Le Monde. Photo by marcokalmann, via Flickr (CC license)

There are many sources for news in the Queen's Library. This is a selected guide to major news indexes and full-text news resources. Assistance is always available at the Reference Desk (613-533-2527) or by email.

Stauffer Library receives the following newspapers in print:

Calgary Herald
Le Devoir
Financial Times
The Gazette (Montreal)
The Globe and Mail
Guardian (Manchester)
Kingston Whig-Standard
Literaturnaia Gazeta
Le Monde
National Post
The New York Times
Ottawa Citizen
People's Daily (Overseas Edition)
La Prensa
La Presse
Sha’ar Lamatchil
Toronto Star
The Vancouver Sun
The Wall Street Journal
Winnipeg Free Press

Recent News

Use the databases listed below to find articles from national, regional, and foreign newspapers from the late 20th century to the present.

Selected Newspapers provides holdings of individual titles such as the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.


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AMS Electronic Resources Fund
Publication coverage: Coverage varies beginning at 1977-
Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies covers national and leading regional papers. Content updated daily. Globe & Mail and Toronto Star coverage includes today's paper; 2-day embargo period for most other papers.
Publication coverage: Start date varies.

International and Canadian national, regional, and local news. Includes newspapers; trade journals; economics, finance, and environmental publications; news wires; websites; blogs; twitter; Canadian Press; and CBC, CTV, and SRC radio and television transcripts. In French and English. For the Kingston Whig-Standard, consult Selected Newspapers.

TIP:   Available sources are listed on the 'PDF Newspaper Search'. For a complete list of sources and to find sources by country, field, type, etc., consult


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Publication coverage: Varies by publication.
Access restricted to the Queen's community (5 user limit)
National and international newspapers and newswires. Due to publisher restrictions, some titles are blocked for academic institution access.
Indexes many regional, national, and international newspapers, as well as wire services, broadcast transcripts, and non-English language sources. Indexing for most titles begins in the eighties.
Publication coverage: 1959 - present
Interdisciplinary, with a focus on publications from ethnic, minority and native presses.
Hundreds of media sources and thousands of thematic and regional news sites in numerous languages.
Publication coverage: 1996 - present
Access to articles in the AllAfrica archive including top news of the day, country, regional, and topcial news, business news and feeds.

Search a list of article databases that index newspaper articles as well as other resources.


More Newspaper Article Databases

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Includes several less prominent American newspapers, including the Wausau Daily Herald, Rhinelander Daily News, and the Kansas City Daily News.
Publication coverage: 1991 - present (updated quarterly)
Print holdings: 1969 - present Access restricted to the Queen's community (2 user limit)
Indexes alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines. The focus is mostly American, but there are some Canadian, Australian and other international publications indexed.
Publication coverage: 1971-
Provides access to several Asian business newspapers: for example the Bankok Business Day, SinoCast China Business Daily News, and the North American edition of China Daily.
British Humanities Index
AI3.B86 (1962-2009) Compact Shelving
Indexes several regional news publications, and scholarly publications from England. (Supercedes The Subject Index to Periodicals).
Publication coverage: Varies with publication
Includes newspapers, newswires, magazines, and newsletters and coverage of television and radio transcripts.
Publication coverage: 1972 - present
To search newspapers or newspaper articles exclusively, select those options from the 'publication type' menu before searching. Includes articles from national and regional press, and smaller community and special-focus publications such as Surviv News.
Publication coverage: Varies depending on publication.
Covers publications from the political left, including newspapers.
Publication coverage: Coverage varies with publication. Some coverage starts in the early 90s.
75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Full text.
Publication coverage: 1865 - present
Under Publication Type, select Newspaper.
Publication coverage: 2003 - present (updated daily)
Economist Intelligence Unit provides daily information about key economic, political and market developments around the world.

Historical News


Local Newspapers on Microfilm at Stauffer Library:

Stauffer library has many Canadian newspapers from the late eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century on microfilm. They are listed here, by province and city, but can also be searched by title in QCAT. Please note, there are other newspapers on microfilm at W.D. Jordan Special Collections, which can be found via QCAT.

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Democracy at War

An archive of WWII-era Canadian newspaper articles released by the Canadian War Museum.

Start date varies. Selected Canadian French and English newspapers. Community Newspapers Collection

Peel's Prairie Provinces: Newspapers

Alberta Newspapers Collection

British Columbia Historical Newspapers

Manitobia: Newspapers

Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers

Nova Scotia Historical Newspaper Project

Prince George Newspapers

Free digital & searchable access to Prince George's newspapers from 1909 to 1976 including the Citizen.

United States

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Search and view newspaper pages from 1836-1922 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present.
Publication coverage: Varies depending on publication.
Includes historically significant leftist newspapers such as The People (est. 1891) and The Class Struggle (1931-1937).
Publication coverage: Varies by title
Titles include: Atlanta Constitution, Boston Globe, Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Hartford Courant, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.

List of U.S. Historical newspapers on microfilm at Stauffer Library (pdf) (listed by title)

List of U.S. Historical newspapers on microfilm at Stauffer Library (pdf) (listed by city)


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British Humanities Index
AI3 .B86 Compact shelving
Indexes regional news publications from England. (Supercedes The Subject Index to Periodicals).
Searchable, digital facsimiles of English newspapers and journals.
10 newspapers (Le Figaro (1826-1942) and L'Humanité (1904-1944) included).
To access, go to the University of Illinois Historical Newspapers page and scroll to the section, More International Digital Newspaper Collections.
Publication coverage: 1800-1900
Collection of magazines, journals and specialty newspapers provides an in-depth view of life in the Victorian age.
Full-text, fully searchable digital archive of nearly 1,270 newspapers and news pamphlets from the UK.

Gale NewsVault enables cross-searching of Gale’s historical newspapers from a single interface, providing access to more than 400 years of content and 10 million digitized pages. The following are among the titles and collections indexed:

  • 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers
  • 19th Century UK Periodicals: Empire
  • 19th Century UK Periodicals: New Readerships,
  • Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • Times Digital Archive

Newspapers from Around the World


Please note: some of the content on these websites may be restricted to subscribers. For more information about why Queen's does not subscribe, please see the FAQs.


AAN: Association of Alternative Newsmedia, Directory

Provides contact, circulation, publication, demographic and staffing information for member newspapers from the United States and Canada. Includes website links.

ABYZ News Links

Provides links to news websites with fulltext news content from around the world. Includes television and radio news.


Links to news websites around the world, with an emphasis on local news.

Newspapers (Library and Archives Canada)

Provides links to campus newspapers, fulltext archives of Canadian newspapers, citation indexes to historical news, and news directories among others. Extensive coverage of American and international news sources and indexes is included.

News and Newspapers Online

A website of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, provides links to online newspaper websites worldwide. Fulltext and coverage are indicated for each title-link.

Over 1200 newspapers across the US, from the 1700s–2000s.

Provides links to thousands of newspapers from around the world, and has excellent coverage of Canadian local and community news. Not all links are English-language.

Provides links to free content on thousands of news and magazine websites from around the world. Organized geographically, and includes short descriptions.


"...offers newspaper, television and unique online content from some of the nation's most trusted and well-respected media properties, including National Post, Global National, Ottawa Citizen [etc.]"

Canadian Newspapers

Canadian Newspaper Association provides links to the websites of Canadian newspapers, with excellent coverage of local and community papers.


Canada's national public broadcaster provides news and entertainment programming in English and French.

The online home of several Canadian French-language papers: La Presse, Le Droit, Le Nouvellist, La Tribune, La Voix de l'Est, and Quotidien.

Le Devoir

One of Canada's leading French-language newspapers.

Google News Canada

A google search engine that allows for searching or browsing 4,500 news sources. Topics are updated every 15 minutes.

The Journal (Queen's University) from Sept 8, 2000-

Print copies for previous years are located at Queen's Archives.
The Campus newspaper of Queen's University.

Newspapers at Libraries and Archives Canada

A Canadian alternative news website, with a political focus.

United States


One of the most popular American 24-hour television news stations, CNN's website offers print news on the topics and stories of the day.

Financial Times

"...recognised worldwide for its authoritative, accurate, and analytical reporting, is one of the world's leading global business news organisations."

Forbes Magazine

An American magazine targeted to businesspeople, Forbes has significant business news content.

Fox News

An American cable news station and provides information about the latest headlines.

Independent Media Center

"...a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate telling of the truth."

Mother Jones

"An independent nonprofit whose roots lie in a commitment to social justice implemented through […] investigative reporting."

The Nation

"...America's oldest weekly magazine and one of its premier journals of opinion. Established by abolitionists in 1865..."

Formerly known as

News Frontier Database

Produced by the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), lists nonprofit and for-profit news outlets primarily devoted to "original reporting and content production", such as Politico, The Locust Fork News-Journal, and the Bleacher Report.


"[PBS is] that one place where education comes before titillation, where partisanship is checked at the newsroom door and, above all, is a media option that measures success by how many minds we open, ... how well we serve this democracy."

Wired News offers breaking news, as well as sections devoted to technology, culture, business and politics.


For more international news content, please see the Portals section.

Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English

"Free from the shackles of censorship and government control Aljazeera has offered its audiences in the Arab world much needed freedom of thought, independence, and room for debate. In the rest of the world, ... offers a different and a new perspective."

BBC News

"...aims to provide access to the information and ideas everyone needs to make sense of an increasingly complex world, providing background and context to the news."

Media UK

Provides links to newspapers from the United Kingdom, with links to many local and community newspapers as well as major national and regional dailies. Includes contact information, editorial staff, and user reviews of the websites.


"Reuters is a global information company providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets."

World Press Review

Contains reprinted (and in some cases translated and edited) news articles from outside the United States, as well as some original material. Includes a selection of worldwide editorial and political cartoons.

Directories & Bibliographies

Use these directories and bibliographies to find information about newspapers, such as: identifying newspapers by area and determining what papers or magazines have been published on special topics or for particular audiences. This list is not exhaustive: consider visiting the Z6940-Z6960 section at Stauffer Library- Reference to browse through newspaper, newsletter, magazine and other periodical directories and bibliographies.


AAN: Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, Directory

Provides contact, circulation, publication, demographic and staffing information for member newspapers from the United States and Canada. Includes website links.

HF5808.C2.C25 from 1971-2010 (some gaps); latest 3 issues on REF

Alternate title: Canadian Advertising Rates and Data

Media UK

Provides links to many local, regional and major national daily newspapers from the United Kingdom. Includes contact information, editorial staff, and user reviews of the websites.

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

Gives ISSN, title, publisher, country, frequency, media/document type, language, subject, library classification, dates, contact, price and ordering information for current and ceased periodicals.


Benn's Media Directory
Z6956.E5 N6t (1986-1996 with some gaps) Compact Shelving

Provides title, contact information, frequency and content information.

Canadian News Services
Published by: Royal Commission on Newspapers, 1981
Stauffer MICROLOG: 82-02362

Checklist of Indexes to Canadian Newspapers
Published by: National Library of Canada, 1987
REF Z6954 .C2 B87 1987t
Documents MICROLOG: 87-03859

Directory of Indigenous Publications
Published by: Public Service Commission of Canada, 1985
Documents MICROLOG: 86-02552

Early American Newspapers 1704-1820
Stauffer Library - Documents (Microforms) Microcard

Early English Newspapers: A Bibliography and Guide to the Microfilm Collection
REF Z6956.G6 C68 1983

Details the microfilm collection of newspapers published in England called Early English Newspapers 1622-1820. Search titles in QCAT for holding information.

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media
Z6951.A97 (1990-1998; compact shelving)

Half a Century of Russian Serials: Cumulative Index of Serials Published Outside the USSR
Z6956.R9 S35 (4 vols)

Each entry gives title, publisher and date information. Where possible, editorial information and topic are included.

Historical Directory of Saskatchewan Newspapers, 1878-1983
Published by: Saskatchewan Archives Board, 1984
REF Z6954 .C2 M28 1984
Documents MICROLOG: 85-05254

History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820
Z6951.B8 1947

Inventory of Ontario Newspapers, 1793-1986
Published by: Micromedia Ltd., 1987
REF Z6954 .C2 I58 1987
Documents MICROLOG: 97-00254

La Presse québécoise: des origines à nos jours
REF Z6954.C21 (10 vols)

Provides, where possible, title, publication information, dates, format, staff information and content description.

Newspapers in Microform
REF Z6945.N754 (1948-1983)

American in focus

News Services

Organized chronologically, these publications provide overviews of significant events in a given period of time.

Annual Register, or a view of the history, politics and literature for the year […]
via Eighteenth Century Collections Online (1758-1799)
Annual Register: a Record of World Events
REF D2.A6R (latest ten volumes)
D2.A6R from 1800- (some gaps; minus latest ten volumes)

Provides essay-format coverage of events, structured geographically (ie: the 2003 vol. covers events of that year in each country), and includes essays on select subjects and overviews of the year's events.

Canadian News Facts (1997-2001) search via CPI.Q
REF Index Shelves (1967-2001; some gaps)

Organized chronologically, each issue provides short entries on subjects such as "Canadian Unity" and "Labour". Issues are published weekly, and compiled into yearly volumes, each with a name, title and subject index.

Facts on File
REF Index Shelves from 1964-2010 (Feb. 11)

Published weekly, each issue provides a concise description of major news events, organized so that emphasis is on major stories, while others are divided geographically. Each volume has a cumulative name and subject index, and a "quick access" index of major news stories of that year.

Keesing's World News Archive
REF Index Shelves from 1931-
Keesing’s Contemporary Archives 1931-1986
Keesing's Record of World Events 1987-current

Published monthly, each issue provides short summaries of one or two major news events in every country. Print issues are compiled in yearly volumes, which include a subject and name index for that year. Has name and subject indexes in separate volumes for 1987-present (see QCAT).

Selected Newspapers

This section covers a small selection of newspapers available in Stauffer Library and online, which are of frequent interest to researchers.



Globe and Mail
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1844-  Microfilm AN5.6.T67G55
1844-  Canada's Heritage from 1844 (excluding latest 3-4 years)
11/1977-  Canadian Newsstand
11/1977-  Factiva
1985-  Gale CPI.Q

Hill Times
12/1997-   Access online via QCAT

National Post
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
10/1998-  Microfilm AN5.6.T67N386
11/1998-  Factiva (Includes Financial Post from 1990- )
10/1998-  Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day)

Financial Post
1907-1998   Stauffer Microfilms (HG3.F53t)
1990-   Factiva (search the National Post)
10/1998-   Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day; search the National Post)
1985-10/1998   Canadian Newsstand
1907-1948   Index to the Financial Post   REF HG3 .F52 1990u
1920-1976   Canadian Periodical Index   REF AI3 .C21
1988-1999   CPI.Q

Ottawa Citizen
Current newspapers: retained for 3 months
1846-1997  Microfilm AN5.6 .O88 C58 (with gaps)
1985-   Canadian Newsstand (delayed 1 day)
2001-   Factiva

Toronto Star
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1892-   Microfilm AN5.6.T67 T67
2010-2 months ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)
1894-   Pages of the Past (excluding latest 3 years)
1985-   Canadian Newsstand
1986-   Factiva


Atlanta Constitution
1986-   Factiva
1868-1945 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Boston Globe
1987-   Factiva
1872-1927 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Chicago Defender
1910-1975 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Chicago Tribune
1849-1989 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Christian Science Monitor
Microfilm: AN2.B6 C56 (1965-1996)
1988-1 day ago Factiva
1908-1999 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Hartford Courant
1764-1987 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Los Angeles Times
1881-1989 Proquest Historical Newspapers

New York Times
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1851-   Microfilm AN2.N5N48
2008-1 month ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)
1980-   Factiva
1851-2009   ProQuest Historical Newspapers Includes Index 1851-1993

Wall Street Journal
Current newspapers: held until microfilm received
1945-  Microfilm HG1.W3t
2008-2 months ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)
6/1979-   Factiva
1984-  ProQuest ABI/INFORM
1889-1995 Proquest Historical Newspapers

Washington Post
1968-1996   Microfilm AN2.W3 W37 (Stauffer Compact)
6/1984-  Factiva
1877-1996 Proquest Historical Newspapers


Illustrated London News
1842-2003  Historical Archive

Manchester Guardian
1981-  Factiva

The Times (London)
1785-  Microfilm AN4.L6T56 (excluding latest 2-3 months)
1785-1985  The Times Digital Archive
1981-  Factiva
1790-1905  Palmer's Index to the Times
1906-1950  Microfilm AI21.T5
1951-  REF AI21.T5 (Index Shelves)

Guardian London
2010-2 months ago   ProQuest Digital Microfilm (Works well with Firefox)


  1. Can I use QCAT to find newspapers?
  2. How do I get a copy of a newspaper or popular news source such as Time?
  3. How do I find dates of world events?
  4. Where can I find a summary of world events for a given year?
  5. How do I find newspaper articles on events?
  6. How do I find articles from specific Canadian newspapers?
  7. How can I get fulltext of news articles that are not available at Queen's?
  8. How do I find Canadian press releases?
  9. I am not looking for a specific item or subject, I just want to browse the news. How can I browse the online fulltext newspapers?
  10. Why doesn't Queen's subscribe to the websites of major news outlets?
  11. I want to keep up-to-date on news in my hometown, but none of the databases have access to my town's newspaper. What should I do?

  1. Can I use QCAT to find newspapers?

    Queen's University Library subscribes to a number of newspapers. To locate specific newspapers, check QCAT using a title search for the name of the newspaper, e.g. Whig Standard. Be sure to check the holdings to see which issues the Library holds and in what format. In general, older issues of the newspaper will be only available on microfilm.

    Current issues of newspapers are in the Current Periodicals area on the ground floor of Stauffer Library. Microfilm newspapers are located in the Microforms area on the lower level of Stauffer Library.

    If you do not know the titles of the newspapers you need and want to identify newspapers from a particular city, do a subject heading search in QCAT. For example:

    Paris (France)-- Newspapers
    Toronto (Ont.)-- Newspapers

    You can also check the print listing of our newspaper holdings (located at Stauffer Library Help Desk). The list is organized by province and then by city for Canada. For the rest of the world, the listing is organized by country.

    Ask yourself the following questions in order to determine where to find the right kind of news resource:

    Do I want local, national or international news?
    Do I need current information or something published in the past?
    Do I know the exact item I want, or am I trying to find out what has been written on a particular topic?

  2. How do I get a copy of a newspaper or popular news source such as Time?

    Some of the most well-known newspaper and magazine news sources are held by Queen's in a variety of locations.

    For example, the Canadian edition of Time is available, fulltext, via CBCA and Factiva, current editions are held in Current Periodicals at Stauffer, and there is a collection of older editions in Stauffer Bound Journals. The New York edition of Time is available, fulltext, via ABI/INFORM and in Stauffer Library- Microfilms, from 1923 onward.

    To get this information, do a title search in QCAT. For instructions on how to do this, please see the FAQ entry 'Can I use QCAT to find newspapers?'

    Some sources available to Queen's library users via online fulltext databases, such as Factiva, are not listed in QCAT. Check the appropriate section of this guide for information about databases that may contain a news source you are looking for, and then check the title or sources list for that database to see if it includes your desired newspaper. Alternatively, do a sample search in the database for a given publication title.

  3. How do I find dates of world events?

    How you find the exact date of an event depends on the event in question.

    Major events and topics, such as wars, significant cultural, legal or scientific milestones (ie: first person on the moon; women's suffrage), or deaths of notable people, can be looked up in an encyclopedia (for example: Oxford Reference Online, or Encyclopedia Britannica).

    Other events, especially those that were well covered in the news, can be looked up using a news service (several are listed in the 'News Services' section of this guide). News services tend to be organized chronologically, but there are subject and name indexes that will tell you which volume to look in for more information. News services are issued weekly or monthly, and therefore can be used to look up the dates of current events as well as historical ones.

  4. Where can I find a summary of world events for a given year?

    See the 'News Services' section of this guide for a list of publications that offer summaries of significant historical events that made the news.

  5. How do I find newspaper articles on events?

    Recent events (after about 1980) can be searched through the online fulltext databases, using a keyword search and date limits. Recent events can also be searched through paper indexes. Check the 'Recent News' section of this guide for information about which indexes are appropriate for a given topic and time period.

    Historical events are more likely to require the use of paper indexes, bibliographies and news services. Some online indexes, such as Palmer's Index to the Times, may be helpful. Check the 'Historical News' section of this guide for information about what is available. Ask yourself: Do I want national, regional or local coverage?

  6. How do I find articles from specific Canadian newspapers?

    Canadian Newsstand provides fulltext access to all the major national and regional newspapers in Canada. It is current, minus the last two days, and although coverage varies by publication, most are indexed from the early 1990s to the present.

    To search within a specific newspaper, simply add the paper's name in 'publication title'. For example:

    Landsdowne Park [citation…] and Ottawa Citizen [publication title]
    hockey [in citation…] and Gazette [publication title] provides access to several major Quebec french news sources from 1985 to today as well as CBC radio and television transcripts.

    Factiva provides fulltext for news articles from the major Canadian papers, as well as some smaller papers (for example the Kitchener-Waterloo Record). To choose a specific newspaper in Factiva, click on the 'Source' tab, and select the source category 'Publications by Type.' From there, you will be able to browse the available newspapers.

    LexisNexis is a news, law and business information service. It includes up-to-date full text articles from newspapers in the United States, Canada and around the world.

    The "Websites" section of this guide provides a list of "Links Pages (Portals)" that contain links to the websites of many local papers.

  7. How can I get fulltext of news articles that are not available at Queen's?

    In most cases, news articles that are available on microfilm from another university can be obtained via interlibrary loan. In the case of an online fulltext article, it may depend on the specific publisher and the copyright. Interlibrary loan requests can be made through RACER (see the "Request an Interlibrary Loan" link in the "Quick Links" menu on the main library webpage).

  8. How do I find Canadian press releases?

    Canadian Press Newswire can be searched through Canadian Business & Current Affairs (CBCA). Full text stories are available from 1994 onwards.

  9. I am not looking for a specific item or subject, I just want to browse the news. How can I browse the online fulltext newspapers?

    There are many different sources for fulltext news at Queen's, and whether you can browse easily depends on the source you choose. Some steps for browsing in the more popular databases are outlined below:

    Canadian Newsstand:
    Enter the name of a newspaper in 'publication date' and set a date limit to the period of time you are interested in. For example:

    Calgary Herald [publication title]
    date range: [last 7 days]

  10. Why doesn't Queen's subscribe to the websites of major news outlets?

    In many cases, information that is available through subscriptions to news websites is already present through our online packages (for example ProQuest), or through our daily subscriptions and microfilm collection. These sites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and rather than duplicate information, the choice is often made to allocate resources to new materials that are not presently available. For information about where to access some of the more well-known news sources, please see the 'How do I find out where I can get a copy of a newspaper or popular news source such as Time?' section of this FAQ, or consult the appropriate chronological/geographical section of this guide.

  11. I want to keep up-to-date on news in my hometown, but none of the databases have access to my town's newspaper. What should I do?

    News from many local, regional, national and international newspapers is available on the internet. In the 'Websites' section of this guide, under 'Portals' there is a list of websites that link to thousands of news sources all over the world. In general, they are organized geographically and alphabetically. Please note: in some cases, a subscription may be necessary to see all content.

Style Guides

The Canadian Press Stylebook: A Guide for Writers and Editors
REF PN4783.C35 2002
REF PN4783.C35 2006 (Education Library)

The Globe and Mail Style Book: A Guide to Language and Usage
REF Z253.P53 1996