International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship

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Mission Statement

The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on the original work of the authors with a specific focus on projects, programs, research and pedagogy that involve service learning in engineering, humanitarian engineering, and social entrepreneurship.  A primary purpose of the Journal is to foster inquiry into rigorous engineering design and research and direct those efforts toward solving problems of marginalized communities - along with entrepreneurial application if appropriate. The examination of cultural appropriateness is emphasized along with the application of appropriate technologies and entrepreneurial application of sustainable solutions. Focus is also placed on associated pedagogy and the dissemination of project results as the Journal seeks to nurture service learning in engineering as a distinct body of knowledge.


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Vol 10, No 2

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Michael E. Kalinski, Kit Miyamoto, Amir S.J. Gilani
Molly Eckman, Ellie Kriner, Khanjan Mehta, Kevin Prucino, Meng Lian, Xiling Tang, Jeffrey Erickson