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Donald Goddard Wing (1904-1972) of Yale University Library compiled titles for a continuation of Pollard and Redgrave's 1926 Short-title Catalgoue, which listed books in the British Museum (now the British Library) ranging from 1475-1640. Wing's 1945 Short-title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America and of English Books Printed in Other Countries 1641-1700 is a three-volume catalogue he compiled for the Index Society. He identifies the work as differing from the original Pollard and Redgrave catalogue primarily as being accomplished by a single editor (himself), and warns that although it is a comprehensive list, approximately 10 percent of the books he listed were not examined personally and as a result some "ghosts" may exist in the listing. (A later publication from Wing's notes came years later, and was titled A Gallery of Ghosts; Books Published Between 1641-1700 Not Found in the Short-title Catalogue.   -- Summary prepared with reference to the Short-title Catalogue (1945)

As with the Pollard and Redgrave Collection, the Wing Collection microfilms represent the fulltext renditions of over 50,000 titles found at the British Library. The works range from literature, to periodicals, public documents, songs, religious texts, and many other genres. The period covered spans from the Civil War to the reign of King William III. Since the collection spans six decades of the 17th century, it follows that some titles overlap with those found in the English Literary Periodicals and Early English Newspapers microfilm collections.

Microform Location and Call Number   Stauffer Library Compact Shelving at Microfilm designation: EEB

Index/Guide Location and Call Number   Stauffer Library Reference at:

Z2002 .W52   (Short Title Catalogue)
Z2002 .E37 1990t   (Index)
Z2002 .W722t   (Cross Index)

Collection Status   Almost complete (2599 of 2612 reels, plus Guides)


  1. Missing reels: 74, 236, 566, 817, 966, 989, 1057, 1058, 1059, 1072, 1087, 1088, & 1463.
  2. The microfilm reels are labelled with "EEB" and "STC-II".
  3. A Gallery of Ghosts: Books Published Between 1641-1700 Not Found in the Short Title Catalogue is available in Stauffer Reference at Z2002 .W5
  4. For titles published from 1475-1640, refer to the Pollard and Redgrave Collection.
  5. Queen's Library also has purchased online access to the Wing Collection via ProQuest's Early English Books Online   (Note:   Access is restricted to Queen's students, faculty and staff)
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