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Queen's Library is very pleased to introduce a new electronic service to the University community, called Get It! @ Queen's. This service will enable quick and direct access to full-text articles from citations in indexing and abstracting (A&I) databases, thus saving time formerly spent recording citation details and manually navigating from one electronic source to another.

Over the next few weeks, the Get It! @ Queen's icon will start appearing in most of the Library's database subscriptions (view an up-to-date list of Get It!-enabled databases). To see this powerful new linking service in action, go to your favourite A&I database, do a search, and then look for this button in list of citations displayed:   Get It! at Queen's

One click on the Get It! icon will make a direct electronic link from the A&I database citation to a menu listing any full-text sources available at Queen's, as well as a search link into QCAT. In some cases, the Get It! menu may provide two, three or more links to different sources from which the full-text of the article can be obtained.

Also on the Get It! menu is a link to RefWorks, another new online tool made available by the Library for managing citations and bibliographes. Get It! and RefWorks function together in that a Get It! citation can be imported directly into the user's RefWorks account and thus saved for future access and formatting.

Test Get It! with a Sample Search

Suppose you are searching the education-related database called ERIC via CSA. Type the descriptors males and literacy (limiting your results to journal articles) and you will find that ERIC suddenly has become much more convenient to use, because now it tells you -- via the Get It! @ Queen's button -- whether the Library has online access to the full-text of the articles you want.

In the case of our males and literacy search, clicking on the Get It! button displayed beside the citation for an article published in Educational Review displays a menu offering the full-text of the article from two different vendor sources.

As you use this new service, you will learn to recognize preferred journal sources as well as discover differences in the technical set-up of the various full-text sources. For example, some Get It! links will take you directly to the article text while other links will only take you to the "front-page" of a journal or database from which you will have to "dig" for the text of the article which you now know is there. Regardless of the level of linking behind the Get It! button, Queen's researchers will find that this new service streamlines the research process and integrates citations with full-text, maximizing the Library's subscriptions to full-text sources.

For More Information

Read the Get It! @ Queen's FAQ or contact your liaison librarian for assistance targeted to your area of research.

Get It! @ Queen's is a project of the Ontario Scholars Portal, developed under the auspices of the Ontario Council of University Libraries.

Release date: 22 November 2004

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