Vol 4 (2003)

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Front Matter

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Citizenship Education: Theory, Research and Practice PDF
Daniel Schugurensky, John P. Myers

Part I: Conceptual models of citizenship and citizenship education

La formation du citoyen : Une perspective philosophique PDF
Luc Vigneault
De la tolerancia al reconocimiento mutuo: Programa de formación para una ciudadanía activa PDF
Pilar Folgueiras Bertomeu
What kind of citizen? Political choices and educational goals PDF
Joel Westheimer, Joseph Kahne

Part II: Immigrants, identity and civic engagement

The political integration of newcomers of Latin American origin to Canada: An examination of the role and relevance of prior knowledge PDF
Neyda H. Long, Andrew S. Hughes
Relational citizenship as social networks: Immigrant youth’s maps of their friendships PDF
Yvonne Hebert, Jennifer Wen-Shya Lee, Shirley Xiaohong Sun, Chiara Berti

Part III: Schools, teachers and learners

Becoming citizens: High school students and citizenship in British Columbia and Québec PDF
Stéphane Lévesque
Building bridges of peace in a Jewish-Palestinian Village in Israel: A role model for social justice and citizenship education PDF
Grace Feuerverger
Learning to Teach Citizenship: A Lifelong Learning Approach PDF
Daniel Schugurensky, John P. Myers

ISSN: 1925-8992