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Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios
HF5681.R25A45 (1985; 1989-90; 1996; 2003- [latest on REF +CD])

Provides financial ratios for companies in various asset ranges by SIC code. Data reported are based on aggregate numbers for IRS records.

eStatement Studies
RMA Annual Statement Studies
HF5681.D39R6t (various years from 1979-1994)
REF HF5681.D39R6t from 2003/2004-

Contains composite financial data on U.S. manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, service, service and contracting lines of business. Arranged by NAICS code. Can compare one company’s performance relative to other companies in the same line of business.


Search the company name in Companies/Markets and then select the Financial Snapshot (under Reports) or Key Financial Ratios (under Custom Reports) to view key financial ratios.

FP Advisor

Search Investor Reports for industry standard ratios for the top 750 publicly traded Canadian companies.

Corporate Analyzer provides access to the most popular data items, including ratios and share price information for the top 1,400 publicly traded Canadian companies.

Key Business Ratios

Key Business Ratios on the Web (KBR) provides competitive benchmarking data (solvency, efficiency, profitability). Compiled from D&B's database of public and private companies it features 14 key business ratios (users choose a one- year or three-year set of ratios) for public and private companies in 800 lines of business. Search by SIC, line of business, NAICs, asset range, company.

The archive of these data, INKBR editions 2004-2011, is maintained and available online at CHASS. http://dc.chass.utoronto.ca/inkbr/

Statistics Canada

Quarterly financial statistics for enterprises (ratios for Canadian industries)

Financial and taxation statistics for enterprises (ratios for Canadian industries)

Help with Ratios:

Business Development Bank of Canada
Financial Ratio Savvy

Last Updated: 01 September 2015