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Historical Canadian Macroeconomic Dataset 1871 - 1994

This dataset provides data on the gross national product, population of Canada, government expenditures on goods and services, exports and imports of goods and services, government of Canada Bond yields, non-residential investment expenditures, and total investment expenditures for the period of 1871 - 1994.

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  • Gross National Product in current prices (GNP)
  • An Implicit Price Deflator (1986=100) (DEFL)
  • Population of Canada (Thousands) (POP)
  • Real Gross National Product in constant 1986 dollars (RGDP)
  • Real per capita Gross National Product in constant 1986 dollars (RGDP/C)
  • Government expenditures on goods and services (in current dollars) (GOV)
  • Exports of goods and services (in current dollars) (EXP)
  • Imports of goods and services (in current dollars) (IMP)
  • Money supply (in current dollars) (Money)
  • Government of Canada Bond yields (average of 3-5 year bonds) (INT)
  • Non-Residential Investment Expenditures (in current dollars) (INVEST)
  • Total Investment Expenditures (INVESTOT)
  • Current account Balance (in current dollars) (CAB)


Compiled by: Prof. R. Marvin McInnis, Department of Economics, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 2001

Last Updated: 10 June 2013

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