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Gender Studies

Department: Department of Gender Studies
Library: Stauffer Library
Faculty Representative: Patricia Salah
Liaison Librarian: Sylvia Andrychuk

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Collection Policy Outline

General Purpose:

To serve the undergraduate programme and graduate teaching and research to the M.A. level, as well as individual faculty research.


English and Western European.

Geographical Areas:

The Americas, developing countries (Asia, Africa, Latin America), continental Europe.

Chronological Limits:

16th century to the present.

Type of Material Collected:

  • Books: monographs; bibliographies; conference proceedings; film scripts; selected literary and film criticism; etc.
  • Serial Publications: series; periodicals
  • indexing and abstracting services
  • catalogues of collections
  • videos
  • statistical data
  • other resources: Manuscripts are collected by Queen's Archives. Slides are collected by the Department of Art and other libraries on campus, including the Alternative Resource Library (OPIRG) and Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre (FDASC) Resource Library.
    Note: any of the above may be in print, microform, or electronic format

Areas of Concentration:

  • women, gender and diversity in Canada
  • globalization and transnationalism
  • women, gender and development
  • critical race theory
  • women, gender and work
  • women, gender, social policy and the law
  • women, gender and political economy
  • feminist theory
  • queer theory (including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered studies)
  • masculinities
  • women, gender and health studies
  • indigenous and Aboriginal studies
  • women, gender and Africa
  • women, gender and environment
  • feminism and methodology
  • diaspora studies
  • women’s and gender history
  • women, gender and representation (film, visual art, literatures, media, popular culture, cultural production)

Subjects and Collecting Levels:

(Explanation of Collection Policy Levels)

Areas to be collected at level C (M.A.):

  • women’s and gender politics and activisms (global, historic, contemporary)
  • multiculturalism and critical race theory
  • globalization
  • feminist and women’s histories
  • cultural studies
  • gender, women and work
  • feminist geographies
  • gender, welfare, poverty, the family
  • gender, women and the nation-state
  • migratory cultures (colonial, postcolonial, diaspora, transnational)
  • contemporary feminist theory (including third-wave feminism)
  • women, gender and health
  • women, gender, social policy and the law
  • visual culture
  • body image
  • women, gender and representation (media, art, film, literatures, popular culture)
  • queer theory and sexuality studies
  • women, gender and Africa
  • women, gender and environment
  • masculinities
  • interdisciplinary studies
  • feminism and methodology
  • aboriginal and indigenous studies
  • mass media and popular culture

Policy last revised: April 2010

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