Languages and Linguistics

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Article Indexes

Journal articles are not listed in QCAT. Use an index to find magazine and journal articles. Articles are important in your research as they contain the most up-to-date research in a given field and often focus on a particular aspect of a topic. There are different types of articles: scholarly, popular or trade.

For access to full-text electronic journal articles, check Electronic Journals and search by journal title or subject.

Tip: Remember to search journal title and not article title in QCAT

Key Indexes

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Publication coverage: 1865 - present
Publication coverage: 1925 - present
Publication coverage: 1806-


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Publication coverage: 1972 - present
Publication coverage: 1966 - present
Print holdings: Full-text of documents on microfiche in the Education Library: 1966 - present
World's largest source of education information, contains more than 950,000 abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. This database is particularly useful for students looking for articles on educational psychology, learning theory and child psychology.
Publication coverage: 1806-
Excellent for psycholinguistics, cognitive science and other aspects of linguistics which overlap interests of psychologists.


To find books in our collection, search QCAT by author, title, subject headings, or keyword.

To find books by a particular author/person, search QCAT by author:
Chomsky, Noam
Crystal, David
Saussure, Ferdinand
To find books about a particular author/person, search QCAT by subject heading:
Crystal, David, 1941-
McLuhan, Marshall, 1911-1980
To find books on a topic, use keyword boolean. Think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic:
language and development
linguistics and sociology
Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings. Some useful Language and Linguistics subject headings are:
Language and languages
Language acquisition
Language and culture
Applied linguistics
Grammar, comparative and general
English language - syntax
French language - syntax

These are just some examples. It is always a good idea to look at all the subject headings ("Subject(s)") in QCAT in the full record of books that are relevant to your topic. The "Subject(s)" words and phrases are hypertext links to related resources.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Catalogues

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
REF P29.C64 1997

Center for Research Libraries (CRL catalog)

Queen's patrons are able to borrow CRL resources through Interlibrary Loan. CRL materials are described as "...a rich and diverse corpus of almost four million rarely-held books, journals, pamphlets, newspapers, and other primary source materials from all regions of the globe". More Information.

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics (2007)

Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics
REF P152.T7 1993

Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics
REF P143.T73t 2000

Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
REF P29.C65 2003

Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology
REF P216.T73 1996t

Encyclopedia of Semiotics
REF P99.E64 1998

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics
P99.E65 1986 v.1-3

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media, and Communications
REF P87.5.D36 2000

Handbook of Linguistics
P121.H324 2003

Handbook of Sociolinguistics
REF P40.H3426 1997

International Encyclopedia of Communications
REF P87.5.I5 1989t

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
REF P29.I58 2003 (4 vols)

Key Concepts in Language and Linguistics

Linguistics Encyclopedia
REF P29.L52 2002

Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics
REF P129.R5 1985

Phonetic Symbol Guide
P221.P85 1996t

Language & Classification

Community Languages: a Handbook
REF P40.H69 1991t

Compendium of the World's Languages
REF P371.C36 2000

Facts About the World's Languages
REF P371.F33 2001

Fréquences d'utilisation des mots en français écrit contemporain
REF PC2691.B38 1992t

Frequency Analysis of English Usage: Lexicon and Grammar
REF PE2839.F7 1982

The World's Major Languages
REF P371.W6 1987

The World's Writing Systems
REF P211.W714 1996t

Related Guides

The following links are to subject guides in areas relating to the study of i) specific languages; and ii) "how natural languages are learned, how they interact with social and psychological factors, the links between language and logic, the use of language to express propositions about the world, and the structure of programming language."

Classical Studies (Greek and Latin)

German Language and Literature

French Language and Literature

Spanish and Italian

Computer and Information Science (Link to faculty home page)





Applied Linguistics

Virtual library relating to applied linguistics with various resources and links to other virtual libraries. Maintained by the Department of Applied Linguistics, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Center for Applied Linguistics

CAL is a private, nonprofit organization "concerned with the teaching and learning of language....conducts research, provides information, and promotes improvements in language education."

Centre for Research on Language Contact

The Centre for Research on Language Contact (CRLC) brings together the research activities of the faculty members and students of York University who investigate various aspects of language contact at both societal and individual levels.

Dictionary and Thesauri links (Queen's Library)

Internet links to English, other language and miscellaneous dictionaries as well as thesauri.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World (SIL International)

Excellent Web resource for information on world languages. Language information can be accessed via a search interface, or browsed by language name, family or code. Also contains a useful "point and click" map to find language information for the region chosen.

Global Language Monitor

Monitors trends in language throughout the world.

iLoveLanguages (Human Languages Page)

"iLoveLanguages' purpose is to list, categorize, and promote Internet resources related to language learning, education, and use. iLoveLanguages is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The more than 2000 links at iLoveLanguages have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best language links the Web has to offer."

Linguist List

LINGUIST maintains a web-site with over 2000 pages and runs a mailing list with over 17,000 subscribers worldwide. LINGUIST also hosts searchable archives of over 100 other linguistic mailing lists and runs research projects which develop tools for the field, e.g., a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information, and recommendations of best practice for digitizing endangered languages data. Searchable or browseable.

Linguistic Resources on the Internet (SIL International)

Extensive topically organized list of linguistic resources on the Internet. See also the link to Linguistic Data Resources on the Internet on the page. Maintained by SIL International, formerly the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Modern Language Association Language Map

Map of languages of the US. Language and linguistics data extracted from the 2000 US Census provides information about the linguistic and cultural composition of the United States. Interactive.



A theses or dissertation is an extended body of research produced by students for a higher degree such as a Masters of PhD or an extended essay undertaken as part of an undergraduate program of study.

This guide includes information about how to locate print and electronic theses or dissertations produced by students at Queen’s as well as those produced by students at other institutions, both in Canada and overseas. 


To find theses and dissertations produced at Queen's, search the following:


Open Access Repositories

Search for full text of open access dissertations and theses by searching the following sites:

United States


TIP: The Library sometimes can have a copy of a dissertation from another university--either purchased by the Library, or purchased by an individual student or faculty member and later donated to the library collection so always check QCAT.