Subject Heading - Topical
TAG IND 1 IND 2 Subfield
650 This field contains a topical subject used as a subject heading. Topical subject headings include general terms such as "dogs" or "chemistry", of the type listed in the LC list of subject headings. They also include systematic names of families, genera, species in botany and zoology, and chemical compounds and any subject term established according to accepted thesaurus-building rules.

    blankNo information provided
    0No level specified

    0Library of Congress subject heading
    1Annotated Card Program subject heading
    2National Library of Medicine subject heading
    3National Agricultural Library subject heading
    4Other subject heading
    5National Library of Canada English subject heading
    6Répertoire des vedettes-matière
    7Source specified in subfield 2

    aTopical heading or geographic name element
    bElement following geographic name [Pre-AACR2 only]
    cLocation of event
    dActive dates
    vForm subdivision
    xGeneral subdivision
    yPeriod subdivision
    zPlace subdivision
    2Source of subject heading or term
    3Materials specified


     650   0  |a Civil law |z Quebec (Province) |v 
                    Handbooks, manuals, etc.

     650   0  |a Postage stamps |z Canada.

     650   0  |a English language |v Examinations, 
                    questions, etc.

     650   0  |a Concertos (Bassoon with chamber 
                    orchestra) |y To 1800.

     650   0  |a God.

Updated: 09/07/1998