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Frequently Asked Questions - Other Services

How do I put something on reserve? [instructors only]

Every library offers a reserve service. If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact either:

Instructions and forms for placing items on reserve are also available on the library web site.

I had something stolen when I was at the Library. What do I do?

If something of value, a laptop, for instance, was stolen while you were in the library, report it to the staff at the circulation desk immediately. They will assist you in filing a report with Queen's Campus Security. Also check Security's Lost and Found information for practical advice on what to do if your wallet or purse has been stolen.

I lost something, maybe at the Library. What do I do?

Each library at Queen's offers a lost and found service. If you think you left something in the library, report it to the circulation desk. They will check to see if it was either returned to the desk or found by staff during their rounds. You may also leave contact information in case your lost item is found.

I'm running low on power, where can I get a charger (or cable)?

Chargers and cables for most mobile devices are now on reserve. 

Different Library locations have different items available for 3 hour loan. Some examples: USB keys, network cables, calculators, headphones, mice, chargers. Search QCAT for items held by different libraries, or ask at the Circulation Desks.  read more »

What is QSpace?

QSpace is the Queen's University Research and Learning Repository. It is meant for storing and sharing papers, presentations, theses, technical reports, data sets, or any other digital files produced through research and teaching.

Materials deposited in QSpace are assigned a static url (web address) that will never break. If you wish to share your research and learning materials (optional), QSpace facilitates indexing through major search engines such as Google Scholar.  read more »