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CHEM 211: Main Group Chemistry

Recommended Resources

SciFinder Scholar Queen's OnlyCAS # Index
Contains physical property data and structures for 30 million substances with links to journal articles and patents.

ChemFinder CAS # Index
Properties data, structures and synonyms for about 75,000 substances.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 87th ed. Book Location CAS # Index
Handbook of chemical and physical properties and constants.

Knovel Library Queen's Only CAS # Index
Collection of 700+ e-books in all areas of science and engineering. Great place to start when looking for chemical nomenclature and property data.

Lange's Handbook of Chemistry, 16th ed. Queen's Only CAS # Index
Compilation of data for 4,300 organic substances, including bond lengths and strengths, physical properties, pKa values, etc.

NIST Chemistry WebBook CAS # Index
Thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data for about 40,000 substances.

pKa Data


Books and Reference Materials

IUPAC Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature - "Orange Book"
Contains approximately 6,000 entries on analytical terms and definitions.

IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Technology - "Gold Book"
The "definitive guide" to chemical terminology; includes approximately 7,000 entries.

QCAT Library Catalogue
Books, journals, DVDs, etc.

Search QCAT using keywords or subject headings. You may also search for chemical property data resources. For example, search subject heading "property data boiling point" for resources that contain b.p. data.

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Last Updated: 15 July 2015