Gender Studies


Article Indexes

Key Indexes

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Publication coverage: 1972 - present
Incorporates formerly separate databases such as Women's Studies International, Sexual Diversity Studies, and more. This database may lean more towards the Social Sciences rather than Arts and Humanities so be sure to investigate some of the other databases listed below.
Publication coverage: 1952 - present
Premiere database for finding sociological research, including gender studies, studies in violence and power, family and social welfare and more.... Searches over 2000 journals.
Publication coverage: 1953-
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues.
A current bibliography of articles about women's and gender history. Started as a special project at the University of Utrecht and continued by the International Institute of Social History.

Other Useful Indexes

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Publication coverage: 1986 - present
English language. Includes African Women Bibliographic Database which has over 22,000 citations from 1986 to current. Materials indexed include: books; government documents; articles in edited books; journal articles; dissertations; videos.
Publication coverage: 1991 -
Print holdings: 1969 - 2009 Access restricted to the Queen's community (5 user limit)
A subject index to alternative or radical journals and magazines.
Publication coverage: Late 19th century - present
Provides indexing in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and related fields.
Publication coverage: 1959 - present
Interdisciplinary, with a focus on publications from ethnic, minority and native presses.
A searchable bibliography with citations to journal articles and books.
Publication coverage: 1990 - present
Medieval women and gender index.
(Catherine J. Lavender, Dept. of History, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)
List of over 700 books and journal articles on women in the western United States. This is a text file. Use CTRL-F to search through the page for keywords of interest.
This searchable database provides citations to books and essay collections of feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on British and American literature. Emphasis also on general resources and introductory texts in feminist theory. Use MLA Bibliography to research specific literary authors and to find citations to journal articles.
Publication coverage: 1980 - present
GeoBase includes human geography and development studies. A search of "feminist or feminism" finds over 900 citations.
Publication coverage: 1830 - 1898
Magazine intended to entertain, inform and educate the women in America. An important resource of 19th century American life and culture.
Publication coverage: 1951-   (updated quarterly)
Multidisciplinary. Provides international coverage and indexes journal articles, books, reviews and selected chapters.
Publication coverage: 1802-1995
Facsimile page images and searchable full-text for approximately 500 international and scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences.
Interdisciplinary. Examines all aspects of Hispanic Studies.
Publication coverage: 1806-
Indexes the international literature in psychology and related disciplines.

Where Else Can I Search?

Given the interdisciplinary nature of Gender Studies, you'll likely need to search a number of indexes/databases to find citations relevant to your topic. Although Key Indexes are identified on this Gender Studies page, the Other Useful Indexes list may be just as important-depending on your area of research. Please read the annotations provided to guide your choice.

Also consult the list of Article Indexes and Databases for areas other than Gender Studies:

e.g. Aboriginal Studies
English Literature
Film and Media Studies
Political Studies


Bibliographies list sources of information (books, articles, websites, etc.) on a specialized research topic. Also search Article Indexes.

Changing Women Changing History : a Bibliography of the History of Women in Canada
REF Z7964 .C2 P42 1996t

Feminism And Psychoanalysis : A Bibliography
REF Z7963 .F44 N6684 2001t

Feminism And Women's Issues : An Annotated Bibliography And Research Guide
REF Z7961 .W37 1990

Feminist Research Methods : An Annotated Bibliography
REF Z7963 .F44 M54 1991

Feminist Theory (II) : A Bibliography
REF: Z7963 .F44 N682 2000t

French Feminist Theory : Luce Irigaray And Helene Cixous : A Bibliography
REF Z8438.965 .N67 1990t

Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered Literature : a Genre Guide
REF Z1229 .G25 B67 2008

The Men's Bibliography: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Writing on Men, Masculinities, Gender, and Sexualities

The Women's Movement : Reference and Resources
REF Z7963 .S9 R93 1996

Includes references to first and second wave feminism.

Women's Studies : A Bibliography Of Dissertations 1870-1982
REF Z7961 .G55 1985

Note: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (find at Indexes/Databases) allows you to search for dissertations written around the world since 1861.

Women's Studies : A Recommended Bibliography
REF HQ1180 .K75 2004


Consult biographical dictionaries to get brief information about people, dates and events. For more sources, see Biographical Resources.


The Continuum Dictionary of Women's Biography
REF CT3202.C66 1989
This dictionary presents more than 1,700 brief biographies (about three to a page) primarily on British, American, and Commonwealth women whose contributions to society would be remarkable regardless of their sex. or whose activities enhanced the position of women in society, or whose contributions are or have been more indirect.

Larousse Dictionary of Women
REF HQ1115.L37 1996

Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography
REF HQ1123.M33 1998t

The 100 Most Influential Women of All Time
REF CT3202.F395 1996


A Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists
REF HB76.B535 2000

Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World
REF HQ1127.S25 2001

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers
REF HQ1236.R29 2001
Two volume set includes profiles of 400 women from 64 countries. Each entry contains references and suggestions for further reading. Indexes include chronology of social milestones.

Great Women Writers: the Lives and Works of the World's most Important Women Writers, from Antiquity to the Present
REF PN471.G74 1994t

North American Women's Drama
Plays, biographical, production, and theatrical information.

Women in Communication: a Biographical Sourcebook
REF P94.5.W65W667 1996

Women who Ruled
REF D107.J33 1990t
This dictionary encompasses women rulers, living or deceased, since the beginning of recorded history.

Regional / By Country

American Women Historians
REF E175.45.S27 1996

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Qing Period, 1644-1911
REF HQ1767.5.A3B56 1998

Black Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia
REF E185.86.B542 1993
Two volume set includes chronology and classified list.

Historical Dictionary of British Women 2005
Print title: Europa Biographical Dictionary of British Women
REF CT3320.E94 1983

Jewish Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia
REF DS115.2.J49 1997

Native American Women: a Biographical Dictionary
REF E98.W8B38 2001
Provides sketches of more than 270 women in a variety of disciplines. Appendices include areas of specialization and tribal affiliation.

Notable American Women, 1607-1950: a Biographical Dictionary
REF CT3260.N57

Notable Twentieth-Century Latin American Women: a Biographical Dictionary
REF CT3290.N68 2001

Who's Who of American Women: a Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living American Women
REF CT3260.W6
Library's collection begins with v.2(1961/62). Latest vol. only shelved in Reference.

Who's Who of Canadian Women  
Vols. cover 1984-1988. Includes index by company/firm/organization.

Women of Ireland: a Biographic Dictionary
CT3650.I73O24 1996


To find books in our collection, search QCAT by author, title, subject heading, or keyword.

To find books by a particular author/person, search QCAT by author:
stein gertrude
To find books about a particular author/person, search QCAT by subject heading:
stein gertrude
To find books on a topic, use a keyword search if you do not know the correct subject heading for a topic. Think of the focus (or key) words that describe your topic.
women and (employment or work)
Select useful titles and look at the full record for subject headings. Some useful women's and gender studies subject headings are:
sex discrimination in employment
women employment
women canada
women social conditions
abused women
women's rights
women health and hygiene
women in literature
women research
women in politics
female offenders
sex role
feminism and literature
To find bibliographies on a topic, look for the subdivision bibliography following a subject heading.
Women in politics--Developing countries--Bibliography
To find primary sources in the library, look for the subdivision sources following a subject heading.
Women--Employment--United States--History--Sources

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries to get a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search QCAT using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".

Women & Feminism

Dictionary of Feminist Theory
REF HQ1115.H86 1995t

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers
REF HQ1236.R29 2001 (2 volumes)
Profiles 400 women from 64 countries. Includes suggestions for further reading.

International Encyclopedia of Women's Suffrage
REF JF851.H28 2000

A Glossary of Feminist Theory
REF HQ1190.A53 1997
Includes concepts from Second Wave Feminist Theory, e.g. 1968 forward

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide
REF HQ1115.G74 2003 (6 volumes)

Historical Dictionary Of Feminism
REF HQ1115.B65 1996

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
Edited by Bonnie G. Smith, c. 2008

"Although there has been extensive research on women in history by region, no other text or reference work has comprehensively covered the role women have played throughout world history. With over 650 biographies of influential women and over 600 topical articles covering topics such as geography and history, culture and society, organizations, movements, and gender studies, Women in World History is the definitive reference work in the field."

Public Women, Public Words : A Documentary History of American Feminism (1997)
REF HQ1410.K444 1997
A 3 volume set that reproduces primary documents--speeches, essays, letters--charting the development of feminism. Periods covered: Beginnings to 1900; 1900-1960; 1960 to late 1990s.

Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism
Edited by Sarah Gamble, 2005
Print: REF HQ1115.R68 2001t

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge (vol. 1)
REF HQ1115.R69 2000 (4 volumes)

Women in the Third World: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues
REF HQ1870.9W6548 1998

Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-wave Feminism
REF HQ1115.W644 2006 (2 volumes)

Women's Studies Encyclopedia (revised and expanded edition; ed. Tierney)
REF HQ1115.W645 1999 (3 volumes)


Boyhood in America : an Encyclopedia
REF HQ775.B635 2001

Continuum Compete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (editor Francoeur)
REF HQ21.I68 2004
International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (1997-2001; 4 vols)
2004 is an updated one-volume edition of the 2001 4-volume set. Most, if not all, countries in the world are listed and include discussions on a variety of topics including: contraception, sexuality education, character and gender roles, and more.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society
REF HQ1115 .E54 2009 (2 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender
REF HQ1115.E43 2001

Fifty Key Concepts in Gender Studies
HQ1180.P55 2004

Girl Culture: an Encyclopedia
REF HQ798.G523 2008 (2 volumes)

Girlhood in America : an Encyclopedia
REF HQ777.G5745 2001

Language of Sexuality
REF HQ23.R53 1987
A dictionary with etymologies and definitions of words used to describe sexuality and sexual activity.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender

The Dictionary of Homophobia: A Global History of Gay & Lesbian Experience
REF HQ76.4 D5313 2008

Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (1990)
REF HQ76.25.E53 1990t

The Gay and Lesbian Movement (1996)
REF HQ76.5.R53 1996

Gay Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia
REF HQ75.13.G37 2000

glbtq (an encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and queer culture)
This encyclopedia is free, but is edited by academic scholars; more info. Search by subject or by keyword.

Lesbian Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia
REF HQ75.5.L4395 2000

LGBTQ America Today: An Encyclopedia
REF HQ73.3.U6 L43 2009

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture
REF HQ76.96.R68 2006

Primary Sources & E-Books

Primary Sources Research Starting Points

E-Book Collections

Collections of note include:

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Publication coverage: 1500 to 1950
Includes diaries, correspondence, journal articles, pamphlets, newsletters and more..., from 1500-1900.
Historical documents to support study and analysis of gender, leisure and consumer culture.
This database provides access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) that document the history of women in the United States. These diverse collections range from Ancestral Pueblo pottery to Katrina Thomas's photographs of ethnic weddings from the late 20th century.
Publication coverage: 1830 - 1898
Digitized facsimile of an early American women's magazine which was intended to entertain, inform, and educate the women of America.
Material from and about Mass Observation, the British social research organization.
The MacIsaac Memorial Fund and the K. Phyllis Wilson Library Endowment Fund
A multi-year global digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the long nineteenth century. Collections include Women: Transnational Networks, which “focuses on issues at the intersection of gender and class from the late-eighteenth century to the era of suffrage in the early-twentieth century, all through a transnational perspective. The collection contains deep information on European and North American movements, but also expands its scope to include collections from other regions.”
Publication coverage: Colonial times - present
Plays, biographical, production, and theatrical information.
Publication coverage: Colonial - 1950
Publication coverage: 18th century - present
K Phyllis Wilson Library Endowment Fund
Publication coverage: 1892-current
A complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images.
Primary and secondary documents, images, a chronology of U.S. women's history and more...

Research Methods

Sage Research Methods Online
SAGE Research Methods is a research methods tool created to help researchers with their research projects. SAGE Research Methods links over 100,000 pages of SAGE’s book, journal and reference content with advanced search and discovery tools. Researchers can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings. Since SAGE Research Methods focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and more.
Video tutorials on how to use this database

To locate books on your topic, perform a keyword or a Boolean keyword search in QCAT. For example:

"focus groups" and research
"intersectional analysis"
and women
"visual analysis" and research

Once you have located relevant books, use the subject headings assigned to the book(s) to locate further materials on your subject.

The subject heading in QCAT for books on conducting research is research - methodology. The following subject headings are useful to note:

women - research - methodology
feminism - research - methodology
women's studies - methodology
social sciences - research - methodology


Journal Articles Or Research Papers Including Statistics: To find papers including statistics use an article index and include the search term statistic* (this will find statistic, statistics, statistical) in addition to the keywords related to your topic.


women and income and statistic*
women and (author* or writer*) and statistic*

Suggested Publications at Queen's

Canadian Families At The Approach Of The Year 2000 (1999)
Documents REF: CA1 BS96 C32104

Canadian Global Almanac
AY414 .C27t 1992-2005 [Compact shelving]

This book contains overview statistics for Canada and every other country in the world. A quick way to find out demographic and economic statistics world wide.

Profile of Canadian Households and Families : Diversification Continues
Documents: CA1 BSC 2001C30 2001003 (2001)

Families Count: Profiling Canada's Families IV (2010. Vanier Institute of the Family)
Profiling Canada's Families III (2004. Vanier Institute of the Family)
REF: HQ560.P76 2004

Statistical Handbook on the American Family (covers United States)
REF HQ536.S727 1999

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report
Documents REF CA1 BS89 C503
Reports published: 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010/11
Updates to "paid work" chapter available online

Finding Statistical Publications at Queen's Using QCAT


If you don't find Statistics Canada or other statistical reports free online, you may find them in print at Queen's Library by searching QCAT. You can also look for statistical reports from other organizations like the United Nations, Status of Women Canada, World Health Organization, etc.

Sample Keyword searches in QCAT:
"Statistics Canada" and women
"statistics Canada" and family and children
statistics and women and (work Or employment)
"united nations" and women and statistics and Canada
"united nations" and women and statistics
"world health organization" and statistics and Canada
"status of women" and statistics
Sample Subject searches in QCAT:

Raw Data and Statistical Analysis

Detailed statistical analysis and the interpretation and manipulation of raw data is complex and should be done using the resources available through Data Services located on the Lower Level of Stauffer Library.

Online Statistics


Statistics come from a wide variety of sources. Statistics Canada, Canadian Government departments, as well as various Canadian Policy Institutes produce reports based on census and other survey data. Below are a few links to direct you towards statistical information. The list is not comprehensive, but seeks to give you a starting point. Governments of other countries, as well as organizations like the United Nations will also produce reports based on statistics gathered from government organizations or based on their own surveys.

Current Canadian Statistics:
Search Statistics Canada

Type keyword(s) in the Search box or browse through each section, e.g. The People. The links on this page will take you directly to tables containing statistics for given criteria-religion, income, etc.


CANSIM is Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and easy access to a large range of the latest statistics available in Canada. It also includes links to articles from Insight on Canadian Society (replaced Canadian Social Trends in 2012).

Search by keyword to find information on your topic - divorce, marriage, etc.-- or browse by subject grouping.

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile

Includes reports for 2009

Free Online Publications from Statistics Canada

Also search the Studies section
Search Tip: try a keyword search for "women".

Historical Canadian Statistics

Studies, Research Papers, Technical Papers

Sample searches: wage gap; women and weight; abused women; adolescence and self esteem, etc.

Statistics Canada Tables


Gender Statistics Database (from United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)

United Nations Statistics Division

If you do not find statistical publications online for free at this site, search QCAT; Queen's owns many UN documents.

United States (FedStats)



A theses or dissertation is an extended body of research produced by students for a higher degree such as a Masters of PhD or an extended essay undertaken as part of an undergraduate program of study.

This guide includes information about how to locate print and electronic theses or dissertations produced by students at Queen’s as well as those produced by students at other institutions, both in Canada and overseas. 


To find theses and dissertations produced at Queen's, search the following:


Open Access Repositories

Search for full text of open access dissertations and theses by searching the following sites:

United States


TIP: The Library sometimes can have a copy of a dissertation from another university--either purchased by the Library, or purchased by an individual student or faculty member and later donated to the library collection so always check QCAT.



Canadian Sex Work Research Hub

Collective Biographies of Women

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Try the Browse by Subject option.

Gender Related Electronic Forums (listservs)

Internet Women’s History Sourcebook

Intute - Women's Studies

Lambda Foundation


Opengender is a self-archiving open access project offering free access to research on the cultural politics of gender and sexuality in new forms of media and cyberspace.

PAR-L: A Canadian Electronic Feminist Network  

People with a History: an Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History

Siyanda - Mainstreaming Gender Equality

Siyanda is an on-line database of gender and development materials from around the world. It is also an interactive space where gender practitioners can share ideas, experiences and resources.

Victorian Women Writers Project

The Victorian Women Writers Project (VWWP) began in 1995 at Indiana University and is primarily concerned with the exposure of lesser-known British women writers of the 19th century. The collection represents an array of genres - poetry, novels, children's books, political pamphlets, religious tracts, histories, and more. VWWP contains scores of authors, both prolific and rare.

Voice of the Shuttle: Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Victorian Women Writers Project (VWWP) began in 1995 at Indiana University and is primarily concerned with the exposure of lesser-known British women writers of the 19th century. The collection represents an array of genres - poetry, novels, children's books, political pamphlets, religious tracts, histories, and more. VWWP contains scores of authors, both prolific and rare.

WomanStats Project

Claims to be the "most comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world." Users must register to use the database, but there is no fee.

Women in Politics

Women Watch from United Nations

Women's History Sources (blog)

WSS Links: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites




Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-International (CATW)

"The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-International (CATW) is a non-governmental organization that promotes women's human rights by working internationally to combat sexual exploitation in all its forms."

Equality Now

"Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure."

FORO Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (FIMI) / International Indigenous Women's Forum (IIWF)

A "network of indigenous women leaders that is joined to local, national and regional organizations in Asia, Africa and America."


"UN-INSTRAW is the only United Nations entity mandated to develop research and training programmes that contribute to the empowerment of women and the achievement of gender equality worldwide."

WomenWatch: UN Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women

"WomenWatch is the central gateway to information and resources on the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women throughout the United Nations system, including the United Nations Secretariat, regional commissions, funds, programmes, specialized agencies and academic and research institutions." The topics section: lists a wide range of contemporary women's issues.


Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)

"The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) is a dynamic coalition of over 75 Canadian women's equality-seeking and related organizations. FAFIA's mandate is to further women's equality in Canada through domestic implementation of its' international human rights commitments." The Resource Database on Women's Economic Security will be of particular interest.

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Works locally, nationally and internationally on "issues related to peace, social justice, human rights and development, always seeking to promote a woman's and a feminist's perspective."

National Council of Women of Canada

"If you're looking to get involved with current issues facing Canadian women, if you're looking to learn more about the history of how Canadian women have molded the fabric of our Country, if you're looking to educate yourself about some of the many challenges facing our society at the local, provincial and national level - then you've come to the right place."

Ontario Women's Directorate

"A division of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, the OWD has two key areas of activity: preventing violence against women and promoting women's economic independence."

PAR-L (Policy, Action, Research List)

"A bilingual, electronic network of individuals and organizations interested in women-centred policy issues in Canada. It is a support for the community of feminist researchers and activists in Canada and Québec." See the Resources section for information on policy (including many links to national and international non governmental organizations), action, research, and more.

UN Women - Canada

Formerly UNIFEM Canada, UN Women "was founded in 1993 with a vision to promote Equality for all Women. The committee works to enhance the work of UN Women in advising countries to implement the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) so as to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment...." The United Nations General Assembly created UN Women in July 2010.


National Organization for Women (U.S.)

The National Organization for Women is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States.