Vol 9 (2008)

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Part I: Re-visiting educational reform and internationalization

Stability or stagnation, or why the school is not the way reformers would like PDF
Daniel Tröhler 3-15
Some remarks on Daniel Tröhler’s, “Stability or Stagnation, or why the school is not the way reformers would like” PDF
Skip Hills 17-20
A Short Comment on Skip Hills’ Remarks PDF
Daniel Tröhler 21-23
Expanding Accessibility to and Curricular Reform in Latin American Schools: Implications for Social Cohesion PDF
Cristián Cox 25-55
New Horizons for Research on Bilingualism and Plurilingualism: A Focus on Languages of Immigration in Canada PDF
Yvonne Hebert, Yan Guo, Martine Pellerin 57-74
The New Museums of Education, an International Movement PDF
Miryam Carreño 75-91

Part II: Aboriginal education: North American and Latin American issues

Might Diversity also be Ontological? Considering Heidegger, Spinoza and Indigeneity in Educative Practice PDF
Chris Beeman, Sean Blenkinsop 95-107
The Intercultural Bilingual Education: Representations and Social Practices of the Otherness PDF
Francisca de la Maza 109-120
“To remain working for the People” : Ojibwe Women in an Indigenous Teacher Education Program PDF
Kate Freeman 121-143

Part III: An historical comparative analysis of early internationalization of teaching and learning practices

Order through the Gaze: A Comparative Perspective of the Construction of Visibility in Monitorial Schooling (German States – Spain, Approx. 1815-1848) PDF
Marcelo Caruso 147-172

Part IV: Special Feature: Pedagogical Sins

Satan or Socrates: The perils of excessive pride in pedagogy PDF
Theodore Christou 175-181
The song of Marsyas. Lessons in pedagogical modesty. In reply to Ted Christou PDF
Fernando Bárcena Orbe 183-188
Stepping Away from the Utopias: Sin and the Myth of Progress in Matters of Pedagogy PDF
Theodore Christou 189-194


Contributors PDF

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