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Jewish Studies: Biographies

Consult biographical dictionaries to get brief information about people, dates and events. For more sources, see the Biographical Resources Guide.

For additional sources in QCAT, search by Subject Heading, for example:

jewish philosophers biography
rabbis biography
jews biography
israel biography

For books about an individual's life or theories, search for the person's name in QCAT by Subject Heading, for example:

abravanel isaac
bronfman samuel

Canadian Jewish Women of Today: Who's Who of Canadian Jewish Women
REF FC106.J5 C35 1983

Canadian Jewry Today: Who's Who in Canadian Jewry
REF FC106.J5 C37 1989

A collection of essays and biographical information on individual Jews in Canada.

Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers
(via Routledge Religion Online)
REF BM750.C57 1997t

Jewish Virtual Library - Biography

Jewish Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia
REF DS115.2.J49 1997

Who's Who in the Old Testament, Together with the Apocrypha
REF BS570.C64 [1971]

Online: based on 2002, 2nd edition, via Routledge Religion Online

Who's Who in Canadian Jewry: Canadian Jewry at Year 2000 and Beyond
FC100. J5 C428 2000 (Lorne Pierce) 3rd ed.

Routledge Who's Who in Jewish History: After the Period of the Old Testament (2nd ed, 2004)
REF DS115.C6 1995t

Last Updated: 07 November 2011

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