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Printing Instructions for Library Computers

How to Print from Library Computers

  1. Start your print job, from within the application or database you are working in, by clicking on:

    File ==> Print ==> Drop-down list in the Name box of the print window ==> choose your desired printer from the list of available printers.
    Warning: If you simply click on the Print icon or button in your application, your print job will go to the printer most recently used at that computer. To be on the safe side (and to choose a specific printer), always print using the File ==> Print method described above.  See the Printing Tips section below for more details.
  2. Next, check the Computer Number label on the front of the computer to get the computer's Origin number.   You will need this Origin Number in order to identify your print job(s) at the printer station!  If you are logged in with your NetID, your NetID will identify your print job(s).
  3. Go to the appropriate printer station and insert your Library Copy Card into the card reader unit adjacent to the printer. The Copy Card must have at least as much value as the cost of your print job.
  4. Find and highlight your job(s) on the print queue menu, and click on the Print button.

Printing Tips

  • How to print on only one side of the page (single-sided printing)
    Library printers automatically print on both sides of the page (double-sided printing).  Read the above instructions on how to do single-sided printing.
  • To print from a webpage containing frames:
    Move your cursor to the section containing the information you want to print, click once in that area, and then click on File ==> Print.
  • To print a PDF file:
    Use the Acrobat Reader print button.   (Examples of PDF files include exams from Exambank, articles from many electronic journals, some documents from Moodle, etc.)
  • To print backgound colours on webpages:
    You will need to change the settings in Internet Explorer, as follows:
    1. Click on Tools ==> Internet Options ==> Advanced.
    2. Scroll down to the Printing section.
    3. Click inside the box (to turn it into a checked box) beside: Print background color and images.
  • When you have finished printing:
    If you selected a printer other than the default black/white printer, remember to restore the original printer settings before leaving the computer.

Last Updated: 01 September 2011