" (using the drop-down menu), providing an alphabetical list of bibliographies by country.

Guides & Handbooks

CIA World Factbook

Provides country reports, maps and an introduction to the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and international relations of each country. It includes statistics.

Development, Trade and the WTO: A Handbook
DOCS UN9 WB 2002D27 (2002)

This handbook offers guidance on the design of trade policy reform, surveys key disciplines and the functioning of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and discusses numerous issues and options that confront developing countries in using international cooperation to improve domestic policy and obtain access to export markets.

The Economist: Country Briefings

Provides up-to-date information about political and economic trends, as well as general country information and basic statistical data.

Handbook of North American Indians
REF E77.H25

Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences
REF H41.R417 2001

South American Handbook
REF F1401.S7

Southeast Asia Handbook
Stauffer Library- Books HC441.S687 2001

Statesman's Yearbook
Latest edition at Stauffer Reference Desk

The World Guide
REF HC59.69 T46t

Provides long entries, organized geographically.


The following is a selection of frequently used print and electronic resources. For more statistics sources, check Country Information and Government Information (by subject). Assistance is available by email.

Area Handbook Series (U.S.)

This series of country handbooks can be found beginning with the call number US1 DI6. The titles and individual call numbers in the series can be browsed on QCAT by entering "area handbook series" in a title search. For individual country searches, use a keyword search structured e.g.: Bolivia and "area handbook".

Human Development Reports
from 1990-

An independent publication commissioned by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). The reports, published annually, contain thought provoking analyses of major issues, updated Human Development Indicators that compare the relative levels of human development of over 175 countries, and agendas to help transform development priorities. Focus varies from year to year, with some recent examples of titles being: Deepening democracy in a fragmenting world, Making new technologies work for human development and Human rights and human development.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web

Offers free current statistics from official sources, downloadable in text or spreadsheet files. Searchable by country, region or topic.

Social Indicators of Development
DOCS REF UN9 WB S54 (1987, 1989 - 96: ceased publication)

Contains the World Bank's most detailed data collection for assessing human welfare to provide a picture of the social effects of economic development. Data are presented for over 170 economies, omitting only those for which data are inadequate. Emphasis in this publication is on country-by-country review. Up to 94 indicators are reported for each country including: size, growth, and structure of population; determinants of population growth (including data on fertility and infant mortality); labor force; education and illiteracy; natural resources; income and poverty; expenditure on food, housing, fuel and power, transport and communication; and investment in medical care and education.

Trends in Developing Economies
DOCS REF UN9 WB T62 (1991, 1994 - 96: ceased publication)

TIDE provides brief reports on most of the World Bank's borrowing countries. This compendium of individual country economic trends complements the World Bank's World Development Report, which looks at major global and regional economic trends and their implications for the future prospects of the developing economies. The text is descriptive, and tables of economic indicators follow each country text.

UN Demographic Yearbook
DOCS UN4 ESA100 D29 from 1948- (latest at DOCS REF)

An international source of statistics that contains basic statistical data for over 200 countries or areas to meet the needs of demographers, economists, public-health workers and sociologists, among others. It presents general tables giving a world summary of basic demographic statistics, followed by tables on the size, distribution and trends in population, fertility, mortality, marriage and divorce, international migration and population census data.

UN Statistical Yearbook
DOCS UN4 ESA100 S79 from 1948- (latest at DOCS REF)

A comprehensive compendium of vital internationally comparable data for the analysis of socio-economic development at the world, regional and national levels. The Yearbook provides data on the world economy, its structure, major trends and current performance, as well as on issues such as population and social statistics, economic activity and international economic relations.


Times series - a compilation of UN and agency statistics.

World Bank Atlas (36th ed.)
DOCS UN9 WB A78 1966-1981, 1983, 1985- (Latest at DOCS REF)

Provides easy-to-read colorful world maps, tables, and graphs highlighting key social, economic, and environmental data for 206 countries. The Atlas parallels the six thematic sections of the World Development Indicators: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links.

World Bank Country Study Series

For a list of ebooks in this series, search World Bank e-Library: in Advanced Search, enter Country Studies and choose Series Name/Journal Name in drop-down menu.
Print begins with the call number UN9 WB5. The titles and individual call numbers in the series can be browsed on QCAT by entering "world bank country study" in a title search. For individual country searches, use a keyword Boolean search structured e.g.: Bolivia and "country study", and choose the result with "World Bank" as the author.

World Development Indicators (WDI)
from 1960 to 1-2 years ago
DOCS UN9 WB W55 from 1997- (Latest at DOCS REF)

"...premiere data source on the global economy." Contains statistical data for over 600 development indicators and time series data for over 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data includes social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators.

World Development Reports
DOCS UN9 WB W52 from 1984-

The World Bank's annual WDR is an invaluable guide to the economic, social and environmental state of the world today. Each year it provides in depth analysis of a specific aspect of development. Past reports have considered such topics as the role of the state, transition economies, labor, infrastructure, health, the environment, and poverty. The reports are the Bank's best-known contribution to thinking about development.

World Resources

The eighth biennial issue of the most authoritative report on the global environment brings together in a highly readable format the latest ideas on a broad spectrum of natural resource issues and suggests strategies for addressing them. World Resources 1998-99 focuses on the critical issue of environmental change and human health. World Resources 1998-99 also looks at the current state of the environment as it relates to population and human well-being, consumption and waste, and resources at risk. The book also contains the latest core country data from 157 countries and new information on poverty, inequality, and food security.

Atlases & Maps

The Queen's University Library collection includes atlases, and gazetteers. For more information about these resources, please check the Maps & Geospatial Data page.

Atlas of the Third World
REF G1046.G1K8 1992

The Columbia Gazetteer of the World from 2001-

This electronic version of an established place-name reference source contains over 165,000 entries reflecting the changing political geography of international relations, and places that possess special character. The latter is highly diverse, ranging from ancient countries to geological features and religious sites.

Third World Atlas
G1046.G1C7 1994t (Stauffer Library - Maps & Air Photos)

The UC Atlas of Global Inequality

Provides interactive maps which demonstrate global levels of inequality on topical subjects.

Country Reports

Agora in Athens

Photo: via Flickr (CC license)

International Government Information Search

Country Reports and Information





Find more statistics sources


Human Rights

Travel Advisories


The following is a selection of frequently used websites. For more sites, check Government Documents Country Information.

Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent (University of Wisconsin)

This is a collection of digitized photographs and sound files from across Africa. It includes over 3000 slides, 500 photographs, and 50 hours of sound from forty-five different countries.

Africa Web Links (University of Pennsylvania)

An annotated guide to web resources about Africa, organized by subject.


African news service.


From the Middle East Virtual Library, operated in part by the University Library Saxony-Anhalt in Halle (Germany), Almisbah is a database providing access to selected Internet resources on the Middle East and on Islam respectively. It is a fully searchable database of links to, and information about, website relating to Islam and the Middle East.

British Library for Development Studies

"Contains the largest collection of economic and social development materials in Europe, with over half originating from developing countries."

Chief George Manuel Library: Fourth World Documentation Archive

Operated through the Center for World Indigenous Studies, it is an online library of texts that record and preserve indigenous peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community. The archive has grown into the Chief George Manuel Memorial Library with more than 100,000 documents, reports, and publications from American Indian nations and indigenous nations from around the world. More than 1000 of these documents have been digitized those interested in policy developments in the Fourth World.

CIAO, Columbia International Affairs Online

"...most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs...includes working papers from university research institutes, ... NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs." Indexing starts in 1991.

Development Gateway

The Development Gateway portal is an interactive portal for information on sustainable development and poverty reduction, providing a space where people can share knowledge, experiences, resources, and tools on development.

Directory of Development Organizations

Guide to International Organizations, Governments, Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies, Universities, Research and Training Institutes, NGOs/PDOs, Grant makers, Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Development Consulting Firms.

ELDIS: Electronic Development and Environment Information System

Produced by the British Library for Development Studies, based at the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.

GDN: Global Development Network

"International Organization of research and policy institutes promoting the generation, sharing and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development."

Global Health Key Websites (McGill University Libraries)


Searches over 3000 human rights websites

International Monetary Fund

The IMF is an international organization of 184 member countries. It was established to promote international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and orderly exchange arrangements; to foster economic growth and high levels of employment; and to provide temporary financial assistance to countries to help ease balance of payments adjustment.

Latin American Newsletters

A major source of information on political and economic developments in Latin America and the Caribbean. An intelligence briefing that reviews information from Latin American media and other sources such as senior policy makers and academics. Content includes general reports about Latin America as well as reports regarding specific countries. Indexing starts in 1967.

PovertyNet (World Bank)

The PovertyNet site is maintained by the Poverty Reduction Group, part of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network at the World Bank.


Resources for social and economic development. The international development homepage of Prof. Richard J. Estes of the University of Pennsylvania.

Sustainable Development Reference Link

This site has been developed specifically with the needs of public servants, academics and individuals in developing countries in mind. The site is designed to provide links to some of the most useful sites on the World Wide Web, including sites that provide software for sectoral management, economic models, data or references. The site is updated regularly. At the last update there were more than 3,300 unique annotated links in the main part of the site that in turn are linked to thousands of other sites.

Third World Network

The Third World Network is an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North- South issues.

World Bank

The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. Its primary focus is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries. This site provides an overview of how the Bank uses its financial resources, its highly trained staff, and its extensive knowledge base to help developing countries onto paths of stable, sustainable, and equitable growth.

WWW Virtual Library: International Development

Section of the larger Virtual Library International Affairs Resources site, which includes over 2600 annotated links in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics.



A theses or dissertation is an extended body of research produced by students for a higher degree such as a Masters of PhD or an extended essay undertaken as part of an undergraduate program of study.

This guide includes information about how to locate print and electronic theses or dissertations produced by students at Queen’s as well as those produced by students at other institutions, both in Canada and overseas. 


To find theses and dissertations produced at Queen's, search the following:


Open Access Repositories

Search for full text of open access dissertations and theses by searching the following sites:

United States


TIP: The Library sometimes can have a copy of a dissertation from another university--either purchased by the Library, or purchased by an individual student or faculty member and later donated to the library collection so always check QCAT.