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Microform Collections in Stauffer Library

A Microform is a photographic reproduction of any material in a size too small to be read without magnification. It provides a way for libraries to collect material too old, bulky, or valuable to collect in the original forms, for example books, periodicals, dissertations, pamphlets, newspapers, manuscripts, government documents, etc.

The most common forms are microfilm (reels) and microfiche (flat sheets).

  • Microfilm is produced in long strips which are loaded onto small reels. The reels are kept in boxes, which are labelled with call numbers.
  • Microfiche are transparencies that that come in either 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" sheets and are marked with call numbers, for example Microlog.
  • Microcards are opaque 3" x 5" cards, now an obsolete form.

Accessing the Microform Collection

microfilm cabinets on the lower level of Stauffer Library Search QCAT, the Library Catalogue, for microforms. Searching is similar to searching for items in print format. The type of microform, the location and the call number are indicated on the QCAT record. Our collection includes individual titles as well as distinct collections which may cover one or many subjects. Some large sets can be accessed either by the name of the set or the individual works in the set. In other cases only the name of the set is included in the catalogue.

Boxes and sheets of microform are shelved in call number or numerical order in filing cabinets on the lower level of Stauffer Library, on shelves at Stauffer Library Reference, or in the compact shelving section of the 4th floor of Stauffer Library.

Reading, Copying, Scanning

microfiche readers on the lower level of Stauffer Library Equipment for reading, photocopying, and scanning microforms is available on the lower level of Stauffer Library. Consult the floorplan and the Microform printing & scanning facilities webpage (There is one opaque card viewer in the Stauffer Library Microforms area. The cards can also be viewed and rendered into a digital format on the ScanWrite ST200 Microforms scanner in the Maps and Air Photos reading room).

Assistance with finding microforms or using the equipment is provided by the Government Documents staff or the Circulation staff.

Major Collections

The following is a partial alphabetical list of major microform collections in Stauffer Library. Entries include a link to descriptions of individual collections, as well as location, call number, notes, and indexing information.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

- A -

Anti-Slavery Collection: 18th-19th Centuries
Archives of the Charity Organisation Society, 1869-1938
Archives of the Shaftesbury Society, Part 1
Archives of the Shaftesbury Society, Parts 2 & 3

- B -

Bell Canada Directories: Ontario & Quebec
Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration
British Pamphlets Relating to the American Revolution

- C -

Canadian Census Records: 1666-1911
Canadian Labour Papers
Catalogue de la Societe Canadienne du Microfilm

- D -

Dun and Bradstreet Canada Ltd. Reference Books: 1864-1978

- E -

Early American Periodicals Index to 1850
Early English Books, 1475-1640 (Pollard & Redgrave Collection)
Early English Books, 1641-1700 (Wing Collection)
Early English Newspapers
English Literary Periodicals
Europe and NATO: Special Studies, 1970-1980

- F -

French Revolutionary Pamphlets

- I -

Iroquois Indians: A Documentary History

- J -

Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la revolution

- L -

The Left in Britain

- M -

The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials

- N -

National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United Kingdom
Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control, and the Threat of Thermonuclear War: Special Studies

- O -

The Oneida Community Serials in the Syracuse University Library, 1834-1879

- P -

Pamphlets and Journals Concerning Race Relations in South Africa (Dr. Keppel-Jones' Collection)
Papers of the American Slave Trade
The People's History: Working Class Autobiographies

- R -

Records of the Worshipful Company of Stationers
Rose Pastor Stokes Papers

- S -

Slave Trade Book and Pamphlet Collection
South Africa: The War of 1899-1902 and the Chinese Labour Question
South African Institute of Race Relations: "B" Box Collection
South African Institute of Race Relations: "RJ" Collection

- T -

Terrorism: Special Studies
Le Theatre de la revolution et de l'empire
The Thomason Tracts

- U -

Underground Newspapers: Georgia Straight

Last Updated: 13 September 2012

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