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Department: Department of Film and Media
Library: Stauffer Library
Faculty Representative: Frank Burke
Liaison Librarian: Elizabeth Gibson

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Collection Policy Outline

General Purpose:

To meet needs for teaching and undergraduate student research to level of Honours BA. To meet requirements for basic faculty research and professional development. To prepare groundwork resources for graduate-level teaching and research.


Priority in order: English, French, Italian, German, other as circumstances warrant.

Geographical Areas:

Worldwide; priority in order: U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, other.

Chronological Limits:

Type of Material Collected:

  • Particular emphasis on bibliographies, filmographies, resource guides, etc.
  • Treatises (historical, critical, theoretical; monographs and anthologies)
  • Periodicals (major serials in English and French; special effort to collect and preserve occasional/short-lived journals)
  • Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs
  • Practical manuals, handbooks
  • Films, videotapes, videodiscs, etc. (storage to be the responsibility of the Film Studies Dept.)
  • Original scripts, working papers, documents, etc., especially as relating to Canadian cinema.

Subjects and Collecting Levels:

(Explanation of Collection Policy Levels)

Areas to be collected at level B/C:

  • Canadian Cinema:
  • National Film Board archival material (e.g., films, original productions, documents, policy statements, etc.). Acquisition of films is generally financed by the Department or through special grants.
  • Material related to pre-NFB and non-governmental film production (e.g., early Canadian film periodicals)
  • History, achievements, policy of Canadian Film Development Corporation
  • Material related to distribution/exhibition of films in Canada (e.g., annual reports of Famous Players Theatres, Odeon)
  • Legal/constitutional material related to Canadian film and popular culture (e.g., CRTC hearings)
  • Original scripts, working papers, documents of filmmakers working in Canada.

Areas to be collected at level D:

  • American cinema
  • European cinema (priority in order: French, Italian, German, Swedish, British, other)
  • Japanese cinema
  • Documentary/ethnographic cinema
  • Works on/by individual filmmakers (producers, directors, cinematographer actors, etc.)
  • Film history, film criticism, film theory
  • Third World Cinema (e.g.: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Senegal, etc.)
  • Experimental/independent cinema
  • Film Genres (e.g.: film noir, comedy, musicals, expressionism, etc.)
  • Published film scripts
  • Studies on individual films

Areas to be collected at level E:

  • Silent cinema (institutions, personalities, films, principles, etc.)
  • Mass media, broadcasting
  • Technology, principles of television (broadcasting, videotape, videodisc, etc.)
  • Film and related arts

Policy last revised: 1996/97

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