Special Issue: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service Learning into Engineering Education

Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor PDF
Thomas Colledge

Assessment of Service Learning in Engineering

A Mixed-Methods Study of Cognitive and Affective Learning During a Sophomore Design Problem-based Service Learning Experience PDF
Olga Pierrakos, Robert Nagel, Eric Pappas, Jacquelyn Nagel, Thomas Moran, Elise Barrella, Mariafe Panizo 1-28
A New Method of Assessing the Effects of a Service-Learning Class on Engineering Undergraduate Students PDF
Patricia Maloney, Lauren Dent, Tanja Karp 29-47

Scholarship of Service Learning in Engineering

Principles of Sustaining Partnerships between Higher Education and their Larger Communities: Perspectives from Engineering Faculty Engaged in Learning through Service PDF
Bowa George Tucker, David O Kazmer, Angela R Bielefeldt, Kurt Paterson, Olga Pierrakos, Annie Soisson, Chris Swan 48-63
Designing Value into Engineering Learning Through Service Activities Using a Blueprint Model PDF
Kurtis G Paterson, Angela R Bielefeldt, Christopher W Swan, Greg Rulifson, David Kazmer, Olga Pierrakos 64-83
Service Learning as Scholarship of Engagement and Its Relationship to the Academic Reward Structure PDF
Karinna M Vernaza, Theresa M Vitolo, Barry J Brinkman, Scott E Steinbrink 84-97
Scholarly Advances in Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship: A Typology of Research Publications PDF
Rachel Dzombak, Khanjan Mehta 98-116

Interdisciplinary Engagement

Working Across Disciplines and Chipping Away at Silos with SLCE: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating Science and Engineering Students PDF
Robert J Swap, Kent Wayland 120-136
Analysis of Integrated Engineering and Social Science Approaches for Projects in Developing Communities PDF
Parry Garff, Eric Dahlin, Carol Ward, Randy Lewis 137-150

Faculty-Led Student Projects (Case Studies)

Kitchen 2.0: Design Guidance for Healthier Cooking Environments PDF
Mollie Ruth, Jarod Maggio, Kelli Whelan, Mark DeYoung, Jonathan May, Abram Peterson, Kurt Paterson 151-169

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