Special Edition - University Engineering Programs That Impact Communities: Critical Analyses and Reflections


The editors of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (IJSLE) are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a Special Edition of the Journal entitled:

‘University Engineering Programs That Impact Communities:  Critical Analyses and Reflections’

Purpose and Scope

The editors seek to promote the scholarship of engagement through the special issue.  The goal is to provide readers a 'snapshot' of the structure, practices, methods employed by the various existing programs around the country, including:      

a)   A description of the model employed by each university (curricular and/or extracurricular)

b)   Lessons learned:  hurdles, pitfalls

c)   Best practices

d)   Description of programmatic assessment efforts and the status of such.

Assessment data, research findings, critical analyses or reflections on current programs and/or future directions are encouraged as part of papers.  A more detailed list of suggestions for possible manuscript outlines and content can be found at:

The target audiences for the issue are faculty, administrators, and others at universities who: 

a)   are interested in developing a program in service learning in engineering, learning through service, humanitarian engineering, community-based engineering, tech-based entrepreneurship, etc., or  those that

b)   seek to adapt/improve their current model of community engagement in engineering.  

Manuscript submittal deadline is September 15th, 2014 - with publication planned for December, 2014.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Colledge, PE at
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