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Economics: Statistics

The following is a selection of frequently used print and electronic resources. Check Statistical Resources on the Data Services website for more statistics sources. Assistance is available by email.


Bank of Canada Rates and Statistics

Bank of Canada Review from 1993-
DOCS CA1 FN76 B18 from 1971- (Latest in REF)

Includes statistical tables for major financial and economic indicators, the Bank of Canada, chartered banks, financial institutions, as well as the Government of Canada.

Canadian Economic Observer from 1998-
DOCS CA1 BS11 C010 from 1988- (Latest in REF)

A monthly summary of Canadian economic indicators with quarterly or monthly figures for the latest two years. Also includes some provincial statistics. See also the Canadian Economic Observer Historical Statistical Supplement
(DOCS REF CA1 BS11 C210 from 1986- Latest 5 yrs in REF)

Canadian Statistics

Free tables of statistics on a variety of topics (economy, population, employment, etc.) from Statistics Canada.

Conference Board of Canada e-Library


Statistics Canada. Economic, demographic, and social data. Time series database; updated weekly.

FP Markets Canadian Demographics
HC111.F4t 1999-   (Latest year in STAUFFER REF)

Contains demographic information on virtually every market across the country, e.g. statistics on population, households, retail sales, labour force, household expenditures, income, and more....

Historical Statistics of Canada

Statistics from 1867 to the mid-1970s
Note: the first edition (CA6 SRA 65H37) has series that were not included in the second edition. If in doubt, consult both editions.

United States

DRI Basic Economics

"The database contains over 5900 monthly, quarterly, or annual time series ending with the latest available observation and going back to 1946, if available. The data are on a national level, taken from over one hundred U.S. Government and private publications."


Statistics from over 100 U.S. federal agencies

FRED II (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Economic data

Historical Statistics of the United States: Millennial Edition

Colonial Times to 2000.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
DOCS US1 DD S71 from 1878- (Compact Shelving; Latest on REF)

U.S. Census Bureau

Many Countries

China Data Online

Eurostat Yearbook from 2000-
ZZ EMS E79 (1995-2005; 2009-2011 DOCS Storage)

Global Development Finance (GDF) (1970-2013)

World Bank. External debt and financial flow data for 136 countries back to 1970.

International Financial Statistics (International Monetary Fund)

International Historical Statistics
DOCS REF ZZ AA 2003I53, I54, and I55

Three volumes: Africa, Asia and Oceania; The Americas; Europe.
Years covered: 1750 - 2000

League of Nations Statistical Yearbook

OECD iLibrary

OECD documents

OECD Economic Surveys

Individual economic profiles of the OECD Member countries. Includes information on recent trends and prospects as well as macroeconomic policies. Part of OECD iLibrary.

OECD Main Economic Indicators
DOCS ZZ EC21 M12 (compact shelving)

Indicators on recent economic developments in the OECD Member countries.


Times series - a compilation of UN and agency statistics (formerly UN Common Database).

United Nations Statistical Yearbook 55th issue
DOCS UN4 ESA100 S79 (latest in REF)

Statistics include world and regional summaries, population and social statistics, economic activity indicators, and international economic relations. See also the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (DOCS REF UN4 ESA100 M51)

World Development Indicators (WDI) from 1960-

Click on DATABANK to choose country, series, and year. (Also available via ABI/INFORM from 2009- )

Last Updated: 27 August 2014