Encounters in Theory and History of Education

Encounters in Theory and History of Education / Rencontres en Théorie et Histoire de l'Éducation is an interdisciplinary journal that serves as a forum to present and discuss theory and history of education in a global space, encouraging an intellectual-inquiry perspective. It welcomes papers that are methodologically and historiologically reflective or have a critical perspective, and which could open new lines of thought or ways of approaching knowledge.

Since its origins in 2000, Encounters has had a transnational character and in line with its history, publishes papers either in Spanish, English, or French and welcomes contributions from scholars working in Spain and Latin America. Encounters began in 2000 as a journal that attempted to generate a dialogue among educational researchers from Canada, Spain and Latin America in light of internationalization and economic globalization. Rosa Bruno-Jofré (Queen’s University) and Gonzalo Jover Olmeda (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) were co-founding editors. Until 2011, the journal was co-sponsored by the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University and the Department of Theory and History of Education, Faculty of Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since 2011, it has been solely sponsored by the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, where it has been located since its origins, and is the journal of the interdisciplinary research group: Theory and History of Education International Research Group.

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Vol 15 (2014)

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VOL 16 (2015)

The volume 16 (2015) will be devoted to Higher Education using an interdisciplinary perspective but with papers using a philosophical and a historical approach as well.  
Posted: 2015-02-02
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