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How to use Off-Campus Web Proxy

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Use your Queen's NetID to get off-campus access to:

Connect from Off-Campus Login

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What's available from off-campus

The off-campus web proxy service only supports access to restricted/paid-access Queen's resources, including:

  • Most online journals & ebooks
  • Most library databases (Scholars Portal, Web of Science, Ovid, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, etc...)
  • Google Scholar
  • Exambank & Law Exams

Browse the full Off-Campus URL List.

How to use the off-campus web proxy service


  1. Go to the Connect from Off-Campus login screen and enter your Queen's NetID and Password
  2. To visit a specific link/URL: copy-and-paste the desired URL into the URL box.

The key thing to remember is that, once you are logged in, you can only follow links.  Once you open a new browser window or enter a new URL directly into your browser address box, you will be taken out of the connected environment.

Navigation tips:

  • Once you login, you will be 'connected from off-campus' as long as you continue to work within the SAME web browser window. If you open up a new browser session/window, you will NOT be proxied in the new session/window.
  • Do not use your Home button, your favorites or bookmarks.
  • Your proxy session will timeout after 2 hours of inactivity.
  • To exit from the proxy, close your web browser.

How to tell if you are properly connected:

Browser address box showing Queen's proxy service login

As long as you can see "proxy.queensu.ca" in the URL in your browser window (see picture above), you are still connected.

Access permissions & restrictions

Off-campus access to library resources is provided for:

  • Current students (full and part-time)
  • Faculty members (including Emeritus professors or retired professors with active netids or a card)
  • Current employees (including permanent, temporary, contract, or visiting)
  • Users who are sponsored by a department (via the department's IT Administrative Representative)

You must have a valid Queen's NetID to properly authenticate.

Why is it necessary to authenticate with a valid NetID? The library system must sign a licensing agreement with our online content providers, which requires us to ensure that only current members of the Queen's community uses these resources.  We only restrict access when a license agreement requires us to do so.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide off-campus access to:

  • Alumni
  • Former staff
  • Students who are not currently enrolled & paying tuition fees
  • Adjunct professors/lecturers who do not have a current or future teaching contract

About the web proxy software (EZproxy)

The web proxy off-campus service uses EZProxy as its underlying software.  EZProxy allows users to sign in to a proxy server which acts on behalf of a computer being used in a remote location.

Authentication URL: https://login.proxy.queensu.ca/login
Library Proxy URL:  http://proxy.queensu.ca/login?url=[URL TO VISIT]

To create URLs to Queen's-only resources that work from off-campus locations:

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Last Updated: 03 March 2016