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How to log in to the room booking system?

Choose a library and enter your Queen's Student/Staff Number, from the front of your student/staff card, in the pop-up box and click on the Submit button. The system will log you out if you do not use it for more than 5 minutes. To log back in, click on the Menu in the top left of the screen and click on Login.

If you receive the message "Invalid student/staff number ", go to the nearest Library Circulation Desk and ask to verify that you are registered correctly in the database. If you are not in the Library database, please check with the Registrar's Office (if you are a student) or Human Resources (if you are a faculty member).

Once you log in, the menu expands to give you these extra options:

  • My Bookings shows you a list of your current and future bookings & lets you print them out. It also lets you change the description of a booking, or delete it entirely.

  • Booked rooms lists the room numbers, descriptions and times of all the meetings scheduled on a given day (but no user IDs are shown for privacy, so use descriptions that your group can recognize). You can also print the list of booked rooms.

  • Find a Room lets you choose a time, date and library, then displays all the rooms that are available.

  • FAQ or frequently asked questions about the booking system.

  • Logout & Quit

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Last updated: 04 November 2009