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Department: Department of Sociology
Library: Stauffer Library
Faculty Representative: Cynthia Levine-Rasky
Liaison Librarian: Sylvia Andrychuk

Recommend a New Collection Acquisition

Collection Policy Outline

General Purpose:

To support undergraduate and graduate teaching and research to the Ph.D. level, as well as individual faculty research.


English and major western European languages are preferred.

Geographical Area:

Major emphasis is on Canadian society, but no area is excluded from consideration.

Chronological Limits:

Primary emphasis is on contemporary society, but there is no limit in such areas as the history of social thought, for example.

Types of Material Collected:

  • books: monographs; bibliographies; conference proceedings; etc.
  • serial publications: series; periodicals
  • newspapers
  • government documents
  • international and foreign documents
  • statistical data
    Note: any of the above may be in print, microform, or electronic format.

Subjects and Collecting Levels:

(Explanation of Collection Policy Levels)

Areas to be collected at level B:

  • feminist sociology
  • socio-legal studies
  • information and communication technologies
  • sociological theory and methods
  • social inequalities

Areas to be collected at level C:

  • anthropological theory and method
  • Canadian society
  • comparative treatment of North American and other societies
  • consumer culture
  • crime and delinquency from a sociological standpoint
  • cultural criminology
  • deviant behaviour
  • digital culture
  • environmental sociology
  • government-directed social change
  • history of social thought
  • political sociology
  • race and ethnic relations
  • social change
  • social control
  • social impact of science and technology
  • social problems
  • social psychology
  • social stratification
  • sociology of art and culture
  • sociology of economic life
  • sociology of education
  • sociology of health and medicine
  • sociology of organizations
  • sociology of religion
  • sociology of sport and physical activity
  • surveillance studies
  • techniques of social research

Areas to be collected at level D:

  • human ecology
  • kinship
  • sociology of ageing

Policy last revised: April 2014

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