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New Issue: Surveillance, Games and Play

edited by Jennifer R. Whitson and Bart Simon  
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Vol 12, No 3 (2014): Surveillance, Gaming and Play

edited by Jennifer R. Whitson and Bart Simon

Table of Contents


Game Studies meets Surveillance Studies at the Edge of Digital Culture: An Introduction to a special issue on Surveillance, Games and Play PDF
Jennifer R. Whitson, Bart Simon 309-319


Surveillant Assemblages of Governance in Massively Multiplayer Online Games: A Comparative Analysis PDF
Aphra Kerr, Stefano De Paoli, Max Keatinge 320-336
Surveillance and Community: Language Policing and Empowerment in a World of Warcraft Guild PDF
Lauren B. Collister 337-348
Getting Played: Gamification and the Rise of Algorithmic Surveillance PDF
Casey O'Donnell 349-359
Games of Drones: The Uneasy Future of the Soldier-Hero in Call of Duty: Black Ops II PDF
Carrie Elizabeth Andersen 360-376
Creative Misuse as Resistance: Surveillance, Mobile Technologies, and Locative Games PDF
Jason Farman 377-388
The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Google, Ingress, and the Gift of Surveillance PDF
Nathan Hulsey, Joshua Reeves 389-400
'I had no credit to ring you back': Children’s strategies of negotiation and resistance to parental surveillance via mobile phones PDF
Carol Margaret Barron 401-413
Gaming Privacy: a Canadian case study of a children’s co-created privacy literacy game PDF
Kate Raynes-Goldie, Matthew Allen 414-426


Enclosures at Play: Surveillance in the Code and Culture of Videogames PDF
Alex Dean Cybulski 427-432
Reporting From the Snooping Trenches: Changes in Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Behavior Tracking in Digital Games PDF
Alessandro Canossa 433-436
Watching Us Play: Postures and Platforms of Live Streaming PDF
Austin Walker 437-442
Diverting and diverted glances at cameras: playful and tactical approaches to surveillance studies PDF
Justine Gangneux 443-447

Research Notes

Playdates with Big Brother: Playfully Repurposing Surveillance Cameras to Build Communities PDF
Holly Robbins, Katherine Isbister 448-458

Artistic Presentations

Surveillance Chess PDF
!Mediengruppe Bitnik 459-465

Book Reviews

Review of Björklund and Svenonius' Video Surveillance and Social Control in a Comparative Perspective PDF
Catarina Frois 466-467
Review of Lianos' The New Social Control: The Institutional Web, Normativity and the Social Bond PDF
William G. Staples 468-470

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