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The Douglas Library Electronic Classroom is located on the ground floor of the Douglas Library building at the south-east corner of University Avenue and Union Street. The Classroom is equipped with 26 "student" computer stations, plus an instructor station connected to an overhead data/video projector. There is additional seating capacity for 8-10 persons. The room is wired for Internet access and it also is connected to the Campus wireless network (wireless access is restricted to Queen's students, faculty and staff: read guide).

All Classroom workstations are PCs, imaged with the Queen's Library "research station" image (which includes the full MS Office suite) and networked to the Engineering and Science Library patron printing stations. For a more detailed description of the Classroom equipment, consult the technical specifications later in this document.

Classroom Purpose and Use

  • The primary purpose, and first priority use, of the Douglas Library Electronic Classroom is to accommodate Queen's Library's teaching and training programs offered to library patrons and staff, particularly those Library instructional programs requiring hands-on use of a computer.
  • On an occasional basis, the Classroom may be reserved by Queen's faculty for university instruction purposes and by Library staff for professional workshops and seminars, provided the reservation is made at least one week in advance. (See booking instructions below.)
  • When the room is not scheduled for classes or workshops, it is open to Queen's students to use on a first-come first-served basis whenever the Douglas Library building is open, subject to the specific schedule described below.
  • Requests from groups not affiliated with the University will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only for the period May to August.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Classroom.

Classroom Hours of Opening

  • Subject to prior bookings, the Classroom:
    • opens 30 minutes after the Douglas Library building opens, and
    • closes 30 minutes before the Library's closing time.
  • The Classroom schedule for each day is posted prominently outside the Classroom door.
  • The Classroom must be cleared 15 minutes prior to a scheduled class or workshop.

Note: The Library is not responsible for student work files lost when the computers automatically shut down as part of the Douglas Library building closing procedure, which starts 30 minutes prior to the Library's closing time. Patrons also must be aware that any work files saved to the computer are completely erased when/if the computer is restarted during the day. All such files are automatically erased overnight.

Classroom Booking

The Classroom's booking schedule can be viewed in Outlook (under the Resource name "LIB Douglas Electronic Classroom"). Library instructors should reserve the Classroom directly in Outlook.

Room booking requests from non-Library instructors must be submitted by email to the Engineering and Science Library, at: engsci@queensu.ca. Requests need to be received at least one week in advance, although, if special software installation is required, the request must be made at least two weeks in advance. In the latter case, the requestor is responsible for providing Library Systems staff with the required software along with the appropriate licensing permission.

Instructors are asked to participate in keeping the Classroom in good order:   Upon conclusion of a session, instructors should remove all handouts brought to the session, erase the blackboard, and move Classroom furniture back to original positions.

Instructors should arrive 15 minutes in advance of their classes to ensure that the room is vacated and that all equipment is in good order.

Reporting Equipment Problems

Patrons should report any problems with Classroom equipment to the staff at the Information Services Desk, so that the problem can be referred to the Library Systems Office as appropriate. (Please note: Information Services staff cannot provide assistance with equipment or software.)

Alternatively, patrons can report a problem with a Classroom computer directly to Library Systems by using the "Report a Computer Problem" icon on each workstation's Desktop.

Library Systems staff will endeavor to respond to problems within 24 hours (during the business week). Resolution of a problem may take longer depending on the nature of the problem.

Classroom Computers and Other Equipment


  • Campus Backbone and the Internet
  • overhead high-resolution data projector
  • in-room stereo audio system and speakers
  • Engineering & Science Library patron printer stations (black/white and colour)


The computers in the Douglas Electronic Classroom are configured identically to other Library computers (view detailed description). In addition, the Classroom computers provide access to the following software packages (available only when logged in by Queen's NetID):

  • SolidEdge

Additional Classroom Equipment

  • Blackboard
  • Laptop data/power hook-up at the Instructor Podium, with projection through the overhead data projector

Last Updated: 13 May 2016