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Call for Papers: Surveillance and Security Intelligence After Snowden


Surveillance and Security Intelligence after Snowden, edited by David Murakami Wood and Steve Wright, Volume 13, Number 1, January 2015

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Vol 12, No 1 (2014): Open Issue

This issue includes a debate section based around Kevin Macnish's article, Just Surveillance?. The full text of this debate and all the responses can be downloaded as one file here.

This section was edited by Laura Huey, and it will sadly be her last as S&S Debates Editor. We would like to thank her very much for her excellent work, and also welcome our new Debates Editor, Randy Lippert.

Table of Contents


‘My fingerprint on Osama’s cup.’ On objectivity and the role of the fictive regarding the acceptance of a biometric technology PDF
Susanne Krasmann, Sylvia Kuehne 1-14
Governing the Wild: Databases, Algorithms, and Population Models as Biopolitics PDF
Irus Braverman 15-37
Emergent Policing Practices: Urban space securitisation in the aftermath of the Manchester 2011 riots PDF
Elisa Pieri 38-54
Neurodata and Neuroprivacy: Data Protection Outdated? PDF
Dara Hallinan, Philip Schütz, Michael Friedewald, Paul de Hert 55-72
Failure to collectively assess security surveillance technologies will inevitably lead to an absolute surveillance society. PDF
Timothy Mitchener-Nissen 73-88
Surveillance by the Australian Media, and Its Regulation PDF
Roger Clarke 89-107
Shift Recording in Residential Child Care – Purposes, Issues and Implications for Policy and Practise PDF
Mark Hardy 108-123
Leprosy and the Plague: State Surveillance of Low-Income Fathers PDF
Monika Jean Ulrich Myers, Michael Wilson 124-139


The Problem with Ethics: Difficulties in Constructing Normative Frameworks PDF
Laura Huey 140-141
Just Surveillance? Towards a Normative Theory of Surveillance PDF
Kevin Macnish 142-153
On Just Surveillance PDF
Gus Hosein 154-157
Challenging ‘Just Surveillance Theory’: A Response to Kevin Macnish’s ‘Just Surveillance? Towards a Normative Theory of Surveillance’ PDF
Eric Stoddart 158-163
Conditions under which Surveillance may be Ethically Justifiable—Remarks on Kevin Macnish’s proposed normative theory of surveillance PDF
Elin Palm 164-170
Toward an Imperial System of Surveillance Ethics PDF
Gary T Marx 171-174
Response PDF
Kevin Macnish 175-181

Book Reviews

Review of Taylor's Surveillance Schools PDF
Charlotte Chadderton 182-184

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