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Psychology: Bibliographies

Consult bibliographies to find a comprehensive list of sources on a specific topic or a selective list of key works on a topic. In looking at bibliographies, consider the date, the coverage (whether it is comprehensive or selective) and who compiled it.

A Century of Serial Publications in Psychology, 1850-1950: an International Bibliography
REF Z7203.O8 1984

Provides general information on over 1,100 psychology serial titles in all languages that appeared before 1950. The order is chronological with titles that began in the same year arranged alphabetically.

Eminent Contributors to Psychology
REF Z7201.W37

Alphabetical listing of almost 600 individuals selected by a panel of leading world psychologists. Includes a selection of their 'primary' works.

Psychology: an Introductory Bibliography
REF Z7201.P79 1996

Arranged in chapters according to the organization of many introductory psychology texts. Each of the major sub-disciplines of psychology is presented. Annotated entries include books, chapters of books, and articles.

Women in Psychology: a Bio-bibliographic Sourcebook
BF109.A1.W65 1990t

Biographies of women who have made significant contributions to the field of psychology. Includes information on their family background, education, career development and major achievements.

Last Updated: 13 August 2009