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July 2007:   Second Year Report to the QLC Executive Team

Fall 2006:   Queen's Learning Commons Phase I - First Year Review

Transforming the Learning Experience - QLC Annual Report, 2005/06 (PDF)

Fall 2005:   Queen's Learning Commons Phase I - Open, Alive and Looking Forward

Workshops Offered, 2005-2006 (PDF)
Phase I Success and Phase II Funding Needs (PDF)

March 2005:   Presentation to Queen's Campus Planning and Development Committee

Executive Summary - Vision, Partnership, Services (PDF)
Project Master Plan and Phase I Plan - Architects' Plans and Drawings

December 2004:   Service Program - QUEEN'S Learning Commons

Draft Service Program (PDF)

October 2004:   Design Brief - Stauffer Library Learning Commons

Design Brief (PDF)

April 30, 2004:   Service Delivery Model - Stauffer Library Learning Commons

Service Delivery Model (PDF)

February 2004:   Second Site Visit and Consultation with Planning Consultant

Focus Group Meetings
Planning/Brainstorming Meetings
Services Working Group Meetings

January 2004:   Articulating a Learning Commons Planning Framework

Components of the Learning Commons (PDF)
Learning Commons Committees & Decision-Making Structure (PDF)

December 2003:   Planning Consultant Site Visit

What is a Learning Commons? Overview distributed to potential stakeholders/participants (PDF)

November 2003:

Conference call with Planning Group and Lori Van Rooijen
Minutes of Planning Group meeting
Components of the Learning Commons (identified by the Planning Group)

October 2003:

Formation of the Learning Commons Planning Group and decision to hire Lori Van Rooijen (Larkspur Associates) as a consultant to move the planning process forward.
  • Advise on planning process, establishment of planning groups, terms of reference and timelines;
  • Advise on communication plan;
  • Advise on potential partners;
  • Advise on services / functions of Learning Commons;
  • Create a program document.
Membership of the initial Core Planning Group:
  • Melody Burton, Reference Services Librarian (Information Liaison)
  • Liz Fox, Electronic Services Librarian
  • Cory Laverty, Acting Head, Reference Services (Chair)
  • Jeff Moon, Head, Government Documents (Webmaster)
  • Sharon Musgrave, Head, Access Services (Communications)
  • Sean Reynolds, Director ITS
  • Lori Van Rooijen, Larkspur Associates (Consultant)
  • Paul Wiens, University Librarian

April-May 2003:

Stauffer Library all-staff meetings held to brainstorm Learning Commons concept. Goals, common themes and potential services were identified.
Planning/Vision document compiled by Cory Laverty and Melody Burton

Last revised: 24 Janury 2008

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