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What's New In Bracken - 2004

October 1, 2004: An@tomy.tv - Online, Interactive 3D Human Anatomy Database

An@tomy.tv provides 3D models which can be rotated, and anatomical layers which may be stripped away. Included are interactive head & neck, shoulder, hand, thorax & abdomen, spine, pelvis & perineum, hip, knee and foot. Images may be e-mailed, saved, and used in presentations. Also included are common pathologies, radiological content, interactive quizzes and MCQs. Tell us what you think!

September 22, 2004: Bracken Library closed on Oct. 16 - 17

Every year Botterell Hall closes for its annual ventilation shutdown and maintenance. This year Botterell Hall, including Bracken Health Sciences Library, will be closed on October 16-17.

September 15, 2004: Wireless Internet Access for Laptop Computers

Bracken Health Sciences Library has wireless Internet access for laptop computers. For additional information about using this service please check out the requirements web page.

September 10, 2004: Smart Research @ Your Library

Smart Research & Your Library is a Queen's University Library campaign to promote information literacy. This event in Bracken Health Sciences Library will run from September 5 to October 25, 2004. By attending one of Bracken Health Sciences Library's curriculum integrated courses you qualify to complete a ballot to win one of seven USB keychain drives. For additional information check out the Bracken Health Sciences Library Smart Research @ Your Library web page.

July 05, 2004: Campus Book Retrieval Service

On June 30, 2004 a new library service was launched - the Campus Book Retrieval Service. Library patrons can request up to five books from other libraries on campus to be delivered to Bracken Health Sciences Library. Here are the directions to access this service.

  • Go to QCAT and locate the required book.
  • Next, on the QCAT screen select the Place Request(s) option.
  • From the drop down list select the option Request Campus BOOK RETRIEVAL (5 requests available) and then click on the Get Request Form button.
  • Lastly, complete the form and click on the Submit Request button.

If you have any questions ask the Circulation Unit staff and read the Campus Book Retrieval FAQ.

June 30, 2004: Vivien Ludwin has taken early retirement effective June 30

Vivien's contributions to Queen's University Library over a career of more than twenty five years have been remarkable. Vivien's sense of vision, leadership and commitment to Bracken Library, Queen's University Library, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University has been exemplary. Her contributions to health sciences librarianship at the provincial and national levels have been noteworthy - Vivien was the recipient of the OCUFA Award for Academic Librarianship in 1991; she served on the Advisory Board to CISTI for a number of years and has been very actively involved in the work of the Consortium of Ontario Academic Health Libraries. Vivien's superb administrative, organizational and planning skills, her personal sense of professionalism and her vision have been integral to Bracken Library's many successes. Over the years, she has guided, motivated, mentored and supported her staff with great thought and care. Vivien will be sorely missed by her colleagues and friends across the library system and in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

June 16, 2004: ISI'S Journal Citation Reports Now on the Web

In partnership with other Ontario university libraries, Queen's Library now subscribes to the web edition of Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from ISI. JCR Web, covering more than 6,600 leading international journals, is currently available in two editions:

  • JCR Science Edition 2002
  • JCR Social Sciences Edition 2002

The 2003 editions will become available online later this summer. For more information about this new research resource, see the recent Queen's University Library News Release.

June 16, 2004: QCAT Enhancement: Table of Contents Information Now Part of QCAT Record for Recent Books!

QCAT has been enhanced to include Table of Contents (TOC) information. As of the beginning of June, Queen's University patrons will now be able to find TOC information for recent books when they access catalogue records in QCAT. The TOC information will be displayed on the Full Record view. This enhancement is intended to make catalogue browsing more effective and keyword searching more powerful.

For more information about this enhancement to the library catalogue, see the recent Queen's University Library News Release.

May 31, 2004: More Electronic Books, More Convenience!

OVID e-books are now available in one collection. Choose Books@Ovid from the Ovid database list to search across all 100 full-text books. We have added 26 new e-books to our Stat!Ref collection. The titles cross many medical specialties, and also include titles with nursing content. The online version of Scientific American Medicine has changed its name to ACP Medicine, and is now available only through Stat!Ref. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 15th ed. is accessible through both Books@Ovid and Stat!Ref. See the complete list of health sciences e-books.

March 31, 2004: Commissionaire Service for Bracken Library

As of Saturday, April 3, 2004 a Commissionaire will be working in Bracken Library during the evenings, weekends and on selected statutory holidays [see the Bracken Library "Hours" web page for holiday hours]. There were two main reasons why Bracken Library Administration decided to hire a Commissionaire to work part-time in Bracken Library. The Commissionaire would provide additional security for the student assistants working in the library, as well as the library patrons, during the times when there is no regular library staff. Also, to remove most of the opening and closing procedures from the student assistants job responsibilities. For example, Bracken Library Administration did not want the student assistants to continue to be held accountable should any problems occur related to library and building security.

The Commissionaire will conduct regular patrols of the library, maintain the food and drink policy, contact the Emergency Response Centre at Queen's University in case of an emergency, and assist in opening and closing the library as well as Botterell Hall.

If you have any questions about the Commissionaire, please do not hesitate to ask.

March 29, 2004: Bracken Library Now Accepts Interac & Credit Cards

Patrons of Bracken Library may now use debit or credit cards to pay for library fines and document delivery charges. They may also use these cards to purchase pre-programmed copy cards, CD-ROMs, and 3-1/2" disks. This service is only available Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., holidays excluded.

March 10, 2004: Food & Drink Policy

The policy of Bracken Library is to allow food and drink within reason and in small quantities. Beverages are permitted providing they are in a bottle with a cap (e.g. water bottle), or in a cup with a lid (e.g. a travel mug) to reduce the chance of spills. Soft drink cans are also permitted. Beverages and food are not permitted in any computer lab or while working on any computer in the library. Library patrons are responsible for managing the disposal of their own garbage. For complete details see Bracken's food and drink policy.

February 25, 2004: Food For Fines - March 1-5, 2004

The seventh annual Food For Fines will take place from March 1-5, 2004. Queen's University Libraries will gladly accept non-perishable food items as payment for fines...this does not cover any other library costs or fees. For each item you donate, your fines will be reduced by $1.00 to a maximum of $10.00 per person. You also have the option of donating your cash fine payments to the food bank to a maximum of $10.00 per person. Food may be donated between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Bracken Library Circulation Desk. Contributions will be shared between the Queen's Food Bank and the Partners in Mission Food Bank.

February 2, 2004: Online Encyclopedia of Medical Images now Available at Queen's

images.MD compiles over 50,000 high-quality images spanning all of internal medicine, all derived from Current Medicine's renowned series of illustrated atlases. Each image is accompanied by detailed and informative text written by over 2,000 contributing experts. Queen's subscription includes access to "My Slides" software, which allows the creation and management of slidesets.

January 21, 2004: Unlimited Access to New England Journal of Medicine

Queen's University now has unlimited online access to the New England Journal of Medicine, in pdf format, from 1995 to present. Due to lobbying by the North American library community, the publisher now offers academic/clinical site licenses for NEJM. Up to now, users could either access the html version through Bracken's major database provider, Ovid, or the pdf version on 5 computers in the library only.

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