Industrial Relations

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Industrial Relations "...include[s] the study of all aspects of the employment relationship, including labor economics, labor history, labor law, personnel / human resource management, organizational behavior, collective bargaining, industrial / organizational psychology, and industrial sociology." (Roberts' dictionary of industrial relations)

Article Indexes

Journal articles are not listed in QCAT. Use an index to find magazine and journal articles. Articles are important in your research as they contain the most-up-to-date research in a given field and often focus on a particular aspect of a topic. There are different types of articles: scholarly, popular or trade.

Tip: Remember to search journal title and not article title in QCAT

Key Indexes

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Includes business, finance, and management and trade publications worldwide, covering advertising, marketing, human resources, labor relations, taxation, corporate strategies, product development, economic and industry conditions worldwide. Indexes scholarly and trade journal articles, dissertations, SSRN working papers, business cases and global and trade news.
Publication coverage: 1971-
Provides latest trade and industry-focused information in journal articles, market reports, industry reports and news. Includes coverage of companies, products, executives, trends and other topics.
Publication coverage: 1886 - present
Covers business and finance, management, marketing and industry academic and trade publications. Includes the full-text of Harvard Business Review and other major business journals, cases, industry reports and SWOT analyses. EBSCO search platform.

Other Useful Indexes

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Publication coverage: Varies with publication
Search CBCA Business section separately. Cites articles in trade and business journals and more....
AMS Electronic Resources Fund
Publication coverage: Coverage varies beginning at 1977-
Provides access to major Canadian daily newspapers. Coverage varies.
Publication coverage: 1998 - present
Data and reports on national, provincial and metropolitan economic trends & forecasts, industries, organizational performance and public policy issues. The Conference Board of Canada is business oriented, but non-partisan. Browse by Topic (menu on the left) to view the Organizational Performance’ links, including HR and Compensation and Benefits. Free registration required.
Publication coverage: 1886 - present
Subject focus: economics. Indexes articles from journals, books, dissertations, working papers, and book reviews.
Publication coverage: Varies by publication.
Access restricted to the Queen's community (5 user limit)
Coverage varies but many titles go back to the early 1980s. Primarily a business database but it also searches newspapers and popular magazines. Contains same-day and archival coverage of key newspapers, including The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal.
Click on LawSource on right side of screen for access
Publication coverage: Varies
"WestlawNext Canada's mandate is to provide coverage of unreported court decisions from 1986 forward and reported court decisions from 1977, as well as decisions published in Carswell law reports from their inception. You will also find that WestlawNext Canada includes an extensive collection of decisions predating 1977 from key courts and law report series."
A news, law, and business information service, coverage varies for each publication; many go back to the 80's.
Publication coverage: 1915 - present
Indexes books, journals, government documents and NGO reports in public policy, economics, law, political science and more...
Publication coverage: 1806-

Produced by the American Psychological Association. Try search terms such as: "employee attitudes; employee benefits; human resource management; job performance; occupational stress."

PsycINFO is available via two platforms – ProQuest and Ovid.

Early dissemination of research results in the social sciences through online access to abstracts, articles and working papers. ‘Research Networks’ include Corporate Governance, Leadership, Legal, Management, Negotiations, Social Insurance.

Useful Multidisciplinary Indexes

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Publication coverage: 1865 - present
A multi-disciplinary index (with abstracts) to more than 10,900 publications including peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, monographs and reports.
Publication coverage: 1951-   (updated quarterly)
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences. Interdisciplinary and international coverage including industrial relations, human behaviour, organization theory, law and more...


To find books in our collection, search QCAT by author, title, subject heading, or keyword.

To find books by a particular author/person, search QCAT by author:
Carter, Donald
Northrup, H
Barling, Julian
To find books about a particular author/person, search QCAT by subject heading:
Canadian Labour Congress
Douglas, T. C. (Thomas Clement), 1904-1986
Hargrove, Buzz, 1944-
To find books on a topic, use a keyword search if you do not know the correct subject heading for a topic. Think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic.
unions and strikes
international and "dispute resolution"
Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings.
Labor unions--United States--History
Labor unions
International labor activities

Click on the subject heading link to do a new search or use words from the subject heading to modify your keyword search.

Examples of subject headings relating to industrial relations:

Industrial relations
Industrial relations - Canada
Personnel management
Arbitration, industrial
Arbitration and award
Human capital
Labor unions
Labor disputes
Labor laws and legislation
Collective bargaining - Canada
Comparative industrial relations
Strikes and lockouts


Consult dictionaries to help you understand the terminology used in industrial relations.

For additional sources, search QCAT by keyword, for example:

"industrial relations" and dictionar?
labor and (dictionary or dictionaries)

Roberts' Dictionary of Industrial Relations key
REF HD4839.R612 1994t

A Dictionary of Arbitration and its Terms
REF KF9085.A68 S4

A Dictionary of Human Resource Management

Oxford Reference Online.

DLC Business Glossary (Economic Research Institute, Distance Learning Centre)

Specialized business dictionary focuses on definitions of HR and business terms.

Labour Law Terms: a Dictionary of Canadian Labour Law
REF KE3107.3.S33 1984

Words and Phrases: a Dictionary of Collective Agreement Language
REF KE3193.A57 W67 1993t

Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Guides

Encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, overviews, and manuals contain background information which will help to understand the concepts used in industrial relations.

For additional sources, search QCAT by keyword, for example:

"industrial relations" and encyclopedia?
labor and encyclopedia?
"organizational behavior" and handbook?
"business ethics" and guide?

Canadian Industrial Relations and Personnel Developments
REF HD8106.5 C2453t (1971 - 2003)

Includes a newsletter, articles, cases, economic indicators and more...
Continued by Canadian labour relations and employment topics.

Canadian Labour Relations and Employment Topics
REF HD8106.5.C2454t from 2004-

Focus on Canadian Employment and Equality Rights
KE3254 .A13 .F62 from 1986 - (Lederman Law Library)
Online via CBCA Business (1996-2002)

"The Employer’s Complete Guide to Employment Rights in Canada."

A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice
HR5549.A8977 2001

Human Resources Management in Canada
HF5549.2.C2 H86 from 1983-2005

International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations
K1705.I5 REF - Lederman Law Library

International Handbook of Trade Unions
HD6483.I59 2003

Labour Arbitrations and All That: a Handbook on the Preparation and Presentation of Labour Arbitrations
KE3206 .S25 1994 Lederman Law Library
KE3206 .S36 1985 Stauffer Library

Worldwide Guide to Trade Unions and Works Councils
2009 Edition [online February 2010]
[full-text, 336 pages]

Cases, Reports & Decisions

CanLII - Canadian Legal Information Institute

Freely available legislative and judicial texts, as well as legal commentaries, from federal and all provincial and territorial jurisdictions. Now includes labour boards, tribunals and texts of decisions from bodies including the Public Service Labour Relations Board and Ontario Labour Relations Board.


Includes online versions of:

Canadian Labour Arbitration (Brown & Beatty 4th ed.)
Also available at Lederman Law Library KE3206.A6.B76 2006 (v.001 & v.002 on Reserve) from 2006-

Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries (C.L.A.S.)
Also available at Lederman Law Library Topical Reports: Labour/Employment (Canada) from 1986-

Labour Arbitration Cases (L.A.C)
Also available at Lederman Law Library: Topical Reports: Labour/Employment (Canada) from 1948- (includes 2nd, 3rd, 4th series)

Canadian Labour Law Cases
Lederman Law Library Topical Reports: Labour/Employment (Canada) (1944-1995) Continued by Canadian Labour Law Reporter.

Canadian Labour Law Reporter
Lederman Law Library KE3107.5.C36 (Reserve)

Current service to Canadian Labour Law Cases. Loose-leaf publication, covers employment standards, labour relations and Canadian labour law cases.

Canadian Labour Relations and Employment Topics
Stauffer Library REF HD8106.5.C2454t from 2004-
(continues Canadian industrial relations and personnel developments HD8106.5 C2453t))

Canadian Labour Relations Boards Reports
Lederman Law Library Topical Reports: Labour/Employment (Canada) from 1974-

Cases in Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations: a Decisional Approach
Lederman Law Library KF3408 A4H55 2007

Labour Arbitration Yearbook. Second Series
Lederman Law Library PER from 2012-
Labour Arbitration Yearbook
Stauffer Library REF HD5508.A3L33 1991-2002
Lederman Law Library PER 1991-2002

Laws, Codes & Standards

The Annotated Canada Labour Code
Lederman Law Library KE3104.57.S68 Latest on reserve

Canada Industrial Relations Board

..."mandate is to contribute to and promote effective industrial relations in any work, undertaking or business that falls within the authority of the Parliament of Canada."

Canada Labour Code: Quick Reference
KE3104.57 D55 from 2003- Lederman law Library

Canadian Labour Law Reporter
KE3107.5.C36 Lederman Law Library

Covers "federal, provincial and territorial laws on employment standards, human rights, employment insurance, trade unions and collective bargaining." Continues Canadian Labour Law Cases.

Employment Law in Canada
KE3247.C57 2005 Lederman Law Library

Federal Labour and Employment Legislation
REF KE3103.9.F43t 2000 -

Labor Standards in the United States and Canada
HD8072.5.B57 2003

Labour Law in Canada
KE3109.A84 2002 Lederman Law Library Reserve

Labour Spectrum

Includes Federal and Provincial legislation and regulations

Lancaster House (Labour Law on-line)

"Publishers of information on Labour, Employment and Human Rights Law...."

Ontario Labour Relations Board

..."an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal mandated to mediate and adjudicate a variety of employment and labour relations-related matters under a number of Ontario statutes."

Ontario Ministry of Labour

Organizations, Associations & Centres

Academy of Management

Professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations.

Canadian Labour Congress

Directory of Labour Organizations in Canada (HRSDC)

Searchable by union name, affiliation, organization type, membership (size) and headquarters location.

EIROnline: European Industrial Relations Observatory On-line (EIRO)

A project of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. A "monitoring instrument offering news and analysis on European industrial relations."

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions: Industrial Relations

International Labour Organization

International Public Management Association for Human Resources

Labor and Employment Relations Association

Research Centres and Professional Associations

List compiled by the Centre for Industrial Relations, University of Toronto

Society for Human Resource Management

Working Life (Published by Labor Research Association)


Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library key

Recommended HR/IR websites compiled by Librarians at the University of Toronto, Centre for Industrial Relations, categorized under useful headings. Examples:
Collective Agreements
Employment & Labour Legislation
Government Information Canada, the Provinces, and Selected U.S.
Labour History
Statistics & Data Sets
and more ...

BUBL LINK: Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations

Free Management Library

"free community provide leaders and managers basic and practical information about personal, professional and organizational development." Various sections, for example, Human Resources Management.

Human Resources Management for Employers (Services Canada)

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)

Includes labour and workplace information.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Labour

The objective of the Labour Program is to promote a safe, healthy, stable, cooperative and productive work environment.

International Labour Organization (ILO) (INFORM: Bureau of Library and Information Services, Resource Guides)

ILR School (Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations)

Links to information on all aspects of employer-employee relations and workplace issues. For example, see Subject Guides (compiled by Librarians at Martin P. Catherwood Library.) and DigitalCommons@ILR


University of Pennsylvania bi-weekly resource "offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources." Divided into categories, including Human Resources, Leadership and Change, and more...

Nottingham Business School Human Resource Management

Provides categorized external links to Human Resource Management sites.

Industry Canada

U.S. Department of Labor

for Workers
for Employers
Bureau of Labor Statistics



A theses or dissertation is an extended body of research produced by students for a higher degree such as a Masters of PhD or an extended essay undertaken as part of an undergraduate program of study.

This guide includes information about how to locate print and electronic theses or dissertations produced by students at Queen’s as well as those produced by students at other institutions, both in Canada and overseas. 


To find theses and dissertations produced at Queen's, search the following:


Open Access Repositories

Search for full text of open access dissertations and theses by searching the following sites:

United States


TIP: The Library sometimes can have a copy of a dissertation from another university--either purchased by the Library, or purchased by an individual student or faculty member and later donated to the library collection so always check QCAT.



Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Labour Program:
Collective Bargaining Information and Analysis

Includes the Workplace Bulletin, wage settlements, work stoppages, collective bargaining calendar of negotiations, collective agreements

Labour Statistics

Data Services