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Frequently Asked Questions - Databases, Online Articles

Can Queen's alumni access library databases and e-journals?

Members of the local community, including Queen's alumni, can access most of the Library's electronic resources (i.e. databases, e-journals, e-books) from any computer in each of the campus libraries. Off-campus access to these resources, however, is restricted to Queen's students, faculty and staff in accordance with the publishers' licensing agreements.

How do I configure EndNote/Papers/my citation management software to do "Get It @ Queen's" OpenURL full text lookups?

When setting up "find full-text" features in your citation management software (e.g. EndNote, Papers, etc.), you'll likely be asked for the 2 following pieces of Queen's-specific information:

Queen's OpenURL server address (Get It! @ Queen's):


Queen's Authentication/EZProxy URL:

(or just http://proxy.queensu.ca/)  read more »

How do I find electronic journals?

Electronic journals available at Queen's can be found in two ways:  read more »

  1. QCAT Library Catalogue
  2. the Library website

How do I report access problems with Library resources?

If you experience difficulties accessing a research database:

How do I set up “Get it @ Queen’s” button in Google Scholar?

You need to configure Google Scholar/Settings to use the “Queen’s University – Get It!@Queen’s” library links (To retain settings, you need to turn on cookies).  read more »

Which databases does Queen's Library subscribe to?

The Library subscribes to more than 500 research databases, selected to support the teaching and research programs at Queen's.

Why does a pop-up survey appear when I try to access an electronic journal?

Queen’s Library is taking part in this survey of electronic resource usage through 2010. Your participation in the survey is voluntary. Further information is available through this Library News item.