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Vol 6, No 1 5-Year Evaluation of a Course Model for Student-Initiated Engineering Service Learning Abstract   PDF
Heather N. Bischel, Eric R. Sundstrom
Vol 5, No 2 A Braille Press Project: Improving the Literacy of the World’s Visually Impaired Abstract   PDF
Daniel Blood, Brian Koch, Marjorie Ballun, Mark M. Budnik, G. Scott Duncan
Vol 6, No 2 A Design Space and Business Strategy Exploration Tool for Infrastructure-based Ventures in Developing Communities. Abstract   PDF
Chanakya Mehta, Khanjan Mehta
Vol 5, No 1 A Manual Well Drilling Pilot Project: Implementing the Water for All International Method Abstract   PDF
Alison M. Forsyth, Eshwan Ramudu, Helen Louise Hindal, Dana R. Lazarus
Special Issue: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service Learning into Engineering Education A Mixed-Methods Study of Cognitive and Affective Learning During a Sophomore Design Problem-based Service Learning Experience Abstract   PDF
Olga Pierrakos, Robert Nagel, Eric Pappas, Jacquelyn Nagel, Thomas Moran, Elise Barrella, Mariafe Panizo
Special Issue: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service Learning into Engineering Education A New Method of Assessing the Effects of a Service-Learning Class on Engineering Undergraduate Students Abstract   PDF
Patricia Maloney, Lauren Dent, Tanja Karp
Vol 1, No 1 A Portable and Sustainable Computer Education Project for Developing Countries-Phase 1 Abstract   PDF
Jordi Ros, Christine Lee, Michael Bruce, Charlie Fan, Regina Quan, Henry Pai
Vol 1, No 2 A Portable Sisal Decorticator for Kenyan Farmers Abstract   PDF
Benjamin J. Snyder, Joe Bussard, Jim Dolak, Tim Weiser
Vol 9, No 2 A Typology of Revenue Models for Community Health Worker Programs Abstract   PDF
Richard Zang, Meryn Robinson, Stephanie Jeong, Stephen Suffian, Khanjan Mehta
Vol 2, No 1 A Wind Powered, White LED Lighting System for the Kibera Slum of Nairobi Abstract   PDF
Brian Thomas
Vol 6, No 1 Addressing Water Quality Issues in Rural Cameroon with Household Biosand Filters Abstract   PDF
Laine Klopfenstein, Laura Petrasky, Valerie Winton, Jeff Brown
Vol 7, No 2 An Assisted Obstetric Delivery Device for Resource-Limited Settings Abstract   PDF
John P Hessburg, Prithvi Murthy, Keval D. Patel, Daniel P. Ostrowski, Kathleen H Sienko
Special Issue: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service Learning into Engineering Education Analysis of Integrated Engineering and Social Science Approaches for Projects in Developing Communities Abstract   PDF
Parry Garff, Eric Dahlin, Carol Ward, Randy Lewis
Vol 6, No 1 Analyzing Methods to Achieve Successful Development Abstract   PDF
Ashley G. Thode, Kimberly D. Landick, Kurtis G. Paterson, David W. Watkins
Vol 8, No 1 Assessment of Colloidal Silver Impregnated Ceramic Bricks For Small-Scale Drinking Water Treatment Applications Abstract   PDF
Daniel M Nover, Erica R McKenzie, Geetika Joshi, William E Fleenor
Vol 1, No 2 Assessment of Wheelchair Technology in Tanzania Abstract   PDF
Amos G. Winter, V
Vol 2, No 2 Assisting a Public Transit Agency with Planning of Bus Schedules using Computer Simulation: A Collaborative Project between Cornell University and Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) in Ithaca, NY Abstract   PDF
Francis Vanek, Nirav Shah, Jonathan Helm, Abha Dubey, Wenshan Xu, Rod Ghearing, Dwight Mengel
Vol 9, No 1 Clean Water for La Ceiba El Salvador - Household Biosand Filters Abstract   PDF
Kelly Barb, Jess W. Everett
Vol 6, No 1 Coil Pump Design for a Community Fountain in Zambia Abstract   PDF
Phillip L. Thompson, Sonya Milonova, Meghan Reha, Faisal Mased, Ian Tromble
Vol 7, No 2 Community Driven Development of Rocket Stoves in Rural South Africa Abstract   PDF
Anne de Chastonay, Michael Bugas, Shreya Soni, Robert Swap
Vol 6, No 2 Community-Led Sanitation in Simoonga, Zambia Abstract   PDF
Maggie McDaniel, Emerson Prebil, Robert Swap, Caroline Berinyuy, Dillon Chapman, Hallie Eilerts, Jack McDaniel
Vol 9, No 2 Construction Management Service Learning: A “How To” Process for Success Abstract   PDF
R. Casey Cline, Ken Robson, Michael Kroth
Vol 8, No 1 Cost Effective Delivery of Modern Energy Services to Rural Communities An Indian Case Study Abstract   PDF
Vijayalakshmi B
Vol 7, No 1 Creating Opportunities for Reflection: Analyzing Middle School Student Work During a Service-Learning Course on Solar Cells Abstract   PDF
Marsha Ing, Peter Huang, Nohemi LaCombe, Yahaira Martinez-Lopez, Elaine D Haberer
Vol 5, No 1 Cropping in Semi-arid North-west India in Greenhouse with Ground Coupling Shading and Natural Ventilation for Environmental Control Abstract   PDF
Girja Sharan, T. Madhavan
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