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Psychology: Approaches to Research in Psychology

State your Topic

Topic: The role of the father in a family

Underline the main concepts or keywords in your topic statement. Brainstorm for related words that express the topic. These terms can be used to search for books and journal articles.

Concepts: role father family

Related Words: influence parent child

Find Background Information

Consult dictionaries and encyclopedias for an overview of your topic and to check for unfamiliar terms. The subject guide will also list starting points such as key bibliographies in your area and books that discuss to how to conduct research in psychology and how to write a research paper using APA style. (see Guides) There are hundreds of handbooks covering all areas of psychology in the library system. Use a Keyword search in the Queen's Catalogue (QCAT) to find one in your area (e.g. psychology and handbook and perception).

Last Updated: 13 August 2009