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The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on the original work of the authors with a specific focus on projects, programs, research and pedagogy that involve service learning in engineering, humanitarian engineering, and social entrepreneurship.  A primary purpose of the Journal is to foster inquiry into rigorous engineering design and research and direct those efforts toward solving problems of marginalized communities - along with entrepreneurial application if appropriate. The examination of cultural appropriateness is emphasized along with the application of appropriate technologies and entrepreneurial application of sustainable solutions. Focus is also placed on associated pedagogy and the dissemination of project results as the Journal seeks to nurture service learning in engineering as a distinct body of knowledge.



Call for Papers - Special Edition: 'University Engineering Programs That Impact Communities: Critical Analyses and Reflections'


The editors of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (IJSLE) are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a Special Edition of the Journal entitled:

‘University Engineering Programs That Impact Communities:  Critical Analyses and Reflections’

Purpose and Scope

The editors seek to promote the scholarship of engagement through the special issue.  The goal is to provide readers a 'snapshot' of the structure, practices, methods employed by the various existing programs around the country, including:      

a)   A description of the model employed by each university (curricular and/or extracurricular)

b)   Lessons learned:  hurdles, pitfalls

c)   Best practices

d)   Description of programmatic assessment efforts and the status of such.

Assessment data, research findings, critical analyses or reflections on current programs and/or future directions are encouraged as part of papers.  A more detailed list of suggestions for possible manuscript outlines and content can be found by clicking on the 'more' link below.

The target audiences for the issue are faculty, administrators, and others at universities who: 

a)   are interested in developing a program in service learning in engineering, learning through service, humanitarian engineering, community-based engineering, tech-based entrepreneurship, etc., or  those that

b)   seek to adapt/improve their current model of community engagement in engineering.  

Manuscript submittal deadline is September 15th, 2014 - with publication planned for December, 2014.   

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Colledge, PE at


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Vol 9, No 1

Table of Contents

Scholarship of Service Learning in Engineering

Learning Design through the Lens of Service: A Qualitative Study PDF
David W. Hey, Lynne A. Slivovsky, Brian P. Self, James Widmann, J. Kevin Taylor 1-23
Exploring EWB-USA Members' Descriptions of Self, Engineers, and their Fellow Members PDF
Kaitlin Litchfield, Amy Javernick-Will, Kurt Paterson 24-39


Clean Water for La Ceiba El Salvador - Household Biosand Filters PDF
Kelly Barb, Jess W. Everett 40-63
Gutter Design and Business Development for Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems: A Case Study PDF
Jillian Zankowski, Yixin Sun, Abdalla Nassar, Khanjan Mehta 64-78
Point-of-Use Water Filtration for Arsenic: A Sustainable and Simple Solution in Resource-Poor Settings PDF
Stephen D. Passman, Tyler J. White, Roger D. Lewis 79-91
The Informal Urban Communities Initiative: Community-Driven Design in the Slums of Lima, Peru PDF
Ben Spencer, Susan Bolton, Jorge Alarcon 92-107
Service Learning Approach to Recycling PDF
T. Jaba Priya, R. Wilfred Sugumar 108-116
Rainwater Harvesting for Campus Student Center: A Sustainable, Community-Orientated Senior Design Project PDF
Shanon Reckinger, Joseph Bocchino, Andrew Jackowitz, John Perry 117-137

Book Reviews

The Kochia Chronicles: Systemic Challenges and the Foundations of Social Innovation PDF
Reviewed by: Jeff R Brown 138-141

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