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Asian Studies: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult dictionaries and encyclopedias to help you understand the concepts and terminology used in Asian studies.

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The Asian Political Dictionary
REF DS31 .Z57 1985

Entries are alphabetical within specific subject areas. Includes a general index as well as by country.

The Cambridge History of China (via Cambridge Histories Online)
DS735 .C3145

A comprehensive history covering Chinese history from the 3rd century BC to the death of Mao Tse-tung. Online, browse by region.

The Cambridge History of Japan (via Cambridge Histories Online)
DS835 .C36 1988

Covers Ancient Japan to the twentieth century. Online, browse by region.

The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia (1992, via Cambridge Histories Online)
REF DS525 .C36 1999

Covers Southeast Asia from early times into the twentieth century. Includes a bibliographic essay at the end of each chapter. Online, browse by region.

China Today : an Encyclopedia of Life in the People's Republic
DS777.6 .C458 2005 (Education Library Ref.)

Provides entries on topics covering politics, the economy and culture of both the People's Republic of China and Taiwan since 1949. Includes cross-references, a chronology and illustrations.

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan
REF JQ1605 .S86 2003

Provides a summary of the political system and its evolution as well as various political theories.

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia (2004)
REF DS520.7 .L44 1995t

Provides entries for each country, followed by entries for people, events, organisations, and treaties, arranged alphabetically. It also provides cross-references.

Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre
REF PN2860 .E53 2007

A comprehensive guide to both traditional and contemporary theatre throughout Asia. Signed entries are alphabetical and include suggestions for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture
REF DS779.23 E52 2005

Over 1100 entries on cultural events, ideas and artefacts in China since the 1980s. Organized alphabetically under broad topic headings with suggestions for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
REF DS4 .E53 2002

Provides detailed entries arranged alphabetically. Entries include black and white photographs and maps, and sidebars provide interesting and relevant information: for example regional recipes are available under the entry for "cuisine"

Encyclopedia of Modern China

The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas
REF DS732 .E53 1999

An overview of Chinese emigration and communities around the globe. Includes maps and colour photographs.

Historical Dictionary of Guangzhou (Canton) and Guangdong
REF DS796 .C2 J64 1999

Alphabetically lists the people, places, events and cultural activities of the modern history of Guangzhou and Guangdong.

Historical Dictionary of Japanese Traditional Theatre
REF PN2921 .L45 2006

Addresses the four genres of traditional Japanese theatre from many perspectives, including actors, theatres, companies, history, makeup, costumes, masks, biographies, theories, training, music, religion, and criticism. Includes a chronology and glossary.

Information China : the Comprehensive and Authoritative Reference Source of New China
REF DS706 .I5 1989

Provides the official Chinese perspective on China's history, politics and society. Includes an appendix of statistical data and is indexed by subject, name and place.

Japan Encyclopedia
REF DS821 .F73 2002

A concise encyclopedia covering Japan from its origins through modern times. Includes maps, illustrations, and a detailed chronology.

MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy
REF HC462.9 .H73 1999

Covers major aspects of Japan's post-war economy including: banks; financial systems; major industries; corporate groups, management practices; labour unions; international trade and investments; and government economic policies.

Modern China : an Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism
REF JC311 .M54 1998

Discusses important political, social, cultural and economic issues since 1850. Entries are signed and include references for further reading.

Southeast Asia : a Historical Encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
DS524 .S68 2004 (Education Library Ref.)

Provides an overview of Southeast Asia from prehistoric times to the present. Arranged alphabetically with cross-references, and suggestions for further reading.

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