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Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

Can I print from my own laptop?

Yes, you can!

Instructions for printing to the Library's printers using your Windows or Mac laptop can be viewed here.

How do I get a Library Copy Card?

You can pay for library printing, photocopies, and microform printing using a library copy card.  You can purchase library copy cards at any library location:

  • Circulation desk:
    Cash: All libraries
    Debit/Credit: Stauffer, Bracken
  • Self-serve card machines:
    Cash only: Stauffer, Douglas and Bracken libraries

Visit Library Copy Cards for more information.

How do I print on only one side of the page (single-sided printing)?

By default, Library printers will print on both sides of the page (double-sided printing).  You can choose to override the default setting and do single-sided printing for individual print jobs.

From any library computer workstation:  read more »

How much does printing cost?

Printing charges - see Library Printing Facilities for more information:

  • Standard black & white printing: $0.10 per page
  • Colour printing (available in Stauffer, Douglas and the Education Libraries): $0.60 per page


What do I need to use the printing stations?

To print materials at any Queen's Library location you will need a Library Copy Card. Cards can be purchased at any campus library.

What printing facilities does the Library have?

Printing facilities are available in each campus library - check here for details.

Where do I report printing problems?

If you experience any problems with printing, contact staff at the Circulation Desk.