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Thursday, 6 June 2002

Gifts-in-Kind to Queen's Libraries: Revised Procedures for Donations to the Central Library

As a direct result of staff reductions, Queen's Libraries has reorganized gift handling for the Central Library (i.e. for collections in Stauffer and Douglas Libraries). From now on, potential donors are requested to address initial offers to:

Peter Dickson, Collections Assistant, Gifts and Theses

Peter's office is in the Documents area of Stauffer Library and his office hours are 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. He can be reached by phone at extension 74532 or by e-mail at dicksonp@post.queensu.ca. Please contact Peter by phone or email, rather than dropping off books at the Stauffer Circulation Desk. Further information on the Central Library gift policy is online at: http://library.queensu.ca/webcoll/gifts.htm.

The above change does not affect the faculty libraries:

  1. For donations to Bracken Library, contact Anne Smithers (smithers@post.queensu.ca; ext.74530).
  2. For donations to the Education Library, contact Sandra Casey (caseys@post.queensu.ca; ext.77075).
  3. For donations to the Law Library, contact Nick Pengelley (np3@post.queensu.ca; ext 62843).

Goals in planning the Central Library gift-in-kind reorganization:

  1. To develop and maintain cordial relationships with donors, so that Queen's is seen as welcoming book donations. This includes, among other things, keeping clear and organized records of material donated to ensure that accurate acknowledgements and income-tax receipts are provided on time.

  2. To reduce or eliminate the amount of time spent unproductively and focus the reduced staff time available on increasing the availability of material the Library needs, acknowledging donations, arranging income-tax receipts, searching for second-hand copies of out-of-print books, arranging microfilming and binding of original theses, etc.

  3. To ensure that records are added to the on-line catalogue as promptly as possible. Beginning this May, we will create QCAT records for gifts in process, so that our users can arrange to have titles they need rush catalogued when necessary. We plan to ensure that records are created within 2 months of receiving donations. While we would like the time-frame to be shorter, we believe that this is a realistic goal given the amount of other work Peter has to do. We will continue to review this benchmark to see whether we can improve upon it.

  4. To maintain an accurate record of the value of materials added to the collection by building for insurance purposes.

To facilitate achieving these goals, the Central Library must adopt the following policies:

  1. We will ask donors to provide a list which can be checked against library holdings. If donors cannot manage this personally, we may be able to suggest someone they could hire to do the work. We will give preference to lists offered exclusively to Queen's.

  2. We will give preference to lists that have been checked against QCAT to eliminate books already held. We find the library usually has at least 80% of material in initial offers. For example, Peter recently checked a list of over 200 items for which 95% of the titles were already held. The time spent checking all those items already held in the library delayed creation of catalogue records for the 500 or so other gifts waiting to be added to the collection.

  3. We will normally provide one income-tax receipt per person per year. If the same person normally donates material at different times during the year, we will compile a running list of the material accepted and provide a single receipt at the end of the year.

  4. We will not accept gifts during the month of December, so that we can ensure all the paperwork for that year's income-tax receipts has been completed on schedule.

  5. We are not able to take responsibility for disposing of material not needed by the library. Those with material to dispose of may wish to consult second-hand book dealers, the Canadian Book Exchange Centre (http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/6/10/index-e.html), other academic or public libraries, or local charity book sales such as the annual Kingston Symphony Association book fair.

For more information, contact:

Dianne Cook
Collection Development Co-ordinator
Queen's University Libraries
Email:   cookdc@post.queensu.ca
Phone:   (613) 533-3040

6 June 2002
Queen's University Libraries, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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