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How to Connect your Laptop to the Internet

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Each campus library at Queen's is equipped with wireless access for laptops (available throughout each library) as well as with a certain number of wired jacks where students, faculty and staff can use their own laptop computers to access the Internet.

The following guide will tell you what you need and how to use these services. Read more about Queen's Wireless Campus Network.

Note: Both services are available only to Queen's students and employees, and require login by Queen's NetID.

NEVER leave your laptop unattended in a Library!
Queen's University is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen personal belongings.

I. Where are these "wired" and "wireless" services located?

Campus Library

(Library Location & Number)

(view all Campus locations)

Bracken Health Sciences Library

On the stacks level (i.e. 1 floor below ground level): 5 laptop stations with monitors. 

throughout the Library.

In the Douglas Library Building:
-- Engineering & Science Library

Over 100 jacks at a mixture of study carrels and tables, distributed over the five floors of the Engineering & Science Library.

For specific locations, check the map posted near the Information Services Desk on the Douglas Library ground floor.

throughout the Library (including the 3rd Floor Reading Rooms)

In the Douglas Library Building:
-- W.D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library

20 jacks at various study tables, including 8 jacks within the Special Collections Reading Room.

throughout the Library.

Education Library / TRC

On Floor 3: 2 on open tables

throughout the Library and the Teacher Resource Centre (TRC).

Lederman Law Library

2 study carrels on the 2nd Floor (south-west corner of the Library "mezzanine").

throughout the Library.

Stauffer Library

On all floors: Jacks at designated study tables.
On Floor 2: 5 group study rooms.

On Floors 2, 3 & 4: 3 wired jacks laptop stations with monitors.

throughout the Library.

II. What do you need?

  1. Equipment: You will need a computer which meets these specifications:




    • Windows 7, Vista, XP

    For accessing the wired jacks:

    • Ethernet card
    • The correct cable for connecting to a data jack
      Note: These cables can be borrowed as a "3 hr reserve item" from all Circulation Desks.

    For wireless:

    • A wireless ethernet card or built-in wireless capability
      (Any 802.11a/b/g/ WiFi certified network card should work: read more)
    • Mac OS X 10.4.x and up

    For accessing the wired jacks:

    • Ethernet card
    • The correct cable for connecting to a data jack
      Note: These cables can be borrowed as a "3 hr reserve item" from all Circulation Desks.

    For wireless:

    • An 802.11a/b/g/ WiFi certified network card (read more)
    • Any PDA that can support "802.1x" and "WPA2" should be able to access the wireless network on campus but capability will vary from one model to the next.
    • Contact Queen's IT Support Centre if you need more information.
  2. Your Queen's NetID: You must be a current Queen's student, faculty or staff member and have a valid Queen's userid and password -- known as your "Queen's NetID". [Read more about Your Queen's NetID]

Note! Only a Queen's NetID is recognized by the laptop authentication server.

III. How to connect: WIRED jacks

  1. Consult the appropriate Library maps (posted on a bulletin board within each Library) showing the general locations of the "live" data jacks (only a selection of jacks in each Library are "live", and they are located on various floors at specific carrels or tables, or in designated study rooms).
  2. When you get to the location indicated by the map, look for the specific jack which has a label on it saying: Laptop Ethernet Jack.
  3. Plug in your data cable and power up your laptop (be sure your local area network settings are set to 'Obtain IP Address Automatically', properly referred to as DHCP).

IV. How to connect: WIRELESS

Please read the instructions on how to connect.

Once connected to the Internet, you will have approximately 4 hours of connectivity,
after which you will be asked to re-authenticate your connection.

 V. Trouble-shooting Tips

A. 'WIRED' JACKS: No Queen's Authentication screen when you open your web browser:

Sometimes jacks will stop working but there are some other things you should check, first, before reporting a "broken" jack: 

  • Are you using a jack which is specifically labelled "Laptop Ethernet Jack"?
    These are the only jacks wired for Internet access! (All other jacks on Library furniture or walls may look as if they should be for laptop connections but, in fact, they are not wired.)
  •  Are you using the correct Internet cable / dataline for the Campus Laptop Network?
    If in doubt about your network cable, check with the Circulation Desk.  

If neither of the above is an issue, please report the non-functioning jack to the staff at the library's Circulation Desk, who in turn will report the problem to Library Systems.

B. WIRELESS: No Wireless Networks Found

Make sure your Wireless card is turned on! Check the on/off switch for your laptop's wireless function: read Q. I can't get my wireless network card to work on campus! How do I do it?.

C. 'WIRED' JACKS & WIRELESS: How to set your networking to "Obtain an IP address automatically" (DHCP):

Please report to the IT Support Centre by calling 613-533-6666.

Known software issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

ITServices Wireless Network FAQs

Last Updated: 13 May 2016