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Psychology: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries to get a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search QCAT using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".

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Dictionary of Psychology
Oxford Reference Online (2009)
REF BF31.C65 2006

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences
REF H41.I58 2001

Handbook of Psychology (12 vols.)
REF BF121.H1955 2003

Encyclopedia of Psychology (8 vols.)
REF BF1.E52 2000

Student's Dictionary of Psychology (4th Ed.)
REF BF31.S69 2003t

Cognitive Psychology

Blackwell Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology
REF BF311.B535 1994

Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science (4 vols.)
REF BF311.E53 2003

The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences
REF BF311.M556 1999

Behavioral Science

Dictionary of Behavioral Science
REF BF31.D48 1989t (3 copies in REF)

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
REF BF31.E5 1994t

The SAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral Sciences


Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society

Other Specialized

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology
REF HM251.B476 1995

Comprehensive Clinical Psychology
REF RC467.C597 1998

Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior
REF HV6017.E53 2001

Encyclopedia of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations

Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence
REF BF431.E59 1994

Encyclopedia of Human Relationships

Encyclopedia of Identity

Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory
REF BF318.E53 1992t

Encyclopedia of Perception

Encyclopedia of Relationships Across the Lifespan
REF HM132.T83 1996

Encyclopedia of Stress
REF BF575.S75 M235 1999

Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention

Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology
REF RJ503.3.H36 2001


A Dictionary of Statistics
Oxford Reference Online (2008)

Dictionary Of Statistics & Methodology : A Nontechnical Guide For The Social Sciences
REF HA17.V64 1999

Dictionary of Statistics for Psychologists
REF BF39.E93 1999

Dictionary of Polling
REF HM261.Y684 1992t

Sage Research Methods Online
SRMO provides the most comprehensive picture available today of research methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods) across the social and behavioural sciences. In addition, SRMO contains content from more than 600 books, including the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences “Little Green Books” series from SAGE.

Last Updated: 27 March 2013