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What's New In Bracken - 2002

December 20, 2002: Duplicate books available

Duplicate copies of Bracken titles are free for the taking and you'll find these on shelves next to the Reference Desk. Please take as many of these books as you'd like.

December 6, 2002: Adjustments to borrowing and fine limits

To facilitate electronic renewal, and better meet patron's needs, the book borrowing limit for graduate students, staff and faculty has been raised from 50 to 100 items. The fine limit (at which point renewal or borrowing privileges are blocked) has been raised from $20 to $50 for graduate students and to $100 for staff and faculty. This will allow more flexibility for electronic renewal.

The overdue book limit (at which point renewal or borrowing privileges are blocked) has been raised from 5 to 50 for students and from 5 to 100 for staff and faculty. This will allow electronic renewal of overdue material.

November 26, 2002: Holiday book loan extension

Books signed out from the Bracken Library stacks during the period of December 5-23, 2002 will be due on Monday, January 7, 2003. The normal two-week loan period will resume on December 24.

November 21, 2002: MEDLINE global date reload

Currently, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is working on its MEDLINE global data reload. The reload, which occurs annually, is the time when the controlled language MeSH thesaurus is updated and other changes to the database fields are made. While this maintenance is being performed, no new records are added to MEDLINE.

Since the data is not being updated by the NLM, AutoAlert searches in MEDLINE are not being generated by Ovid. Once Ovid receives and has processed the data, the AutoAlerts will be run again. The search results generated at that time will include all new data added since the previous update.

Please note that you will continue to receive AutoAlerts that run in either PREMEDLINE alone or in files that include both MEDLINE and PREMEDLINE. However the alerts for combined MEDLINE/PREMEDLINE files will ONLY include PREMEDLINE records.

If you have any questions concerning this information, please contact the Bracken Library Reference Desk at 533-3176 or bracken.library@queensu.ca.

November 20, 2002: Queen's University issues new staff cards

When you receive your new staff card, you need to go to a Queen's library to have a new patron barcode placed on your card and linked to your computer record. If you choose to come to Bracken Library, this procedure can only be done during the hours of 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday as the evening and weekend staff do not have the authority to link the barcode to your record.

October 31, 2002: New Health Sciences E-Books Web Page

Check out the approximately 105 health sciences electronic books available in the fields of medicine, nursing and pharmacology.

November 11, 2002: New Electronic Journal available through the Ovid Databases

Full-text of the journal "Drugs" is now available through the Ovid Databases. Access is also enabled through QCAT and the Electronic Journals Database.

October 9, 2002: Overdue notices now sent electronically

Overdue notices for Queen's University Libraries materials are now sent by email to your official Queen's email address.

In order to ensure the delivery of these notices, it is strongly recommended that you do not forward your mail from your official Queen's address to a non-Queen's address.

October 1, 2002: Linking to Electronic Journals through the Ovid Databases

Ovid OpenLinks has now been activated! This "linking solution" connects the citations in our Ovid databases with the remote full text to which Queen's University Libraries subscribes electronically. Where full text is available, you will see "OpenLink Full Text (PDF)" and/or "OpenLink Full Text (HTML)", and "Journal's Website" below a bibliographic citation. Clicking on either of the full text links will connect you to the full text of the specific article of interest. Clicking on the journal website link will take you to the homepage of the journal or publisher. You will be leaving your Ovid session so take note of the "Ovid timer" and "Return to Ovid session" buttons.

Not all of our electronic journals will be accessible through the Ovid databases, so remember to check QCAT and the Electronic Journals Database.

There are now more than 1600 electronic journals available for the health and life sciences!

Sept. 10, 2002: Check Out Our New Exhibit

Are you curious about the history of anatomy at Queen's Medical school? What about women medical students and their access to anatomy classes? Would you like to view some of the "tools of the trade"? Check out our new exhibit located upstairs next to the Bracken Library Teaching Centre entitled "Boning up on Anatomy: the Early Years at Queen's".

Sept. 9, 2002: New Full-Text Journal Content Available via the OvidWeb Databases

210 clinical health sciences journals from Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins are now available via the OvidWeb databases. These titles will also be added to QCAT and the Electronic Journals database.

June 21, 2002: Changes to library closing procedures

From now on, the doors of Bracken Library will be locked 15 minutes before closing. All Circulation Desk functions will cease at that time.

June 19, 2002: JAMA & Archives Journals Now Online

Full-text of JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association, nine Archives journals, and the American Medical News is now available. Access is enabled through the Electronic Journals database and QCAT.

May 7, 2002: New Content on Books@Ovid

Eight new full-text books, of particular interest to nursing, have been added to Books@Ovid. These titles are accessible through QCAT and via the OvidWeb databases.

April 24, 2002: Three New Full-text Electronic Resources

  • Harrison's Online:
    Includes the complete text, illustrations and expanded features from the 15th ed. of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and is updated daily. It is accessible through QCAT and at harrisonsonline.com.
    PDA users with institutional access to Harrison's Online can subscribe to the Harrison's On Hand upgrade for an annual fee of $139 U.S. Please see harrisonsonline.com/harrisons/public/hoh/about_hoh.html.
  • Lippincott's Clinical Choice:
    A collection of 37 core clinical textbooks covering general medicine and surgery, with 5 additional books scheduled for 2002. They are accessible through QCAT and via the OvidWeb databases.
  • Scientific American Medicine online:
    A comprehensive updated textbook of internal medicine which features keyword searching and "what's new" links. It is accessible through QCAT and at www.samed.com.

April 15, 2002: New telephone number for the Bracken Library Reference Desk

Effective immediately, the Bracken Library Reference Desk has a new telephone number. If you are calling from within the University, please dial x33176. If you are calling from outside the University you may now dial 533-3176 and you will be connected directly with the Reference Desk.

April 5, 2002: Nature Monthlies & Reviews Journals Now Online

Seven full-text Nature monthlies journals and six Nature reviews journals are now available. Access is enabled through the Electronic Journals database, and QCAT.

April 4, 2002: BMJ Specialist Journals available online

26 full-text journals from the BMJ Publishing Group of the British Medical Association are now available. Access is enabled through the Electronic Journals database, and will soon be enabled through QCAT.

March 8, 2002: Queen's Webproxy Server Upgraded

The Queen's webproxy server was upgraded last weekend and, as result, some electronic journal titles that were previously unavailable through the webproxy are now accessible. Some examples are Science, all the Annual Reviews, Journal of Applied Physiology, International Journal of Epidemiology, Brain: A Journal of Neurology, etc.

February 27, 2002: Full-text Oncology Books Available Online

LWWoncology.com provides access to the full text, including all tables and illustrations, of authoritative oncology books. There are ten books presently available, with others scheduled for 2002. Other features of the site include the DrugFinder Tool, an A-Z Topic Index, and a search engine that will search across the site. Content and features are updated regularly. In addition to being able to connect to the site directly using the URL, the books may also be accessed through QCAT.

February 22, 2002: New Contents/Updates on MD Consult

    Two new editions have been added to MD Consult.
  • Gabbe: Obstetrics -- Normal and Problem Pregnancies. 4th edition, 2002.
  • Marx: Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice. 5th edition, 2002. One book was removed from MD Consult.
  • Pizzo and Polack: Principles and Practice of Pediatric Oncology, 1997.

January 29, 2002: Science available online

Full-text content, from October 6, 1995 forward, of the weekly journal Science is now available. Access is enabled through QCAT and the Electronic Journals database.

January 17, 2002: Construction of the Cancer Research Institute - Botterell Hall and Bracken Library

The construction of the Cancer Research Institute is expected to begin in early February 2002. Regarding Bracken Library, the construction within the library will last for 4-6 weeks and will mainly effect the lounge area near the patio downstairs. During this phase of the construction noise will be a problem.

January 14, 2002: ProQuest Electronic Nursing Journals Collection Purchased

288 leading full-text journals in the nursing, allied health and medicine fields are now available. Access will be enabled through QCAT and the Electronic Journals database shortly. In the meantime, access is available through the ProQuest link on the Bracken Library home page. In addition to the ProQuest Nursing Journals Collection, you also have access to the ABI/INFORM Global e-journal database.

January 10, 2002: Nature available online

Full-text content, from June 1997 forward, of the weekly journal Nature is now available. Access is enabled through QCAT and the Electronic Journals database.

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