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Culture and Society

Arab Media and Society

A journal about the media and society of the Arab world.


The Middle East Virtual Library (MENALIB) is an information portal for Middle East and Islamic Studies.

Middle East Media & Sites

Mega-site gathering together a plethora of Middle East-related web resources in the areas of news, society and culture, business and the economy, education, embassies and missions, human rights, history, language, literature, web broadcasts, flags and maps, and more.


Al Islam

A large collection of online resources on every aspect of Islam.


Produced by the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan. Provides online access to over 100 Islamic texts in the original Arabic, focussing on works of Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir) from all the major schools of Islamic jurisprudence as well as other theological and mystical streams. Also includes three English language tafsir collections, full text translations of the Qur'an in eighteen languages (including English) plus Arabic, and audio files of Qur'anic recitations.


Published in Iran, a quarterly journal of Islamic thought and culture.

Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and The Middle East

Original historical texts with illustrations.

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

Includes information on all aspects of Islam. Nominated for the 6th annual Webby Award.

Islamic Philosophy Online

Full length books and articles on Islamic philosophy, ranging from the classical texts on Islamic philosophy to modern works of Muslim philosophy.

Islamic Studies Pathways - an Academic Guide to Islamic Studies Resources on the Internet

A gateway to over 100 sites on every aspect of Islam; maintained by Dr. Gary R. Bunt.

Muslim Heritage

A website on Muslim contributions to civilization.



One of the best sites for Arabic literature. It includes thousands of pages of original works.

Arabic Literature

A gateway to some of the best sites of all genres of Arabic literature.

Politics and History


This site promotes a critical analysis of issues regarding the muslim world.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Database of primary documents, most of which are texts of United States Government documents and releases. These include documents on US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Center for Research Libraries Middle East Political Website

A sample of Middle East political websites.

CIA World Factbook

Provides country reports, maps and an introduction to the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and international relations of each country. It includes statistics.

CIAO, Columbia International Affairs Online

A source for theory and research in international affairs. Publishes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs. Includes maps, country data, case studies, and course packs of background readings.

The Crisis over Iraq: Websites

A variety of links to websites dealing with the ongoing crisis in Iraq, the war, the history of Iraq and its cultural heritage..

Human Rights Watch: The Middle East and North Africa

Provides information about human rights issues and abuses by region, subject or country.

International Crisis Group

Analytical and well researched reports on conflicts in the Middle East containing practical recommendations targeted at international decision makers.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook (text collections)

Ancient history sourcebook, Medieval sourcebook,, Modern history sourcebook, African, East Asian, Indian, Jewish, Women's, Global, Science..

The Keele Guide to Middle East Government and Politics on the Internet

Provides links to the most important sites for information on government and politics in the Middle East..

MERIA: Middle East Review of International Affairs

Online journal in Middle Eastern Studies which also indexes the current contents of over 65 journals publishing articles related to the Middle East.

Oil and the Middle East



From Middle East Virtual Library (MENALIB), it is a fully searchable database of selected websites relating to Islam and the Middle East. For best results, browse the subject catalogue instead of using the search function.

Middle East Studies Internet Resources (Columbia University)

A subject directory of links to web resources about the Middle East, provided by Columbia University.

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