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260 professional and technical books published by CRC Press on all aspects of environmental resources

550 interactive books and databases in the fields of engineering, biology, chemistry, food sciences, safety and health, and related disciplines.

All print items listed below are available in the Reference Section on the first floor (one floor above entry) of Engineering & Science Library, unless otherwise noted.


Oxford Reference Online - Earth and Environmental Sciences

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
Ref GE10 .E535 1999t

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering
Ref TD9 E5 2006

Encyclopedia of World Environmental History (3 vols)
Ref GF10.E63 2004

Environmental Analysis and Remediation
Ref GE10.E49 1998

- An eight-volume professional-level compendium covering all aspects of the environment with an emphasis on comprehensive coverage of sampling, analysis, and remediation. Topics such as pollution sources, pollution transport, regulations, and health effects are also presented. The eighth volume includes a detailed subject index.


Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources
Ref GB655.E53 1998

- This encyclopedia covers many aspects of hydrology and water resources, including water pollution. Planners, policy makers, regulators and decision makers are the primary audience.

Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences
Ref GC9.E57 2001

Seas at the Millennium: an Environmental Evaluation
Ref QH541.5 .S3 2000

Encyclopedia of Water Science

Water Encyclopedia
Ref TD345 .L393 2005


Dictionary of Agriculture
S411 D573 1998

Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science
S411 T76 2003

Encyclopedia of Soils in the Environment
Ref S596 E53 2005t

Encyclopedia of Soil Science

Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
Ref SD126 .E53 2004t


Dictionary of Environmentally Important Chemicals
Ref TD196 C45A97 1998

Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary 15th edition, 2007

- An excellent standard dictionary and a useful starting point providing information on the names of compounds, CAS Registry Numbers, and basic chemical property data.

Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals
Ref S584.4 E53 2003 (3 vols)

- This encyclopedia covers chemical technology relating to pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals germane to this topic. Applications of biotechnology are included as are discussions of natural products and growth regulators. Fertilizers and soil fertility are covered at length as well as the persistence of pesticide residues, their degradation, environmental transport and implications of their residues in the environmental. Toxicological and regulatory implications are included throughout.

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
Print: TP9 .E685 2004

- Good overview articles on both substances and analytical techniques.

Handbook of Environmental Data on Organic Chemicals

- This comprehensive handbook provides information on chemical and physical properties, air, water and soil pollution factors, and biological effects. Chemicals are listed in strict alphabetical order and entries include common name and synonyms, molecular and structural formulas, CAS Registry Number, manufacturing source, use, users, and formulations, natural sources and occurrence and man-caused sources. There is an excellent introductory section which describes and defines the various data elements.

Handbook of Environmental Degradation Rates
TD193.H73 1991

- A compilation of rate constants for individual abiotic and biotic degradation processes for chemicals of anthropogenic origin as they pertain to the environmental compartments of soil, water, and air.

Handbook of Environmental Fate and Exposure Data for Organic Chemicals
TD176.4.H69 1989

- This series of books provides detailed outlines of how individual chemicals are released, transported, and degraded in the environment and how they are exposed to humans and other organisms. It reviews and evaluates data on physical/chemical properties, commercial use and possible sources of environmental contamination, environmental fate, and monitoring of each chemical.

Pesticide Manual
Ref SB951.P434 2009

- An authoritative and definitive source of information on the composition, properties, uses and environmental impact of pesticides (incorporates the Agrochemicals Handbook )

Merck Index

- Descriptions of over 10,000 chemicals, drugs, and biological substances. Entries include name, synonyms and trademarks, formula, molecular weight, structure, some physical data, and remarks on nature, occurrence, and uses. Indexed by synonym, CAS Registry Number, therapeutic category and biological activity, and formula. The text of the entry often includes one or more literature references for preparation methods, including patents.


Environmental Engineers' Handbook
Print: TD145.E574 1997

Mining Environmental Handbook
TD195.M5M56 1997t

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