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DVDs (Floor 2) & Videostreaming

How do I search for DVDs/Videos in the Education Library? (use QCAT, the online library catalogue)

In QCAT, search video? using keyword Boolean and limit to the Education Library.

e.g. ecology and video?    e.g. "creative writing" and video?

How do I find Video-streaming Resources in the Education Library?

Teacher Candidates have access to two video-streaming collections and some components of online textbooks for use in classrooms.

Passwords for Video-streaming Products:

All passwords for video-streaming products, e-textbooks, and Ministry licensed software are available to all Teacher Candidates and Concurrent Education Students in Desire2Learn.

Log in to D2L and click on Resource F002 Faculty of Education Student Resources.

Curio: http://curio.ca

For access: http://library.queensu.ca >> Connect from Off-Campus >> Net ID >> Go to http://curio.ca.

CBC and Radio-Canada. Documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots and more — thousands of programs and resources can be accessed on this site. Includes English and French language content.

To make your own account to create playlists: Go to D2L >> Course F002 Student Resources >> record the Faculty of Education access code and follow the directions.

Learn360: http://learn360.ca Search Guide for Learn360 | Learn360 Overview

  • 8,300 videos, video clips, audio files, speeches, images, newsreels, & articles from Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Licensed  by Ontario Ministry of Education (via OSAPAC) for publicly-funded schools, First Nations schools, and Ontario Faculties of Education. Has Ontario curriculum correlations.

Access Learning: http://www.accesslearning.com Search Guide for Access Learning

  • 3500 full-length videos and 40,000 clips. Has curriculum correlations for all provinces.  
  • Programs include Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Eyes of Nye, Animal World, Canadian Geographic Kids.

National Film Board Videos Online: http://nfb.ca

Over 1000 NFB films are free to all Canadians. Queen’s Library also has a additional account giving access to 3,000 films for classrooms.  Follow the access information in D2L to make your own account, search by grade and subject, access downloadable teaching materials, and create playlists and chapters. Also check the NFB teaching guides.

TVO: http://ww3.tvo.org/

Select the Topics or Video tab to play a range of documentaries and TV Video on demand in the classroom. Essential for Ontario topics.Queen's does subscribe

Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/

Over 1200 videos lessons covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Queen's Math-Science-Technology Education Group (MSTE) videos: http://mste.educ.queensu.ca/index.php/videos/

Grade 4: Light and Sound Unit Grade 4: Pulleys and Gears Unit Grade 5: Forces Unit
Grade 5: Matter Unit Grade 5: Human Organ Systems Unit Grade 6: Flight Unit Grade 6: Space Unit

 TED-Ed: http://ed.ted.com/tour

Videos recorded by experts and then animated for teaching purposes. Each one includes a follow-up quiz and open-ended questions. Responses to these questions can be tracked to help you gauge students' learning as a result of watching the video. You can also "flip" a video that you would like to share with your students and add your own review questions. Students are directed to a unique URL where responses can also be monitored.

Annenburg Learninghttp://www.learner.org

Distributes more than 100 multimedia courses and workshops to help teachers keep current on the content they teach including research on the most effective teaching strategies along with their connection to national education content standards, and examples of these principles applied in real classrooms. The video components are paired with extensive Web sites that include online texts, course and workshop guides, and extensive background information to enhance the learning experience.

EduGains: http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/index.html

 EduGAINS provides resources to support Mathematics, Literacy, Differentiated Instruction, Assessment and Evaluation, English Language Learners and International Languages (Elementary). Go here to access video, web pages, and resources including CLIPS (interactive web-based mathematics learning objects), STEP resources for ELL, the Think Literacy library, Growing Success with extensive video supports, etc.

Lingoview:Go to http://www.lingoview.com or http://www.tralcoplus.com/lingoview/index.php

Created by the Hamilton Ontario publisher Tralco specializing in French second language materials. Videos have optional subtitles and downloadable transcripts with language-building activities in the same window. Covers grammatical and vocabulary skills (word-matching - gap-fill -  multiple choice). Teacher and student can check progress.

TumbleBookLibrary: http://www.tumblebooklibrary.com

An online collection of animated, talking picture books created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books in order to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you.

TumbleBookCloud: http://www.tumblebookcloud.com

Collection of read-alongs for elementary, middle, and high school students with online text and audio narration. Sentences are highlighted as they are  read and pages turn automatically or manually.  Features chapter books, graphic novels, early readers, YA/teen novels, high-interest low-reading levels plus classics of American and English Literature.

YouTube and Youtube.com/teachers

Given the changes in copyright law in Canada as of December 2012, any video on YouTube can now be shown in class for educational purposes.

Saving Videos:

To save a video for screening in classes where there is no reliable internet connection, go to http://www.savetube.com and paste in the YouTube video so it can be downloaded for in-class screening. Or use KeepVid. If you search in Google Chrome, it has a downloading option. If you install RealPlayer, it also gives a downloading option.

and more:


 Steve Spangler Science Channel

Museum of Modern Art

BioEd Online

PBS Learning Media

Smart Songs


Sick Science

 EduTube.org offers a search index that measures popularity, ranking and educational value.

ViHart’s Channel:

uses  doodling to capture the imagination and spark creative thinking about mathematical concepts.

U.S. National Archives has series including Tracing World War II

 BackPack.TV is a video curation site with quality video content searchable by subject, playlist or textbooks.
 60 Second Recap features summaries of popular novels  Bozeman Biology: a high school science teacher’s video site explaining and demonstrating concepts. PatrickJMT: math videos

 Vsauce: explanations that link mysteries of the human body with biological explanations.

Other Video Sites to try:

Annenberg Media - Classroom Clips - Common Sense Media - Cosmo Learning - Education Television - Edutopia - EduTube - Encyclomedia - English in a Snap: 68 One-Minute English Usage Videos - eSchool News - Explo.TV - Internet Archive - Math Train - Math Videos Online - Math Webcast - MathTV - Meet Me at the Corner - NASA's Educational Media Archive - National Geographic Video - NeoK12 - Open Video Project - Research Channel - Scholar Spot - School Tube - Schools Tube - Sqool Tube - Teacher Training Videos - Teacher Tube - Teachers Domain - Teachers TV - WatchKnow - Youtube Edu


Last Updated: 24 February 2014