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Google Scholar
Find scholarly information online. Use Google Scholar to search for peer-reviewed articles, reports, dissertations and preprints. If you search on campus, some articles will feature the "Get it@Queen's" button , allowing you to link to Queen's Library's electronic journals.

Use Scirus to search for scientific information. Scirus covers more than 300 million science-related webpages, including journal collections, technical reports, and government data.

Evaluate what you find on the web.

Authority Accuracy Objectivity Currency Coverage
1. Who wrote the material? 1. Are the sources of information listed so they can be verified? 1. What is the purpose of the page? 1. Does the page have the date it was written? 1. What topics are covered?
2. Is the author qualified/expert? 2. Are methods described? 2. Is the page designed to sway opinions 2. Does the page have additional dates indicating when it was posted to the web or last revised 2. What does the page offer that is not available elsewhere?
3. Is it clear who is responsible for the page?
Is there information about the host site or sponsoring organization?
3. Is the information free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors? 3. Is the information free of advertising? 3. If the page presents data, does it indicate when the data was gathered? 3. Is the page complete or under construction?
4. Is the sponsor reputable? 4. Are charts and graphs of data clearly labeled and easy to read? 4. If there is advertising
is it clearly differentiated from the information?
4. How current are links?

Last Updated: 25 October 2010

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