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Use the databases described in Articles to learn more about an industry and the companies in that sector. Search using 'keywords' that describe the product, technology, sector or company names and people. In business research a single article or source will provide all the answers. Bits of information from a variety of sources will however start to add up to a coherent picture.

Note: What are NAICS and SIC codes?


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Publication coverage: Daily updates for current data.
Provides overview 'Industry Reports' by sector. Includes all major industries in Canada.
Market research on countries, markets and companies From Euromonitor International. It provides country demographics and economic conditions; consumer lifestyle profiles; sales volume, value and forecasts for retail products; major brands and companies. Passport covers consumer products and services in 80 national markets, demographics and economic data for 206 countries and has over 100 million exportable statistics and 18,000 regularly updated qualitative reports on industries, companies, countries, and consumers. Data spans 40 years with 15 year forecasts. Subscription includes the additional modules: Passport Industrial (Canada), Passport Survey and Passport Cities. Formerly known as GMID, Global Market Information Database.
Provides U.S. and global industry research report modules. Covering over 700 industries, each report consists of 30-40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, performance (current & forecast), competitive landscape and more. Search for industries by keyword(s) or browse a list of American industries defined according to the five-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).
Build data reports on industries, demographics, consumption, average wages, income levels, market size, infrastructure and the business environment on 60 key countries worldwide. Contains over 500 series stretching back to 1990 and forward five years.
Publication coverage: 1995 - present

Reports, hype cycles, magic quadrants on IT products, services and the sector. Analysis and advice for the users and vendors of technology. Some current reports are not available on our academic subscription.

Publication coverage: 1998 - present

Data and reports on national, provincial and metropolitan economic trends & forecasts, industries, organizational performance and public policy issues. The Conference Board of Canada is business oriented, but non-partisan. Browse by Topic (menu on the left) to view the ’Industry Sector Economics’ link. Free registration required.

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Research/Company Research provides in-depth research reports developed by expert analysts at nearly 1600 of the world's top investment banks, brokerage houses, and research firms. Research reports are global in coverage and become available as soon as their release terms allow - from 3 days to a few weeks after release. Historical research reports are available back to 1982.

In Company Research you can search by industry keywords in the text, title or contents of the reports. Or use the Screening & Analysis tab at the top to access Research Advanced Search.

Also known as: Investext

Free summaries of fee-based reports compiled by Market Research World.


Web Search for Industry Association sites

Associations Canada
HS17.A78t (latest at SL Reference Desk)

Encyclopedia of Associations
HS17.G15 (latest at SL Reference Desk)

Government and Statistical Agencies

Government Information

For Statistics Canada, Industry Canada, US, OECD, EU and other data....

Statistics Canada

Browse by Subject at bottom of page.

Industry Canada

Includes statistics and analysis of industry sectors, trade and the economy. Click By Industrial Sector.

U.S. Business and Industry Census Bureau - Economic Programs

Provides data by sector, includes Annual Survey of Manufacturers and more ...

U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration - Manufacturing and Services

Provides research and analysis. Links to resources on industries such as Aerospace, Energy, Metals, Telecommunications. Find market research, publications, statistics ....

Last Updated: 13 August 2014