Canadian National Site Licensing Project (CNSLP)

More about CNSLP and its Impact at Queen's

What is CNSLP?

The Canadian National Site Licensing Project (CNSLP) was established in 1999 by the Canadian research library community, to spear-head and co-ordinate consortium purchasing nation-wide of licensed electronic resources to support research in the fields of science, technology and medicine (STM). By bringing together over 60 libraries to negotiate, as one group, with vendors of online scholarly information, the Project achieves two goals: access to a suite of STM research tools for all Canadian researchers regardless of whether they are based in a small or a large Canadian university; and, greater negotiating strength with publishers and vendors.

CNSLP has received funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), from provincial governments, and from each individual library in the consortium, for a total of approximately $47 million. This funding will support the Project for three years (from Jan. 2001 to Dec. 2003).

For more information about CNSLP, see:

  1. Queen's Library News Release of January 2003   (CNSLP negotiates additional national licensing agreement, with Elsevier)
  2. Queen's Library News Release of April 2001   (CNSLP first product announcement)
  3. Queen's Library News Release of 23 June 1999   (CNSLP funding announcement).
  4. The CNSLP website
How permanent is Queen's access to the CNSLP resources?

For the period 2001-2003: Queen's access to the seven licensed resources is guaranteed, subject to the publishers' right to withdraw titles or items from their electronic materials (cf. CNSLP License Agreement, Art. 8.2) or the consortium's inability to adequately fund the annual subscriptions costs (cf. CNSLP License Agreement, Art.12.1.1).

After 2003: It is the intention of all CNSLP members that the consortium will continue to exist beyond 2003 and that successful funding initiatives and vendor negotiations will enable renewal of the subscriptions. License renewal provisions for 2004 have been negotiated in the CNSLP agreements with each vendor. In the event that future, ongoing funding is not available, the current CNSLP License Agreement (read the text of the Agreement) includes provision for permanent archival access, for all member libraries, to the data purchased and published during the life of the current Agreement (with the sole exception of MathSciNet).

When did Queen's access to the CNSLP resources begin?

All the electronic journals and databases included in the CNSLP purchase were fully available at Queen's as of mid-March 2001.
How does one locate and access the CNSLP resources?

Links to the individual ejournals and databases purchased through CNSLP have been incorporated into the Queen's Library online catalogue (QCAT) and into the Library website. For example:

  1. The two citation databases -- MathSciNet and Web of Science -- are linked to the Library's Indexes and Databases website.
  2. Each ejournal is listed on the Library's Electronic Journals website (searchable by journal title, by subject area, and by "package" name).
  3. In addition, each database and ejournal are included in QCAT, so that both the print and electronic copies of publications are listed in one finding tool.

Finally, increasingly these CNSLP resources contain embedded links to each other, as articles cite other articles and databases index the articles. One of the big benefits to the Queen's community of this multi-vendor purchase is that we will be able to capitalise on the electronic product inter-linking among vendors of scholarly resources (known as the "Cross-Ref Initiative").

Is there anything of interest in the CNSLP purchase to researchers outside the STM disciplines?

Certainly the focus is on the STM literature but three of the purchases do include material outside this field:

  1. Elsevier ejournals: Among the 1400+ titles published by Elsevier are journals in the fields of business, economics, education, law, psychology, and the social sciences. For a listing of these titles, go to the Library's Electronic Journals website and do a combined search for "Social Sciences" (for example) as Subject and "Elsevier" as Publisher.

  2. LINK (Springer-Verlag ejournals): This package of 400+ journals includes some titles in the social sciences. For a listing of these titles, go to the Libraries' Electronic Journals website and do a combined search for "Social Sciences" as Subject and "LINK" as Electronic Collection.

  3. Web of Science: This database includes the online version of both the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1998 - present).
Who to contact for assistance in using the CNSLP resources, or for more information about CNSLP?

  1. For help: Contact the reference librarians in the following libraries, as appropriate to your subject area:

  2. For general questions or comments about CNSLP: Contact Dianne Cook, Collection Development Co-ordinator (email: ; tel: 533-3040)

Access to the CNSLP resources is restricted to Queen's faculty, staff and students who, if they are connecting from off-campus, must use the Queen's Webproxy Service.

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