OJS @ Queen's University

OJS Statistics

The statistics provided are cumulative, up-to-the-minute usage counts for the journals supported by OJS @ Queen's. The items counted are "Abstracts Viewed" and "Articles Viewed".

Clicking on the "Totals" box will display a choice of statistical reports by:

  • number of accesses for all items in all the journals
  • number of accesses for all the items in each journal
  • number of accesses for each article sorted by journal issue

The counts include journal articles retrieved directly from OJS and via search engines such as Google Scholar. Totals are cumulated for "Abstracts Viewed" even in some cases where there are no article abstracts, such as book reviews, for items retrieved via Google Scholar. Google Scholar usually displays a citation page, for each article retrieved from a journal: containing the author, title, abstract (if any) and a link to the article itself. OJS counts the displayed citation page as an "Abstract view."


Monthly Reports
COUNTER Statistics [have to be logged in as Journal Manager]